At best, McDaniels deludes himself if he thinks Orton has the stuff to hold off challenges from Brady Quinn and Tebow. – The Great Mark Kiszla

Did you know that Chris Simms has a better NFL record than Brady Quinn? Hell, he’s even been in a playoff game.

Numbnuts and Kiszla are turning the Denver Post Broncos page into the laughing stock of the league.

“If Orton’s under center…”

Sounds like they’re already conceding Orton will be under center for the first game. It’s all politics and they’re trying to destroy Orton over there, trying to get the fans to hate him. I bet Orton did the right thing, he probably gave Paige the pizza delivery boy’s number when he asked to text him. If you follow the venom trail, that Numbnuts has been ripping Orton since before last preseason, claiming he don’t know what’s going on and throwing floaters out into the stands left and right.

Unbelievable, you’ve got 6,000 strong bona fide sea cucumbers over there being led to their demise by the pied piper, the moronic cucumber general Numby. Six thousand moronic, degenerative sea cucumbers being led right to slaughter at a sushi joint. Two thousand are probably Gator fans who don’t know the team and who blindly think this Numbnuts over there is a reputable source of information. They pasted that “should Orton be traded poll” right smack dab in the middle of a story about Tebow’s mother–as if being placed on the right hand column wasn’t enough.

In order to be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man. Nah, none of this BS trade Orton –the one battle tested QB we have– trade him before any competition really starts because the others “look good,” or “maybe they’ll get the job done.”

Fast forward to September, you people out there gonna be jumping up and down if we start Brady Quinn at Jacksonville? 3-9 record as a starter, 52.1 completion rating? We don’t even know if this guy has anything.

“He looks the part.”

Obviously, “McDaniels deludes himself if he thinks Orton has the stuff to hold off challenges from Brady Quinn.”

How about Tebow? “He’s supremely confident,” they say. Oh yeah? What would that matter if he’s out there confidently getting picked off? The burden of proof lies on these thoroughly unproven QB’s–whteher they are even worthy to play–and Numby would have us simply hand over the starting job to one of them no questions asked.

Trade Orton? Maybe Numby would be happy since we really could make 4 and 12 a reality this year.