A comment was recently left by someone trying to besmirch my good name–and failing–but they asked “What if Brandon Marshall stays with the Broncos this year?”

“Will I eat my words?”

And my answer is: No, I will not eat my words.

ESPN League Source

League source says: " Brandon Marshall surely won't be traded."

In light of all the BS Marshall’s pulled on and off the field, in light of the fact that McDaniels is a man of principle building a team of winners, the fact that our number 1 wide receiver was benched on the eve of a “playoff” game, the fact that Marshall is one step away from lengthy suspension, the fact that Marshall is a locker room cancer and a me-first prima donna loser…

Bringing Marshall back this year would be stupid.

I am confident McDaniels and Co. will not make this mistake. If they did, I would not relent on voicing my great displeasure with that porous decision.

When I read someone, and I do get around the blogosphere, when I read someone’s mock draft or their opinions on all things Broncos and they either a) assume Marshall will be back with the team or b) are hoping he’ll be back with the team… You know what I do?

I stop reading.

Because this person obviously doesn’t know this coach. This person probably doesn’t know this team.

And I state this, for you people’s own good. All them who got an ear, listen to what PP Dublinski is saying and has been saying all along:

When it comes to Marshall, you gotta get what you can.

1st round pick? Great. Two seconds? Sounds good, even if one is next year. A second rounder and a good player? A great player and a third rounder? A good player in a position of need?

Sayonara Marshall.

This ain’t the post-Elway ass end of the Shanahan era starring Daryl Gardener, Maurice Clarett, Travis Henry, Brandon Marshall and others. You can even add Huckdort in there–with that attitude and look? Should have known from the interview at the combine Hucky didn’t look right. Some of you people are living in the past. Living in the past where pathetic desperation gave way to questionable character and spoiled me first prima donna losers.

You know what I would trot out if the Broncos kept Marshall this year? I’d trot out the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter.

My diabolical nature, my supreme tact envisioned and produced the Huckdort Counter (which I have just updated). My word was sound and the Huck Counter was made whole.

Jay "Huckdort" Cutler

Jay "Huckdort" Cutler

Admit it, damn it all, you people admit it: You people loved that Huckdort Counter. You could not get enough of it. Hell, I bet it was good for few thousand hits–and it was all me baby.

That Huckdort counter was–and is–a symbol of my greatness. My supreme tact on display for all to see.

I am reality and my supreme tact will not be bifurcated, and or condensed, and or dismissed.

I will trot out the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter, with every dropped pass, with every loss the meter will rise, until finally the meltdown will occur–and I will be there to throw it in the face of McDaniels and Broncos management every step of the way. Throw it in their face, for their insufficient tact, poor mental acuity and thoroughly lackluster vision of the future.

But I am confident that will not happen. I am confident McDaniels and management will do the right thing and ship his ass to some team for a pittance if need be. He’s gone.

Hell, I think I’m going to trot out the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter at the beginning of this season regardless. It will only be a matter of time before he acts up with his new team.