Unreal. I actually agree with Woody Paige. The dunce hat has come off Woodrow, for the time being at least. He warns the masses blacklisting Tebow and reminds us all of how awful Kyle Orton was last season (“stats” be damned.)

ESPN analyst Merril Hoge is the engineer on this runaway locomotive, but so many others — inside and outside the Broncos — are traveling along for the ride.

I’m not jumping aboard.

Less than a month ago, Tebow was deemed to be the Broncos’ starter — the returning starter. He started the final three games last season. And Orton, for those who have forgotten, was about to be traded to Miami — at his own and the Broncos’ wishes.

Orton has lost eight of nine, 14 of 17 and 17 of his past 22 starts.

Much has been made of Orton’s lack of a running game and a miserable defense in such starts as Oakland (59-14), San Diego (35-14) and Arizona (43-14). Tebow had the same backs and defense at Oakland (39-23) and at home against Houston (24-23) and San Diego (33-28). In the 13 games Orton started, the Broncos scored touchdowns inside the red zone on 17 of 104 trips (one on a Tebow run). With Tebow as the starter, the Broncos scored touchdowns 6-of-8 times inside the 20.

Too true. More from Woodrow’s mailbag:

(C) Tebow, in his three games, last year outplayed Orton, with the same running game and defense that everyone talks about that restricted Orton from being the greatest quarterback since Johnny Unitas​; Tebow, in his first start and with a limited playbook, had the Broncos within seven points in Oakland, after Oakland had destroyed Orton, who was awful, and the Broncos in Denver; Tebow beat the Texans with a late touchdown run, and although people claimed the Texans were no good, they were still in the playoff chase at that point, and Tebow played San Diego closer than Orton did, in the finale.

In other news, someone knows the truth about Tebow’s “throwing motion”

“If you look at what he did in college, he played in one of the toughest divisions there was . . . He had success throwing the ball. He got it away in time. I don’t remember a lot of balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage . . .

“If you change the thing that really made the guy you take away from his ability to play the game, because now he’s thinking about his delivery as opposed to playing the game and throwing the ball on time, and that’s what it’s all about.

“If you can throw it accurately and on time, I don’t care what your delivery looks like. Don’t change his delivery. Get his feet right, because he’s never taken a snap from under center. Let’s work on that part and see how the rest goes.”

That someone, none other than Joe Montana. I also heard “Boomer Esiason” spouted off like the ignoramus he is and said “Tebow can’t throw.” Amazing journalistic integrity ain’t it? I won’t even quote the rest. Don’t need to hear anything more from that loser who never got a ring and won’t be going into Canton either.