I hopes you all celbrated the Bilbo Baggin birthday yesterday guy. It officiate is fall now guy all the leaves they start to turn, it football season guy. Every body must get with program.

There is all kind of speculate of the bronco defence. Shanhan say they is have another weapon for enemy team in 3-4 defence. I hates the three man rush guy, I hate it. But send in the lineback for to makey the sack with the quicked feet maybe good. Maybe the Jarved Moss is the tweener line back come off end like tweener maybe he has have become the incredible wheel competetor from on angle 3-4?

Line up the clady on D guy

Line up the clady on D guy

I still want see the Clady come from angle. Clady come from blind side he crush you guy, he box you ears. He bawl up evry body guy, every body the quart back be shaked in boot just to see the giant clady ready to come on blitz. They just fined the clady guy, they fine just for put hand on guy shoulder. Put hand on shoulder? See how powreful the Clady is guy? He has the incredible hand arm coordinat. I wonder if is the takkle eligibal? Can run over enemy player?

The denvered post say bronco retain the 3-4. The RMN Daves KreEger he think the 3-4 is the golden root. The denverbronco.com Jack Grilly say the defenced step up when matters. The cbs 4 the denver writ this too. And did the Frank Schab of the gazete. This true guy, they did bawl up guy on goal line and makey settel for the three. Still, got to break down, got to hone it, got to get back to fundaments and take proper steps to get job done. In last article there the shanhan is super praise to Spence Larson for deliverred the crusht hit on the Sants kickoff guy.

The jarved moss guy, I hope he read this I pass on the valubal wisdom. Listen guy, forget who in crowd, he say oo I get tikket for people then not play they come to see. Forget the crowd guy, got to stay focus. Be the focus guy, focus on work. I know this guy, when I was high school player all I want to do is makey the hooge devastat hit. When ball snap I run straight at the run back, straight at quart back I want make the high lite reel guy, takkle for loss evry down, hooge hit every down, I want see every one see I smash so bad. I always out of the positonal guy, I get juke and burnted all the time. Got to slow it down jarved, be the poised.

I reminisc this game guy say look see the number 85 he is doing job what give defence. I look at guy like he crazy I not make any big hit? But they say ooo you was keep the contane on the end, all day guy, all day you was do this, I say take off guy, that boaring, so boaring keep contained.

But guy was right, many year later I look back, I was keep the contane I was the team player that game. I was work hard that game. Come on Jarven moss do the same. It that simple guy.

The people say oo ooo can you beleef the New eggland get beat up this week? I say guy who is you kidding? The brady he gone, he gone hang out with the bunchen now. They lucky win 6 games guy. I serious. I not even say it, but can even imagine the Bronco with second string quart back. Cant do it guy, cant do it.

Grandfather call guy up to bust the tree it block the directional tv signal make it worse so gonna bust up that tree.