brandon marshallYou people think I’m here just to hammer down and beat back the lies and distortions, eh? There is some good Broncos information being pushed out there, too bad you need a microscope to find it among all the garbage being shoveled. First up, words of wisdom from Adam Schefter:

I expect the Patriots are going to make some type of move for a receiver this off-season. Brandon Marshall is an interesting case. I don’t see that being the guy, I just don’t see Bill Belichick doing it. I don’t see Bill and the Patriots – I just don’t see it. The Broncos are in a situation where he’s the best player on their team. There’s a reason they’re going to trade him. Do you think you trade the best player on your team at the age of 25, 26?

Good point, followed by an even better one:

Q: So why would Josh McDaniels hang onto him?

A: Brandon Marshall’s getting traded. I don’t care what he says.

Any sea cucumber should see why Marshall isn’t back with the team next year. We’ve had enough of his unprofessionalism and this coach isn’t gonna take his crap. Some of you people are living in the past, living in the Shanahan era where desperation rules the day. Desperation in the form of Dale Carter, Daryl Gardener, Travis Henry, Todd Sauerbrun and Maurice Clarett. Desperation that would sign Marshall to a hefty one year contract so we can bench him on the eve of a playoff game — that desperation is no longer a part of the Broncos.

I told you people back in February of last year, I told you people this McDaniels is going to put his foot down on the spoiled Shanahan era Broncos. He will rule with an iron fist, and if you ain’t on board or if you’re gonna try and cause a bunch of nonsense then we’re shipping your ass out.

“Fair market value,” — forget about this. Damaged goods. We’re going to get something good for Marshall, but we ain’t getting what a lot of people are floating out there. I would be shocked if we did. I see us getting one first rounder or maybe a second and a third, or maybe even straight up for a player and a mid-round pick. All this happy talk from Marshall and the Broncos is posturing. Unfortunately, potential suitors aren’t that stupid. We will take what we can get, we’re not going to sit there like some ill-informed eBay seller asking the absolute maximum for an item that’s already been opened and has a history of failures and strange behavior.

Kudos to Mike Klis

But at the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl events the past week or so, I talked to several writers who covered Nolan at various points in his career. They all described him as a good man, but a micromanaging control freak. McDaniels is also a good man who also appears to be a micromanaging control freak. The difference is, McDaniels, as the head coach, is the only guy who has the right.

So it wasn’t going to work. Nolan is now the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator. Miami is his seventh team since he became a defensive coordinator for the first time in 1993. In other words, McDaniels isn’t the first guy who didn’t want to work with Nolan anymore. I don’t mean to criticize Nolan, who is an outstanding person, and a good coach. But to put 100 percent blame for his latest breakup on McDaniels is ridiculous.

Klis picked the Broncos to go 9 and 7 this year. I give credit where credit is due. This article from Klis — which had some good information — was followed up with negative comments from about two hundred sea cucumbers over there at the Post.

woody paige jon stewart

"That's entertainment."

I’m laughing my balls off at the fact these people are trying to hammer the wrong guy. Numbnut’s sea of 200 cucumbers over there are willing to believe the words of an old fool who builds his house on sand time and time again. They’re going out on a limb for a guy who’s not even serious. Reminds me of the people that believe Jon Stewart peddles real news information.

This one in particular, was a shot across the bow of the Numby faithful:

As for that second-ranked offense McDaniels inherited, don’t forget it finished 16th in scoring. Football games, J Will, are not won between the 20s.

Oh that’s a shill for McDaniels right there, nothing more. That Klis is in McDaniels pocket, that’s gotta be it…

I will opine that Marshall will be traded. McDaniels’ decision to dismiss Marshall from the season’s final game, and Marshall’s insistence on receiving the type of contract the Broncos don’t feel comfortable providing him make his departure certain.

I’m beginning to think this Klis has more than half a brain.

Denver Broncos up for sale rumor

This is another idiotic one, did you hear the Broncos may be for sale? Peddled by some goober on a slow news day, probably thought this one up while he was sitting on the toilet counting the bathroom tiles after his significant other experimented with a “knockwurst casserole.”

These people just don’t seem to know this coach or this owner. If you knew this coach, you wouldn’t think for .001 second that we’re bringing back Marshall.

If you know our owner, you know our owner wants to win. It is a great thing having an owner who wants to win badly. Some people think we’re going to be tightwads in the offseason. I don’t think so myself. I believe we will at least bring in one big name on our defensive line and two or three decent names on offensive line and wide receiver.

Our team has an owner who wants to win. He’s not stupid, we’re not going to spend out the ass, but I see us being a strong player in all things free agency and the draft this year. We’re gonna have ammo to trade, whether straight up for a player or trading picks. Everyone seems to think we will use a pick from the Marshall trade in this draft, but we could use an extra pick to sign a restricted free agent that we like.

Pat Bowlen hired McDaniels to win a Super Bowl. It would be ridiculous for Bowlen to bail at this moment. Bowlen won with Reeves (no Lombardi, but hell if we didn’t have the chances), he won with Shanahan and he will win with McDaniels. McDaniels is a winner, he has the mark of a winner and he will rule with an iron fist. If you don’t like him, you better learn to love him cause he’s gonna be around for a long time.

Jay "Huckdort" Cutler

Jay "Huckdort" Cutler

Amidst all the downers, amidst all the crying and whining, this team was 4th and 10, 3rd and 25 away from being 10 and 6 last year. Our problems are evident and will be addressed, we are on the up and up and it was nothing short of a disgrace to see that Denver Post poll that says the Redskins are on a much better track. Then again, it’s Numbnuts and his sea of 200 at work over there, living in the poor character past, lamenting a gooned out, pick throwing Huckdort who would have “saved the franchise.”