My truths will not be bifurcated, and or condensed, and or dismissed.

Neighbors down the road,  couple of yuppies, when they see me coming they turn around and go the other way.

There’s a reason for that: I speak the truth. I deal in truths. Was talking to them one time and told his old lady her breath stinks to high heaven.

“You should do something about that.”

Oh, nobody wants to do that–say the tough thing, but I bet I saved their damn marriage. Me? I do the right thing, I tell the TRUTH and some people can’t handle the truth.

There’s a lot of you people who believe Timmy Tebow is a shoe-in to be a starting quarterback in this league.

“Oh you might as well trade away Orton,” they say.

They claim anyone who knows anything realizes the wildcatter will surely become a starting “pocket passer.” He’ll just work hard at it.

I say his chance of becoming a starting caliber every down quarterback in this league is 35%

That’s a longshot.

But oh no, Numby over there at the Denver Post talked to Tebow, so he knows. He got the chill up his leg when Tebow entered the room so he knows. He talks to people, that Numby.

Tebow will play in the wildcat–and that will be his gig for the foreseeable future.

Everything else concerning his role is a maybe, everything else is a total crap-shoot with exceedingly poor odds.

If he becomes a good starting NFL quarterback, then I’ll eat my words and admit I was wrong. Hell, I hope he does become that, but I ain’t no stoop, I don’t think he will be.

Some of you people are acting like we picked a QB with the first pick in the draft.

Tim Tebow Broncos Wild Horses

Tim Tebow: Wild Horses

Selecting a big-time weapon in the wildcat with pick #25 ain’t too bad. In the ass end of the first round you often see teams picking up utility and third down pass rushers. When that third down pass rusher performs, you love them. Timmy Teebs may never be anything more than a wildcat player, a utility player and we may love him for it.

He may be the best damn wildcatter the league’s ever seen. I believe this is what McDaniels saw, I believe this is why McDaniels picked him.

“They asked me to do certain things–and I did them,” said Timmy Teebs, tipping the coach’s hand.

McD saw Wild Horses becoming something more than a laugh with Orton at the helm.

If Tebow plays well in that wildcat–he’s worth the pick. I don’t care if he’s never a starting NFL quarterback. He probably won’t be. It doesn’t matter one bit either, as long as we’re winning. We were playing with house money, we turned a second rounder into a first and added a third round pick in the process to get Tebow.

Saying we got rid of Jay Huckdort Cutler and Brandon Marshall for Tebow and Demaryius Thomas is a load of crap.

We got Kyle Orton and two first rounders plus a third for Huckdort. Orton matches the performance of Huckdort in his first year, sullying the undeserved Pro Bowl moniker of that pick throwing doofus up there in the frozen wastes who Numby loved so much he cried the franchise is lost for years to come.

Orton, Ayers (technically Ayers, but I don’t think we pick Moreno there, we were afforded that luxury) this Richard Quinn, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker for Huckdort–I won’t get into the “one third or one half” picks you can also technically throw in there.

We got rid of an overconfident, pouty, overpriced, pick throwin’ gooned out Huckdort for a bounty of team first players–one of which was supposed to suck, yet equaled and bested the production of Huckdort adding insult to injury.

We got rid of headcases and headaches and now it’s McDaniels team.

A more intriguing value comparison is picking Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant. That’ll be one to watch. Huckdort and Marshall are yesterday’s news and we still got a second rounder for next year out of the Marshall deal.

But all this hoopla and hype around Tebow becoming a starting quarterback doesn’t even matter if we’re winning games.

He may never be that starting player, and if he’s a great wildcatter then it wasn’t a bad pick.

Tim Tebow Broncos Wild Horses

Tim Tebow: Wild Horses

I give him an 85% shot at being an excellent player out of that wildcat for us.

I’m not falling for all this hype about “turning him into a pocket passer.”

I see your playbook McDaniels.

The great Sun Tzu told his army to make extra campfires at night to frighten and bewilder the enemy scouts.

I see your playbook McD.

You’re pulling the wool over a lot of sea cucumber’s eyes out there, them sea cucumbers that just go with the flow–they believe and do what they’re told. They see what they want to see.

I deal in reality. Just like I dealt with that yuppy’s old lady.

I am reality.

All the hype in the world won’t prevent McD from trotting out Tebow in that Wild Horses formation in our first game this year.

In it, Tebow will be used as a decoy sometimes.

He’ll throw a few times.

He’ll run out of it a lot.

He’ll pitch off the ball and BLOCK from it.

Hell, he may even go out for a pass at times.

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Wild Horses

Tim Tebow: Wild Horses

He better do all this, because that’s all he’ll probably be. Like I said, if I’m wrong I’ll fess up immediately, unlike that Numby who goes back on his word and changes his prediction–holding out hope the Broncos lose enough to make him look like a genius.

All that Numby, probably because “Orton isn’t a good interview.”

Don’t worry goobers, the commercials, the hype, the hoopla will be the same if Tebow’s a great wildcat player in the league.

And that Wild Horses better work, cause if it don’t, the only thing saving it from being a bad pick is if we can recruit his girlfriend to the cheerleading squad.

Erin Drewes Tebow

Finally, shame on you ungrateful losers and degenerates calling for Orton’s dismissal. You people should be dismissed. I respect the hell out of Orton and unlike some he’s EARNED IT. He’s earned that damn starting job. If Brady Quinn possesses the physical tools to take over the starting job then so be it.  Orton’s a damn team player, he’s proud of his team and he earned his respect, or he should have to some of yous. He puts the team first. I bet no matter what, I bet no matter what we sign Orton to a modest deal to be our long-term backup. Can’t think of a better damn backup coming off the bench than Kyle Orton. You trust Timmy Tebow coming off the bench cold? Chris Simms? what a disaster that was. If Orton’s the backup I won’t flinch when the number one goes down, I’ll know he can get the job done in that situation.

Then again we could go 11 and 5 with Orton as the starter. What a thorn in Numby’s side that would be. Probably because Orton isn’t a good interview.