The Jets just traded a sixth and a fourth round pick to the Broncos for Tim Tebow and a seventh round pick.

You know, I’ve been a Broncos fan for over 35 years and this is one season where I may actually change the channel.

As you may know, I’m not enthused with the Manning signing. I didn’t think he was a good fit from the start. I don’t believe the Broncos are capable of a Super Bowl in the short time we’ll have him. We’ll have to be very lucky acquiring players. I don’t believe our running game will be as good with him and our defense needs about six starters before it can be labeled Super Bowl ready.

Can this offense adjust to becoming a pass first attack all of a sudden? Lots of questions there, I see a lot of people celebrating like the Broncos are on the verge of a Super Bowl now. I believe we’re on the verge alright, but I think the verge will be as far as we get. Will renting this guy for three years be worth it?

Maybe, but maybe not. We’ll see. I’m thinking we’ll need to look towards the next QB, the guy the Broncos draft this year… or will they even do that?

Last I heard, the Broncos are interested in the name “Caleb Hanie.”

Are you $&*%ting me?

I’ll tell you, if this Tebow kid goes off and does well for the Jets and the Broncos turn into mediocre Colt-wanna-bes it’s gonna strain my relationship with the Broncos. That is, until the current regime is run right out of dodge.

If that scenario occurs, the damnation of the Sharpes, the Hoges, the Legwolds, the Stinks, the McGahees and the general blogosphere who championed this move… the severe damnation will be surreal.

It will be surreal and unending until the current Broncos brass are run right the hell out of dodge.

I see that McGahee popping off once again, along with all the usual “Tebow-haters.” Not surprising since he mocked the very offense that allowed him 1,000 yards and started belly aching when things didn’t go right towards the end of the season.

Tell you something there McGahee, enjoy the 1,000 yards you had this year.

You sure as hell ain’t getting that this year.