Yeah, I suppose we’ll sit tight until August 4th when teams have to get under the cap, we won’t release Orton until then. It’s time to trade this guy though, if it’s a fifth rounder so be it.

We’re not gonna pay Kyle Orton 9 million.

Other teams must know this, that’s why the trade talks are lukewarm at best.

Broncos fans might cry, “Well how come you couldn’t get anything for him?”

The answer is a) he’s making too much money and b) we’re not gonna pay him c) everyone knows this. He’s also not interested in a pay cut or a backup job. The Phins probably offered us a sixth rounder or something, we probably don’t even want that, that’s why we are sitting tight, maybe some QB out there gets injured and we get a better offer… maybe.

If we release Kyle Orton, so be it.

He’s a good starting regular season QB in this league and that’s about it. He is not the answer for Denver.

He may take another team to the playoffs, but based on his performance in big games he will get hit, he will get flustered, he will get picked and that’s that.

He’s a good regular season starter, a good journeyman QB.

Some other team will pick him up and soon, perhaps after a playoff run they will start looking for another long term answer at quarterback.

I don’t care if Orton looks better in practice, we know what he can do. We know what he does in the red zone and on third downs. We know about his limitations and his inability to move in the pocket. We know he ain’t the answer. It’s time to find out if the kid is.

Lastly, we better take his money and sign someone big on the defensive line. You better do something good with his money, I want Mebane, Franklin or Jenkins. I figured maybe these guys were too high priced for us, but not anymore. We haven’t done squat to address the defensive line and we better start now.