Well that’s more like it, good to see the home team win in Denver for once. The running game got going finally, the Canadian Goose at quarterback was accurate, the offense finished drives and the defense played pretty well.

But everything I said last week still stands.

In order for this team to get on my good side I demand a win on the road in San Diego on Monday Night Football, and I demand a win against St. Louis.

Can this team win three in a row? That will be newsworthy.

Otherwise, I’ll rack this one up as an anomaly, just like the Raiders game. I’ll rack it up to grandfather woodchuck or whatever the hell his name is, the grandfather’s curse or whatever. If we don’t win the next two games, consider this Chiefs game an anomaly where everything went the Broncos way for once this season, but not much more than that.

todd haley, josh mcdaniels

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P.S. Todd Haley can suck a fat one, that loser. He’s peckered, that one. I hope we go into Kansas City and blow them out again, and really run up the score this time. That’s another reason why my excitement is tempered. The Chiefs ain’t that good.