This could very well be the game of the year tonight, the land of misfit losers: Jay “Huckdort” Cutler and Brandon “They’re not getting the ball to me enough” Marshall. Set your DVR’s for this one folks, it could be laugh a minute entertainment.

Jay Huckdort Cutler


What to watch for tonight:

Hucky Jay: If Huckdort isn’t throwing picks he’s probably getting sacked or fumbling. When it’s third and long or when the Bears are nearing the end zone it’s Dort central. Look for him to throw dorts at the worst possible moments, also known as the ” Timely Dort.”


B. Marsh: Brandon Marshall is coming apart at the seams–even in games the Dolphins are winning. Last week Marshall was penalized for chucking the football in frustration and he also chewed out the quarterback (whoever the hell they have throwing now) multiple times because he ain’t getting the ball enough. Watch for steam emanating from Marshall’s helmet tonight after every ball that doesn’t come his way.