What’s this I hear? Timmy Teebs playing hardball and is missing the first day of rookie camp? Didn’t Numby take him to John Elway’s birthday party? What’s going on here? Numby ought to get on the phone right now and do something about it.

“You’re missing time and you can’t afford to miss it,” McDaniels told Tebow, according to ESPN NFL Live’s Ed Werder. “You’re not going to get these snaps back.”

Earth to Teebs: The balls on this guy, you’re lucky you got drafted in the first round.

Called up DirecTV today after reading about all these deals for new subscribers. Taking care of the newbies and giving us veterans the shaft, eh? What a joke that is, I called up and made a mistake, I made the mistake of talking to a normal CSR over there. Didn’t know nothing, didn’t do nothin’–was pretty much good for nothin’ and was an absolute waste of oxygen. pissed me off, I hadn’t called in a while, didn’t have to since my last outburst. So I slammed the phone down, redialed and said “customer retention” at the prompt, then I said “cancel.” Damn right, that’s the only word they know over there at CSR: Cancel.

Got all fired up, talked to a decent human being Jason, even gave me his badge number to reference. Told him I’ve been with them since 2001 and I’m looking at all these new deals, making my damn head spin, so what the hell? I got 20 bucks off my Sunday Ticket each month, ten bucks off HD for two years, free Skinemax and Showtime for 6 months and free HD receiver and HD DVR upgrades (I’m buying them myself, I am a professional consumer who demands the latest technology, not gonna wait around for hit or miss installation crap). This is a lesson for some of you people out there and for kids out there, when you walk into a store, act like you own the damn place. The customer is always correct–I repeat, the customer is always correct. Reminds me of the time I went to the track at Saratoga and the raviolis ended up on the ceiling. That waitress will never forget the mantra the customer is always correct.

Writing a letter of commendation for that Jason over there pronto. You’ve got to reward the ones who know what time it is.