1 and 2.

Closing in on 1 and 3.

Not to worry, we’ll win more than we lose with Kyle Orton. The “dream team” Eagles are 1 and 2, so the playoffs aren’t out of the question for the Broncos too… right?

The Broncos offense dinked and dunked, their defense gave up a huge play in the fourth quarter and their running game was so so against a bad team. Same old Broncos in the ass end of the game. It’s been a broken record for years.

The Tennessee Titans suck. They suck. The Titans aren’t much better than Cincinnati. Better defense, that’s about it. Killing themselves with penalties left and right, practically handing the game to the opposing team.

The Broncos should have won–which goes to show how bad the Broncos really are.

This offense and the way it’s set up, this offense and especially the quarterback is incapable of big plays down the field in the fourth quarter. Totally incapable. No wonder why people always say Kyle Orton can’t get it done in the clutch, no wonder why they say he can’t muster come from behind wins.

He can’t. Can we all agree? This dink and dunk offense sucks. Boring as &^$ing hell.  I hope some of you people are actually enjoying yet another year of the Kyle Orton offense in Denver.

Dink and dunk takes forever to march the field, dink and dunk doesn’t win games in the fourth quarter. Our quarterback can’t throw a decent screen, he can’t evade the rush to make something happen to save his life.Our quarterback is limited with no intangibles. End of story. How much more do you need to see John Elway?

I give some credit to Willis McGahee. He runs very hard, he’s impressed me with his tenacious running. Offensively, that’s the only thing I’m impressed with.

The defense stopped the run, but Chris Johnson hasn’t started it up all season. No matter, we got whacked when it counted through the air.

John Fox going for it on fourth down didn’t bother me at all, what I took exception to is the play call. The Broncos don’t run the ball well up the middle in short yardage situations–we haven’t been able to do that for years now. The play before, McGahee ran off tackle for a couple yards and managed to drag one guy… running off tackle again would have been a better call there.

I am just about furious at this team right now. I told you people we were squandering this season and let’s face reality: We are squandering this losing season.

We failed, FAILED to embrace the future and look at us now. Stuck in the mire of mediocrity behind a journeyman quarterback who is a free agent at the end of the season. Mired in an offense that’s about as exciting as a Mongolian Cluster Fart.

We’re on our way to 1 and 4. 1 and %*%(*ing 4. Even with my prediction of 6 and 10 I figured we’d win the first two games.

Never fear, “we’ll win more than we lose with Orton.” “Orton gives us credibility.”

Are people even going to watch this team in a few more weeks? Are people going to pay good money to see this team in its current state?

I’m furious at this front office, this waffling management that was about to embrace the future and instead turned around on a dime. They decided we’d magically become a playoff team with the guy we just tried to trade.

What an insult.

We’re looking down the barrel at 1-4. Down the river on a $^ithouse door baby.

What’s the coach gonna do when we’re 1-4? When we’re 1-4 we should trade our incredible starter to the Colts and get our rookie ready during the bye week. But oh no, that’s admitting the front office made a huge mistake in giving the journeyman all the first string snaps in the preseason. If you know this John Fox character, we’ll be 1 and 4 and he’ll probably do nothing.Maybe Brady Quinn will start in week nine–gee won’t that be amazing. Better get your tickets early for that one.

This is a joke. It really is.

I will soon demand apologies and resignations. There are people in this Broncos organization who think they know football and they don’t. They don’t.

Trust John Fox? Trust John Elway and Xanders?

Why? All I see is a bad team, a bad team with a front office that made a big mistake at the beginning of training camp. I see management that thought it was going to win a bunch of games this year without changing much of the personnel on the field. I see a bad team that’s losing.

This front office lied to itself. Some of these players lied to themselves. Face it, the Broncos are no playoff team. So plain to see, I saw it from miles away. But oh no, Kyle Orton’s gonna be a Pro Bowler.

Yeah, a Pro Bowler if six or seven other guys don’t show.

Brandon Lloyd to the Pro Bowl? Not likely either.

Trade Orton now, start the kid who played well in the final three games last season and see what we’ll need to draft next year–sensible right?

Instead we’re spinning our wheels in the mud. We’ve got management that’s delusional about the talent we have. Stick with the game managing journeyman and we’ll field a hell of a running game, a hell of a defense… sorry.

Welcome to Denver, it ain’t pretty right now.

Reality is almost here and there will be no excuses.