I notice some, if not many of you people out there online are behind the wonderful ideas to trade away Kyle Orton.

What an absolute joke.

Let’s trade away our one battle tested quarterback.

Brady Quinn hasn’t done much of anything in this league. We don’t even know if he can play. Yet because “the Broncos like him,” I expect he’ll put up herculean numbers?

Just like Tebow, Brady Quinn has everything to prove, his play in Cleveland left something to be desired and that’s for damn sure.

Tim Tebow’s NFL statistics are zip, zero, zilch. Goose eggs across the board, this guy hasn’t even taken one NFL snap.

Yet the prevailing wisdom at the Post is trade Orton now, evidenced by the goobers themselves:

Trade Kyle OrtonUnbelievable, talk about a trove of sea cucumbers bereft of even a modicum of mental acuity.

Politics I say, Orton probably never returned that Paige and Kiszla’s texts. I don’t blame him one bit either, the hell with these spinsters and snake oil salesmen pontificating a bunch of crap. You’ve got Dumb and Dumber over there making zero sense, and these hype-ridden rubes are agreeing with it. Orton isn’t a good interview, his story won’t stabilize Sunday subscription rates.

Brady Quinn’s NFL Record: 3 Wins, 9 Losses, Completion Percentage 52.1%, Passer Rating 66.4%

Tim Tebow’s NFL Record: 0,0,0,0

Yeah you’re gonna look me in the eye, you’re gonna be serious and say let’s trade the 14th rated QB in the league last year–3802 yards, 86.8 rating, 21 TD’s 12 picks–first year in a complex system, we’re gonna trade him away months before preseason, because maybe one of these boys pans out?

You’ve got to be kidding me. This team, this offense was dead, dead without Orton last year. Wasn’t all his fault we sucked running the ball when it counted, when the defense couldn’t make a play. Mediocre huh Numbnuts? How about your golden boy Simms who was surely the starter. What an absolute laugh that was, and is.

Mark my words, mark my words. I guarantee if we trade Orton away now, this will be the “prevailing wisdom” at season’s end:

Kyle Orton Finger