Well there goes Numby at the Post spouting off again with something utterly stupid. Just when you think he’ll start making a little sense he reverts to his peckered old foolish ways.

Numby claims McDaniels needs to win four out of the last five games–perhaps all five–to remain head coach of the Broncos.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Mission Impossible.

This team? You’re kidding right? This team is gonna waltz into Arrowhead, into the Black Hole, this team is gonna whoop the Chargers?

This team is going to magically generate a pass rush and win out?

This team is finally going to play with consistency?

No way, I believe we’ll win two more games tops. If Numby has good information–which he usually doesn’t–and if this somehow comes from the horse’s mouth then kiss Josh Mcdaniels goodbye.

I believe Bowlen meant what he said about McDaniels returning next year and I bet he just backtracked a bit to keep the players fighting hard for their coach in the final stretch.

Win out? Win four games? Unbelievable, this Numby don’t like the coach. He don’t like McDaniels and he’s asking for the impossible. I suppose Numby thinks Elvis Dumervil is gonna rise over the pumpkin patch and bring a pass rush back to the Broncos. Numby is banking the coach’s ass on nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Oh yeah I bet the Broncos will be out there blazing great guns to get Orton a spot in the Pro Bowl–that’s if one of the many AFC quarterbacks with stats and a winning record defers. Like I said I don’t want to win another game. I want that high draft pick baby, but boy oh boy wouldn’t it be something if the Broncos shot up to 7 and 9 like in recent years, missed the playoffs again and missed out on drafting that superstar defensive lineman again? Oh Ho-Ho a Festivus miracle, the Broncos are a “respectable” 7 and 9! Excuse me for not pissing myself with excitement.

Then Numby brings up the “Spygate II” nonsense as if it’s some big deal, some big turning point. What a joke.

Earth to Numby: Quit being a weenie.

mark schlereth punkAnd earth to Mark Schlereth: Quit being a punk on this one. That’s right Schlereth, a punk. Spouting off about the “integrity of the game.” Oh yeah I bet the Broncos were just a bunch of Altar Boys during the Schlereth era. Oh yeah, let’s see: multiple salary cap violations, shady deals with players to stay under the cap, a mysterious ” slick substance ”  on the Broncos offensive linemen… not to mention other substances… Oh yeah they were just a bunch of Boy Scouts weren’t they? This “spygate two” nonsense is a steaming pile of crap; it’s a non issue and the only bad thing to come out of it is the fact that McDaniels has an absolute rat on his coaching staff. Anyone with their panties in a bunch over this is a weenie as far as I’m concerned–get over it.

The only real issue from it all is some loser rat that needs to get marched out of Dove Valley and kicked right in the ass for good measure. Someone ought to kick this guy right in the ass after he spilled his guts to the McDaniels haters and all around degenerates Jay Glazer and Michael Silver. They are degenerates with a capital D and I bet they both smell.

This talk of John Elway “saving the franchise” is downright corny. What a bunch of cornball nonsense. Fine, he can get a job with the Broncos, but what matters most is the coaches, the system and the players. Ol’ Elway brings a little inspiration to the table but it’s not like the seas are gonna part if he becomes a Broncos executive.

I am reality, I speak in truths!

I tell the truth, and I admit when I’m wrong. I own up to my mistake of picking the Broncos to go 10 and 6 this year. However, I am most often correct and my profundity; the fruits of of my supreme thinkery enchants all minds both on and off the page.

I said we’d get rid of Jay “Huckdort” Cutler and that he don’t look right and he don’t protect the ball.

I said Brandon Marshall ain’t coming back this season and his departure won’t matter–others will take his place and we’ll draft receivers.

I said Tebow would be running this year, more than he passes– and I hope I end up wrong on that one.

I hope I’m wrong there. I’ve had enough of Cuckoo Man folding with the game on the line. Yeah, he’s played better than he ever has this season, overall that is. But he hasn’t been clutch and this offense absolutely goes to sleep for quarters at a time. Screw the stats, look at the win/loss ratio… look at the points scored per game. All these people claiming Orton’s definitely the starter next season: he probably is, but I want a real quarterback competition. Plus, I want to see what we have in this Tebow, I want to see what he flashes–we may be sitting on a franchise QB come this draft. Won’t that be nice while we sit around with our thumbs up our asses waiting ” three years ” on someone who can maybe, possibly be a starter.

I said Josh McDaniels is a genius who will purge the Broncos of me first prima donna losers and rule with an iron fist.

The jury’s still out on that genius one. He certainly purged the prima donnas. He certainly rules with an iron fist.

Josh McDaniels Peewee Herman

I still hold out hope for McDaniels. I do, I think this team just needs a few more pieces of the puzzle. It starts with a healthy Dumervil coming back and acquiring another defensive lineman or outside linebacker who is a pass rushing threat. Someone with talent that you have to worry about on that line. Who’s our front three now, eh? Pretty unspectacular. One is an aging All Pro in the wane of his career, the other two stop the run–sometimes. Maybe another o-lineman, linebacker, safety and a big bruising change of pace running back.

The Denver Broncos have been mediocre for years–even the 2006 AFC Championship run was a bit of a fluke. Shanahan drew up that one bootleg play, but once defenses started blitzing the outside edges of our offensive line, that play we ran ad nauseum crashed and burned and we never recovered.

We’ve been mediocre for years and we needed a new direction. Two years after a mediocre team switches its direction 180 degrees is not enough time.

Did I mention it’s nice that I don’t have to share this site lately? My countenance will not be besmirched by a complete homer who doesn’t even make sense half the time.

Two years isn’t enough to retool. I think we’ll give him one more year, one more draft–hell we have a first rounder and two seconds–we’ll get a few more pieces of the puzzle from the draft and free agency. If that doesn’t work then fine, you can axe him. If we’re not winning next season then you can axe him during the middle of the season too for all I care.

People try and put a positive spin on this team lately, “well they fought hard,” “well they only lost by X amount of points.”

Fighting hard shouldn’t matter. They should always fight hard. Losing at home is trash. The real rub of the Raiders game? They did that to us at home on our turf, the same with the Rams–no matter the score.

I tell the truth, I tell it like it is. That Limbaugh told the truth on ESPN, he told the truth and he got fired. I remember the articles: McNabb is the next Joe Montana–before he even managed to do much of anything. McNabb was a good player, not great. I predict he’ll be out of the league in about two years. If Tom Jackson said McNabb was overrated and the media was puffing him up, he could have gotten away with it. But oh no, and isn’t that something how it took four days before any controversy brewed over that opinion? I don’t care what you think of Limbaugh and his politics, he told the truth just like Bobby Knight told the truth and they couldn’t take it and they wrongfully ran them out of there.

Cuckoo Man Orton

Cuckoo Man Orton

I am the truth and the Broncos suck this year. Plain and simple. Key injuries, rookies on the o-line and woeful inconsistency. Excuse me for wanting a sucky record over a mediocre one. A mediocre one that takes us out of the top ten in the draft. Yeah that’s great. I ain’t buying the “win four games or the coach is done” nonsense either. The fans ain’t got no say in it either–or they shouldn’t. This talk of the fans dictating the future of the Broncos–what a bunch of BS. Bowlen’s gonna count seats in the final two home games–what a load. If you want them filled Pat, make sure the coach puts Tebow in. Otherwise it’s the Cuckoo Man and Diaper man show in Denver. Come see Cuckoo Man and the magical disappearing offense, followed by door number two: Wink Martindale’s pathetic pass rush giving up the obligatory 40 yard play at the worst possible moment. Why don’t we do some more of those three man rushes, eh? How about rushing only two? That’s surely a recipe for success.

Ultimately, it’s time for this organization to reap a high pick on defense dammit–a Richard Seymour, a Julius Peppers or a Ndamukong Suh–that’s the ticket.

Oh, and start the kid, sooner rather than later.