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Get a load of this guy, I imagine a cartoon rain cloud hovering over him as he mopes around the halls of the Denver Post, probably taking breaks to talk with “league executives” and blowing hoagies out his ass.

Orton could suit John Fox’s “Conservative Offense”

Do you think for a second that John Fox will have a lot of say in the Broncos offense, especially playcalling?

I don’t.

John Fox Broncos

Minister of Defense (AP Photo)

I don’t believe this nonsense about “watch for Fox calling a run on 3rd and eight.” Maybe that was the case in Carolina, but it will be different in Denver. Fox will not have the power he had in Carolina. Elway and the Broncos brass wrested control of this team for a reason, Elway occupies Mike Shanahan’s old office space for a reason. Mike McCoy will be calling the plays and I have little doubt he will also be “consulted” by Elway and Co.

Are any of you people excited to see number 8 trot out on the field as our starter next season? Are you jumping up and down hoping for Orton to run out there and do his one legged goat impression in the pocket? Will you be filled with renewed “integrity” when Orton goes three and out, struggles in the red zone and the Broncos continue to lose, but Orton “puts up good passing stats?” Won’t that be great. What a new found sense of accomplishment. You have to be kidding me. Getting rid of Orton is not a “trade rumor,” it is reality. It better be.

The Broncos are not heading to the Super Bowl next year. We start from square one, we retool. You don’t retool with Kyle Orton, you go in a new direction, in this case it’s with your first round draft pick who did not look too bad coming off the bench late in the season. If that option doesn’t pan out in a year or two, then you hit the draft or free agency for another option. Simple as that.

This Krieger should be ashamed of himself for even bringing up the option of Orton staying in Denver. What a sad joke.

I once stated Orton would be a great backup in Denver moving forward, but not if he’s going to pout and remain thoroughly unhelpful.

You live in the past, you die in the past. So says Ditka. The Broncos will be living in the past if they start Orton in 2011. Living in the past (not a good one either) and stuck on stupid.

The Broncos could trade down from #2 due to “financial concerns.”

Listen here and listen good. The Denver Broncos are a team with only one big playmaker on their defensive line. The Broncos have one player who can sack the quarterback with any consistency. This deficiency has been the woeful case for years. In a game of seconds, in a game of inches, one wonders how many tides may have been turned if we could just get that one sack or that one pressure at an opportune moment. This Broncos team has had a glaring weakness on the defensive line for years.

If a team has the second pick in the draft and needs a quarterback, and there are two possible franchise quarterbacks available, that team drafts one of those quarterbacks. There are no guarantees that quarterback will pan out, but there is a chance, certainly a better chance than drafting a quarterback in the later rounds.

Da'Quan BowersThe Broncos, the woeful Broncos, the Broncos who are incapable of rushing the quarterback. The Broncos with one star player on their defensive line–that allĀ  important point of attack. The Broncos will be able to draft one of the two top defensive lineman in the 2011 draft. The Broncos will have the chance to draft a player that could improve their defense in a substantial way. A chance at defensive lineman who could defend against the run and the pass–an absolute premium paid in this league for such attributes. The Broncos will have the chance to draft a young, game changing player on the defensive line.

They will have this chance, and they will not take it? Are you #$*%ing kidding me?

How moronic do you have to be to flush this opportunity down the drain? It’s like the Carolina Panthers not drafting Andrew Luck if he declared for this draft.

The Broncos can draft one of the very top two defensive lineman in this year’s draft. Both are disruptive against the run and pass, both are possible franchise defenders … but the woeful Broncos aren’t going to take that chance?

What a joke, what a disgrace.

I’m confident this team, this ownership isn’t that stupid, isn’t that ridiculous. This chance doesn’t come around often, how many teams would have loved to draft that Suh? Can you imagine if the Broncos traded out of the second pick and Da’Quan Bowers turned out to be the next Julius Peppers?

Hell, if Bowers only managed to sack the quarterback an average of eight times per year, that in itself would be extremely valuable to the Broncos. Extremely.

If they wimp out and decide not to take the chance, and if the player available turned out to be a great defensive lineman, that is nothing short of unforgivable. How ridiculous.

Finances? See you later Champ Bailey, see you later Daniel Graham.

This is not the first suggestion that the Broncos have financial issues. In 2009, their player payroll was $26 million below the NFL salary cap of $128 million. Because the league opted out of the labor agreement, there was no cap in 2010. But had there been, the Broncos’ cap number reportedly would have been $102.9 million, which would have ranked 27th out of 32 teams.

I know why Pat Bowlen has been tight with money as of late Krieger, how about all those Shanahan busts in free agency, how about those “star” players with exceedingly poor character, eh?

Pat Bowlen did not hire John Elway to mire the Broncos in a decade of suckage. With Elway comes a new commitment, or it should come. A new commitment to winning demands a commitment to new players and new contracts. You man up and pay this second pick, you take the chance. If you trade it, it’s only because some team offered you the world–and hell, even a bevvy of later round picks isn’t as meaningful to the Broncos as a pro bowl caliber player at the point of attack.

You don’t want to commit to excellence, you don’t want to commit to a new era of winning? Then fine, you can go ahead and become the Cincinnati Bengals.

Seems to me Krieger would like that.

Cuckoo Man Orton

You excited for this again? I'm not.

The sour and dour Krieger watching the unspectacular and “safe” Kyle Orton start in 2011. Watching the Broncos trade down for a bunch of unspectacular players and missing on a pro bowl cailber defender at the point of attack. P.P. Dublinski has more faith in Elway and Co. than this sour green fleeb at the Denver Post. This sour green fleeb belching forth such dire filth and spreading it around like the unsavory manure it is.

P.P. has turned the page on Kyle Orton. P.P. will be watching the draft this April, and he will witness one of these premier defensive lineman waltzing down the aisle to don a Broncos cap as the second pick in the 2011 draft.

I will not be bifurcated, and or besmirched. My profound wisdom will not be denied. The strength in my right hand, the wisdom upon my brow and the countenance in my left will prevail.

My virility is uncapped and I will be cruising in Summerville tomorrow night so you people down there better watch the hell out. Hurricane P.P. is coming and he is celebrating the 2011 draft. The festivities begin now.