Let me begin by saving adios to Josh McDaniels who has left the Broncos building tonight. I believe that I had a hand in his departure. Bowlen listens to P.P.

He surely must listen to me. I told him to get rid of Shanahan, and I told him that Jay Huckdort Cutler needed the boot. I said we better start Tebow in this losing season and I even recently turned on McDaniels and Kyle Orton. I called them Diaper Man and Cuckoo Man. I believe this was the last straw. Bowlen saw that I, P.P. Dublinski who heralded Josh McDaniels as a genius back in February of 2009, even I had turned on him.

I said McDaniels was a genius who would rule with an iron fist. I said he would kick the me first prima donna losers like Huckdort and Marshall to the curb. I said we’d practice with pads and field a defense for once.

McDaniels certainly did rule with an iron fist and he certainly did kick the me first prima donna losers on this team to the curb. I will concede that McDaniels is not a genius, not yet. I do believe McDaniels will be a head coach in the future at some point, and I believe he will be a successful one. I believe Belichick is to Cleveland what Josh McDaniels might be to the Broncos: a loser here, a winner somewhere else. But that’s a long ways off, and he’s not a Bronco anymore, so who cares really?

There’s been a lot of commotion over the personnel decisions McDaniels has made over the last two years. A lot of the commotion has been pretty stupid and ill informed if you ask me. Here are my summations of the supposedly controversial Josh McDaniels trades.

Josh McDaniels Trades Review

You win some, you lose some...

Jay “Huckdort” Cutler – I saw the Jay “Hucks the ball, then Dort he gets picked off” Cutler trade coming from miles away. I knew Cutler was not the answer for this team way back in September of  the 2008 season. Jay Cutler doesn’t look right, he doesn’t protect the ball and he’s a hotheaded gooned out fool to top it all off. I can thank McDaniels, or ultimately Bowlen for shipping this punk out of Denver so we don’t have to see his ugly green tongue lapping about after every play. You can’t take the Dort out of Hucky, he’s a poor mans Brett Favre. Throwing picks at the worst possible moments is the signature of the Dort. I do not care how well he’s been playing the last few games in Chicago. The Bears are the worst 9-3 team in the league, they’ve had a soft schedule and they’ve been extremely lucky early in the season. Huck will return to his dorting ways soon enough–he’s done this sort of thing before. He’ll string together a few great games then he’ll crash and burn. Huckdort isn’t a true franchise Pro Bowl caliber quarterback, but he’s a good quarterback with a good arm and some dynamic ability. Cutler needs a talented team on both sides of the ball to have any success–the same goes for Kyle Orton. Two very different quarterbacks but they both essentially need the same things: a good defense, a good running game and a good offensive line. I am glad Jay Huckdort Cutler is not a Denver Bronco. I would not trust Huckdort in playoff games one bit–he’ll find a way to Dort and blow the game. I am glad we are not bankrupting the team for this Pro Bowl pretender. P.P.’s trade verdict: Good

Brandon “Rap Sheet a Mile Long” Marshall – I am glad the Denver Broncos are not stuck paying fifty million plus to wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Marshall is a me first prima donna player with a rap sheet a mile long and one step away from a full year suspension. Marshall, a locker room cancer lives up to the “Little T.O.” moniker. Marshall is not on the level of a dynamic Larry Fitzgerald, instead he is a large talented possession receiver, a good blocker and he normally gets extra yards after the catch. He will likely bounce around the league for the remainder of his career (if he can stay on the field) due to his prima donna attitude and strange uncontrolled outbursts. Marshall is in no man’s land down in Miami with lousy yards (a pittance compared to when he played in Denver) and few touchdowns. It’s just a matter of time before the Marshall Meltdown Meter hits critical mass and he’s playing for some other team or suspended. I was shocked that Bill Parcells would consider this deal after the Terrell Owens debacle in Dallas. I don’t believe Parcells had a hand in either of these scenarios, notice he left Dallas shortly after they acquired T.O. and now he has left the building after Miami acquired little T.O. The Denver Broncos are in no way hampered by the loss of Marshall, our current receiving corps is a team strength and it includes promising rookies. P.P.’s trade verdict: Good and thanks for the two second rounders Miami.

Tony “I can’t wait til this season’s over” Scheffler – Anyone making any sort of big deal about the trade of Tony Scheffler isn’t very astute. Scheffler did OK during the Shanahan years as a receiving threat with Huckdort slinging the ball around in losing games trying to play catch up, but during McDaniels tenure Scheffler didn’t do much for us and hardly even stayed on the field. A locker room distraction, Scheffler was not a big part of the Broncos offense under McDaniels. Scheffler currently has over two hundred receiving yards and one touchdown in eleven games for the Lions. In other words: Big (**%&ing whoop. Do you seriously lament the loss of an injury prone, receiving tight end who “couldn’t wait for the season to end?” What a joke. This loser couldn’t get traded fast enough. I remember fools placing his trade value over a fifth rounder. P.P.’s trade verdict: Good and good riddance.

Alphonso Smith- The trade of Alphonso Smith to the Lions for that Gronkowski tight end really doesn’t bother me all that much and it doesn’t really hurt the team. The Broncos have a promising young cornerback in Perrish Cox and Syd’Quan Thompson doesn’t look like a bad player either. Smith seems like he wouldn’t play disciplined and sought to be a loose ball hawking canon out there–it’s worked for him in Detroit, sort of. Last week I saw a player I wouldn’t want on my team. That player was Alphonso Smith giving absolutely horrible effort and exhibiting  poor tackling. The real rub of the whole Alphonso Smith debacle was the trade of a first round pick in order to draft him in the first place. I don’t know if this one was on Xanders or McDaniels, but whatever, it was a miss and resulted in a wasted first round pick which is never a good thing. P.P.’s trade verdict: Bad

Laurence Maroney – The Broncos acquired Laurence Maroney and a sixth round pick from New England in exchange for a fourth round pick in this upcoming year’s draft. Maroney couldn’t even beat out our third string running back Lance Ball. It may not be terrible though, Maroney could be salvageable and contribute in the future as a backup–but a fourth rounder? That was too expensive. All indications are Denver got rooked in the deal and Belichick and Co. are laughing at us over this one.  P.P.’s trade verdict: Bad

Peyton Hillis – ” I’m not wild about having two finesse backs splitting the majority of the carries. My hope is Moreno gets the majority of the carries, gets spelled by Buckhalter, and we get a new young tough guy for grinding the short yards. Hillis, I don’t know what the hell is up with him, I think he said something bad about the coach’s wife and there you have it, he’s done (in Denver).” — P.P. Dublinski, January 26th 2010

We all knew Peyton Hillis was a late round steal. We knew that he could run with power and that he could catch the ball well. What we don’t know, and what we may never find out is why Hillis was ever traded. I first said maybe Hillis made a comment about the coach’s wife, then Mark Schlereth and Alfred Williams recently joked that Hillis may have hit on the coach’s wife. Them two and me are on the same wavelength: There was just no good reason to trade Hillis away, and we figure it had to be something personal. If it was personal, if Hillis was all chummy with dissenters Marshall, Huckdort and Scheffler, well then who cares? Talk about a man on an island with all three of those losers traded away. It’s baffling to think something personal with Hillis couldn’t have been worked out. Hillis, a power back with good hands, was and is a player we need. When McDaniels did give Hillis an opportunity to run with the football, Hillis sucked. But Moreno sucked too behind horrible blocking (to all the “Noyards” Moreno haters, do we now agree this kid is a player when he actually has blocking?) It’s a weird trade and the worst trade of the McDaniels era in Denver. Now Hillis is lighting it up in Cleveland, gaining yards and pulling touchdowns out of his ass every week. Meanwhile, Brady Quinn is just about nowhere and flashed just about nothing in the preseason. Hillis is flourishing and Denver is left in need of a player like him, they need a tough yardage change of pace back. We have Lendale White, but coming back from an Achilles injury is no small feat. P.P.’s trade verdict: Ugly