Hey guy. The josht mcdaniel is gon make us the ameoba offence. What give guy. That is mess up.

ameba offence

ameba offence

Look like the cutsper will have a lot to learn now guy. I hope not get confuse out there. Guy say the eddie royal become like the west welker. I cant stamnd the west welked, this guy destroyed you team it 3rd and 14 and this guy wide open all day. No body ever hitted him. It was like the joe montanen in souper bowl days I always wait for some one to sacked him but it not happen guy. none.

I wonder what albino bronco crab think about this. Grandfather say he heared the giant albino brionco crab was in terks and kakos islands on he word band radio. I hear the giant albino bronco crab filter the ameoba through he insiser claws. powreful grip of  insisor claw acton is what derived to combust the divisonal enemy player in off seasonal waters.

he steal lite up football

he steal lite up footbal