Five games in, the chickens have already come home to roost.

Tebow Named Broncos Starter

I will demand apologies from the front office. I will send a written form and I want it signed and returned to me either sent by mail or faxed. Apologies for poor decision making and terrible management of the quarterback situation. Furthermore we’ve been screwed out of our entertainment for the past four games.

“EFX” better get their act together. Horrible management of the quarterback situation, botching the trade then marginalizing the kid while propping up the lame duck veteran. Everyone should have known this was and is a rebuilding year. All we heard was unbridled optimism and Denver Post goobers like that Klis, Krieger and Legwold predicting more wins than losses with Kyle Orton. Next, the team throws money at injury prone Ty Warren–and we all know how that worked out. Finally they trade a starting caliber wide receiver for nothing in return.

It took only four and a half games for the switch at quarterback. Four and a half games to realize there’s no point in fielding a free agent lame duck journeyman on a team that isn’t very good.

Now we get to hear a bunch of crap from analysts and pundits who either hate Tim Tebow personally or hate his fans.

That’s the deal with some of these deranged analysts. You know, Blaine Gabbert isn’t ready but he’s starting. Gabbert isn’t playing well and he killed the team the other day with a fumble. He’s a rookie though and the Jaguars will just have to suffer the growing pains to see whether he’s a player or not.

Wouldn’t it be something if the same patience was afforded to Tebow? Not so. No, this kid can’t play and he can’t throw. He’s also going to get killed running the ball.

The people who are so down on Tebow before he even gets a chance to show what he has, these people probably fall into two categories:

1. They don’t like him personally, they don’t like how outspoken he is about his religion.

2. Whenever one of these pundits says something stupid or off base about him, Tebow’s legions of fans fill their emails and tie up their phone lines refuting the criticism. The fans are probably nasty at times. The analysts double down on their expert opinion and guess who they take it out on? That’s right, Timmy Teebs.

I’ve heard enough about this “gameplanning” crap. Sea cucumbers keep spouting that Teebs won’t be successful at all when teams gameplan for him, gameplan for a running quarterback. The Texans had a week to prepare, so did the Chargers. I didn’t see Tebow get stuffed behind the line of scrimmage on every play, did you? In fact, he put up 24 and 28 points in those last two games. He also threw bombs to Brandon Lloyd, but oh no this kid can’t throw a pass to save his life.

If they stack the freakin box, fine. Send Lloyd deep and do a jump ball–he has a knack for getting them and Teebs throws a good deep pass. People said Orton is our best chance to win–I never believed that. Not on this team. Those runs for a first down are huge. They are huge for this team that isn’t very good. The kids ability to buy time when the protection breaks down (and oh it does break down) is also a big boost. If anything, we need dynamic play at the quarterback position, not an immobile game manager. I said all along this team isn’t good enough to carry Kyle Orton.

Now the quarterback chickens come home to roost, ain’t they?

I am shelving the Reality Meter. It will not be updated further. I proved my point and it only took five games in to do it. The incredible Reality Meter will sit atop the page all season long as a reminder of my incredible acuity. I am a visionary and an oracle. All those talking heads on the right side of the meter could not bifurcate the truths that I proclaim.