Heard something unbelievable on ESPN last night.

I heard Tom Jackson tell the Tebow fans to stop being harsh to John Elway since he will be drafting a franchise QB this offseason and such criticism will be unfair to that franchise quarterback.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Trouble is, I don’t think he is kidding.

John Elway seems to be a bit of a blabbermouth and I’m beginning to understand why Mark Schlereth, Tom Jackson, Alfred Williams and Shannon Sharpe are so down on Tebow despite his success.

They all have Elways ear.

I’m beginning to believe Skip Bayless when he states Elway is disappointed after every Broncos win–not so much John Fox. Woody Paige claimed he interviewed John Fox, John Elway and Brian Xanders in July for a few hours each. He came away with the notion that these three guys were 1-1-1 in terms of belief in Tebow, one believed, one was on the fence and one didn’t believe at all.

I believe the foil is John Elway. I believe Xanders believes (because he helped pick him) and I believe John Fox was the one on the fence.

Fast forward to now and I believe John Fox has moved over to Xanders position: Here is the offense he’s always dreamed of. This is John Fox football no doubt, no mistakes, run the ball 500 times and play great defense.

With the success we’re having, we could do well to pick up a burner at WR in the future (think Willie Gault), a top-flight running back (think of a young McGahee) and perhaps a guard or tackle. We’d place this offense into overdrive.

With a few more personnel, this offense could kill big time teams by keeping a Manning, a Brady off the field, pounding the football, controlling the clock.

Instead, Tommy J says “it’s fun to watch for now” and that Tebow fans are “doing a disservice” to the franchise QB Elway will pick in this year’s draft.

You have to be kidding me.

As if it is that easy? You’re just going to pick a franchise QB off the proverbial tree?

How many teams will be drafting quarterbacks before us? We’ll be a shoe-in to draft a franchise QB?

What a joke?

What if we make the playoffs? What if we come close to the playoffs? Maybe we’re supposed to subscribe to Shannon’s not so sharp view that winning doesn’t matter?

We’ll just throw the progress away and go into next season with Brady Quinn and “some phantom rookie that Elway picks that will surely be ready.”

What a total joke.

What planet are you on Tom Jackson?

Planet Elway?