Ron Rivera
If Ron Rivera’s interview (Brian Xanders claims they will target him), if his interview goes even reasonably well, we should pull the trigger.

1. It hurts the Chargers.
2. He knows how to field a defense, he fielded a top one for years in Chicago and now with the Chargers.
3. He knows the AFC West, and he knows our rival the Chargers and what it will take to beat them.
4. It hurts the Chargers.

He’s a defense guy and he probably won’t mind Elway and the offensive coordinator having most of the say regarding offense. He’s wanted this gig for a while now and he probably won’t cost and arm and a leg. Unlike that Harbaugh, I’m glad we didn’t fork over that much cash for him, I don’t think he’s worth it.

I’ve got a funny feeling that Rick Dennison may be the guy we hire though. That’s OK with me, just as long as we pick that Nick Fairley with Bowers off the board. I’ll settle for the next Richard Seymour. This Fairley’s got a mean streak and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. No concern to me, it’s a positive as far as I’m concerned.