Hey guy what go on. I so additcive to mafia wars on facedbook that I not know what go on. Did we loosed the Brandopn marshall. Why is he in orlando. It like cutper all over again cause he was in nashvile. what give in this corny mess. This is not cool. this no time to negoshiatye you deal guy. He could be suspend and that is not cool. It seem like bad time for this guy. bad time for this. FOUL WINDS> I wonder what will happen because that is corny/

I have like 60 people now in mafia war and I am killing every body guy. I fight them now yes. Before I was getting killed all day cause I did not have eneough people even though i was strong. I sometimes wish i did not go to eddy royals site there because now I played mafia war so much on facebook that I was supposed to makle giant albino bronco crab documentry. Giant albino bonco crab in off seasonal waters but I will make this.

My brother got me beavis and butt head dvd all three of them guy. Like all of them. so that is cool. I watched this one where they were at a gas station and ate nachos and I had to make some nachos. And beavis kick he foot when he dance all messed up to impress this real sexy girl. I will try this some time I think cause she actual seemed to like it. It like mesemerize her yes.

beavis butthead

beavis butthead

I hear they have the ren and Stinfy show on dvd too. Remember that guy, That was crazy. I thought I was dreaming when I saw it but that shows was real.

It only like two month until football guy. It not long now but too long.

I worry before about brandon marhsall because he always  get into corny troubles. I hoped he turned over new leafs. now he inorlando guy that dont seem right you know what i saying. I went to orlando when i was like five six year old. I walked across street and they had galga and pole positional video games. it was this pizza place.That was like the big video game guy. Galagas and pole positional and frogger. those old game had such foul graphic but that all we had. I was excited for it even. That reminded me the BJ raji toad came back and he is bigger than ever. He seem to eat all the insetcs, he probable do this all day.