The news it come at you like golden toad of wisdom./ It leaved and then you like what was that guy.

The adnra davis say wesly woodard is have good skill and the athletic. The adnre davis been around longer than he and he say the wesly woodard listen to he wisdoms and is not corny like some line backs can be about learn from elder. This is crazy guy. Let review the line backs of the denver.

wesly woodard

dj willam

andre davis

bosst baily

Maro Haggan (hey guy there was magic card named maro I remembered this)

spenced larsen

louis green

And they say the darrel reid is play line back too and the elvis doomvil will probable switch and then there is the jarven moss. This is crazy guy. There is all kind of copmpetetive at the line back positional.  Who gon make the cut holmes, you know what I saying.

This guy, he caoch of the first bronco he died guy, that is foul but he 87 year old you know, he live long time. He makey the D on the denver the old bronco sign. I liked that sine it was cool they colors of the old bronco. It time for moment of silent for bronco fan because this guy was pritty cool and he makey the d of the bronco and bowlen say he makey the bronco respect. He give mad respect to the bronco he was first.

this guy makey the D

this guy makey the D

this d guy yes

this d guy yes

You know what i just think guy, the giant albino bronco crab i wonder when he became fan of the denver if it was back then then he must knowed all about this guy.