Giants DT Bary Cofield, Age 27

Seahawks DT Brandon Mebane, Age 26

Packers DT Cullen Jenkins, Age 30

49ers DT/NT Aubrayo Franklin, Age 30

Eagles DT Mike Patterson, Age 28

Jets DT Kris Jenkins, Age 32

Some other more ho-hum tackle/defensive end guys out there: Colts Antonio Johnson, Saints Remi Ayodele, Cardinals Alan Branch, Chiefs Ron Edwards, Bears Anthony Adams, Cowboys Marcus Spears and the great Gerard Warren.

I’d imagine the Broncos will sign two defensive tackles, hopefully one big name player such as a Cofield or Mebane.

The only problem with a plan to address the d-line in free agency is that they might end up paying out the ass, but you got to do what you got to do.