Don’t know who this Thomas George is, but it don’t really matter–he hits the nail on the proverbial head. I can’t believe some of you sea cucumbers out there are still “hoping” and “praying” that Brandon Marshall will be playing for the Broncos this year. Even the great “Numbnuts” at the Denver Post sees the writing on the wall. I seen the writing on the wall months if not years ago. I knew he’d be trouble once the contract came up. I’m sick and tired of hearing “you can’t replace Marshall’s production,”–oh yes you can. You can split his production between two hard working, good character receivers that don’t have to be superstars.

You want to talk about irreplaceable? That’s Dumervil. You get rid of him and you better damn well sign Peppers or you’re off your damn rocker.

I give you the great Thomas George, who tells it like it is:

Marshall, despite his big-play productivity, is nothing close to the kind of character that McDaniels wants to build this franchise around.

He (McDaniels) wants to continue to implement his philosophies of what a player should be on and off the field. He wants more Brian Dawkins-types, as any coach would want when considering this savvy safety who arrived from Philadelphia last season and helped McDaniels begin to transform the Broncos into his image.
There is no room for Brandon Marshall in any of that.

Marshall has to go.

Bringing Marshall back would give the Broncos more chaos likely sooner rather than later. There is little doubt that had former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan returned for last season rather than being dismissed, Marshall would have been gone before it began. The former Broncos coaching staff saw the splendid production of Marshall mixed with the often impish attitude he displayed and the messy personal entourage he selected. That made it clear to them that Marshall in Denver would not have been able to handle a long-term, big-dollar contract.

Tender him to a first rounder, or second rounder. I want either a first round pick, or two second round picks or a second rounder and a good player. There you have it, gone and we’ll be better off for it.

Can’t believe that Jamie Dukes sitting on NFL Network defending the actions of both Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall in the same breath.

Great words of wisdom come to mind when I heard that nonsense the other night: “Good luck with that, dude.”