This is a bunch of crap:

With Knowshon Moreno, in the eyes of many personnel excutives around the league, having worn down as the season wore on in 2009, Arrington’s signing means he could take some of that situational work in the backfield away from Moreno if the veteran’s right knee will hold up.

Knowshon Moreno Broncos

Bet against him at your peril.

You should re-word it Legwold to say, ” many personnel executives around the league–who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground–having wore down as the season wore on.”

That’s beside the fact you can’t even spell executives correctly. Either that, or “excutives” is another word for hot dog vendors outside Jeff Fisher’s office at LP Field down there in Nashville, where they’re so behind the times they have wooden pinball tables.

What a bunch of absolute crap. Knowshon Moreno didn’t wear down, the interior of that line is what wore down and it’s what killed us time and time again last year.

I wonder who these personnel executives are, eh? Eric Manginus’s personnel executive? Maybe the executive for that woodchuck looking–best buddy of Shanahan–Jeff Fisher, eh?

Maybe Josh McDaniels loves Buckhalter and Arrington, but if he thinks either is the answer to our third down or short yardage woes that’s  a bunch of BS.

We need to revamp and solidify our interior offensive line, first and foremost. That’s the major problem with the running game.

But oh no, I suppose Knowshon Moreno ” couldn’t find the holes. ” What a bunch of nonsense that is.

Are these people actually watching these Bronco games?

I wonder if the “personnel executives” are the same ones that watched 5 minutes of Jay Huckdort Cutler’s tapes and advised the Bears to sign him in an instant.

The rest of the tapes, the rest of the season showed Huckdort getting picked off left and right, almost single-handedly losing the games getting picked the hell off in the fourth quarter. The obligatory fourth quarter Cutler pick. Getting picked at the worse possible times, jawing at his teammates like he’s something special and not looking right in the process. Failing to protect the ball time and time again. All this–with a supposedly great offense.

I don’t care about these stupid statistic mongers and their yards per carry BS, revamp the damn offensive line interior first, then it better be Moreno or some BIG back that we draft hitting the hole on third and short.

By the way, Moreno also catches brilliantly out of the backfield.

Mark my words, bookmark this you snake oil salesmen at the Post: Knowshon Moreno is the least of our worries.

He will be a 1300 yard back with 500 yards catching on a consistent basis– that’s if we field an offensive line interior worth a damn. He will be our best running back. That’s not hoping, that’s me seeing the requisite flashes.

You seen him out there on the sideline? He looks like a damn kid, he’s hella young and he’s got room to grow. He’s got moves, he’s showed flashes of greatness. He will put on a little more muscle over the next couple years and as long as he’s healthy he will be our best running back and a leader on top of that.

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NFL Personnel Executive says: "Woody Paige is a genius."

“Wore down,”–what a load. Jerome Bettis or Marshall Faulk in his prime would “wear down” too if they were getting stopped by the opposing team’s defensive tackles behind the damn line of scrimmage. Oh actually, maybe that’s because he’s too slow. He’s too slow to get away from practically unblocked defensive tackles in the backfield.

I’ll tell you something else, it better have been a momentary lapse, but that Kuper does NOT impress me one bit. Getting PICKED UP and THROWN by a defensive lineman is unacceptable. I saw the tape, I seen the damn tape, that Olsen better damn well be in a position to start. We need help big time in the interior of that line, and I imagine we’ll fix it or we’re in trouble. Even though this is a passing league and it may be a pass-first offense, you need to run the ball when it counts. None of this get stuffed time and time again on third and inches, that was abysmal.

If J. J. Arrington is the so-called answer,  “good luck.”

You people are setting yourself up for failure bagging on Knowshon Moreno–but go right ahead.