So I see that Numbnuts at the Post is calling for Kyle Orton to be traded, along with that Kiszla.

Woody Paige


Bunch of geniuses at the Post, oh they must sound like modern day Socrates around that water cooler.

To themselves.

And a bunch of rubes.

Let’s examine this logic:

A) Hand the reins of your football team to a guy who’s NFL record absolutely sucks.

B) Hand the reins to a 100% unproven rookie who “seems” like Tom Brady in practice and off the field.

Are you kidding me? This team was dead without Orton last year.

He’s not going to win a popularity contest, but he’s proven, he’s reliable.

He’s not the only reason for that 8 loss slump, the blame went around, the porous offensive line, the worn down defensive line. 4th and 10 in the Raiders game, 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game, make a play and we’re 10 and 6.

But oh no, just like Chris Simms supposedly “outperformed” Kyle Orton in practice, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow have magically done the same in the realm of public opinion.

It’s opinion that Quinn could take over Orton’s starting job, it’s opinion that Tebow is the second coming of John Elway.

It’s fact that Kyle Orton can at least win games in the NFL. Something Tim Tebow’s never done, something Brady Quinn has sucked at.

Yeah just trade him away because opinions are the competition will surpass him.

Brady Quinn’s NFL record = Sucks.

Tim Tebow’s NFL record = Goose Egg.

Before a down of preseason football has been played, let’s trade away our one steady, proven commodity at QB.

Sheer genius I suppose. What are we gonna get for him? A fourth rounder in next year’s draft? That will help us win games, won’t it?

If the Broncos had been so enamored with Orton after the last so-so season, they wouldn’t have first acquired Quinn and then drafted Tebow.

We needed a backup quarterback, hence acquiring Brady Quinn for what? A player that we never played and a couple late round dime-a-dozen picks?

And that Tebow’s only a maybe, a possibility.

Let’s get this straight: I don’t hate Tebow. I don’t think he will be a starting NFL quarterback. I think he could become the best Wild Horses (wildcat) player in the league. Calling this guy John Elway 2.0 because he “seems like him when he walks in a room” or “prepares like him” or whatever is a joke. He’s done nothing in the NFL. Not even a preseason game. He may never be a franchise quarterback. The expectations for a player who’s never played in a NFL game, preseason or otherwise are ridiculous.

If Tebow starts and we win a Super Bowl with him, fine. Great. I don’t think he will start, not as a quarterback outside Wild Horses.

Trading Orton, our one proven QB who has performed on Sundays so McDaniels can “have more time to train the wholly unproven players,” is bereft of even a modicum of common sense and or tact.

If Broncomaniacs booed Orton a year ago for not being Cutler, think of the grief he will endure for delaying the start of Tebow time.

If Orton is under center when the Broncos break the huddle, it might be the first time in NFL history the crowd loudly chants its demand for the visiting team to make a change at quarterback.

If Numbnuts is Jon Stewart, then this Kiszla is Stephen Colbert. What a joke, what a laugh. We’re going to base our decision on who starts at QB, we’re gonna base that on fan reaction? Are you serious? Better start Timmy Teebs because Orton threw his first pick three games in?

I’m telling you people, there probably won’t be a quarterback controversy this year, but there will be at the Post: They’ll make sure of it. Nothing sells papers like a good ol’ QB controversy.

You’ve got to be a grade A ignoramus, stooge, moron, idiot to base starting a player on media cheerleading and a few misaligned, misshapen goobers booing in the stands.

Same goobers that booed Orton last year I bet, eh? Some geniuses they were. Who’d they want to start, Brandstater? It obviously couldn’t be Simms… Or was it? Or maybe they all just jumped ship after that Chicago preseason game when Jay Huckdort Cutler looked like John Elway 2.0 for a few minutes. Sent a tingle up Numby’s spine I bet that one did.

woody paige

Simms is the starter

Weak, fickle. Never seen so much weakness and fickle minds just blowing around, void of reality. Losers selling their tickets to Raiders and Steeler fans. Goonballs at the city’s newspaper offering up lame ideas left and right, sheep bobbing their heads agreeing with it all. Unbelievable, some of you people are just lapping their distortions right up like a bunch of moronic sea cucumbers. That Krieger claiming the Dolphins made out like bandits in the Marshall deal the day after it, Denver got rooked–what a joke. These people aren’t even serious half the time, more than half the time. Just clowns stirring the pot.

In other news, I see that Ronald Fields got busted for a unlawful weapons charge, whatever. That ain’t so horrible, but you have to get your crap squared away, get a permit. I extol the Second Amendment, can’t fault him too much for wanting to protect himself, but Fields should know better.

Get a permit, and you can be like P.P.–I ain’t no easy win, and that’s for damn sure.