For the past two years Numby at the Post complains about Kyle Orton and spews about how the Broncos will surely have a losing season with Kyle Orton as the starter.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Last year, Numby proclaimed Tebow the Golden Boy who had all the intangibles. Tebow would eventually lead us to the promised land according to Numby?

Now where are you Numby?

Hiding under your desk?

Mum’s the word, eh Woodrow? So much for sticking up for your boy?

I can admit I was wrong.

I admit, I didn’t think much of drafting Tebow as high as they did. I bought into the propaganda that this kid will never be ready as a quarterback in the NFL level.

I changed my tune after preseason.

Saw a kid who threw the ball with zip, saw a kid who was mobile and who moved the offense–scored touchdowns, saw a kid who never had a deer in the headlights moment out there. The game never looked too big for him.

Not bad at all for a rookie. I remember that Bradlee Van Pelt in preseason–he looked like the second coming of John Elway out there. His rookie cards tripled and quadrupled in a day.

Come the regular season, it was a different story. When he subbed in there for a couple games it was horrible. It was deer in the headlights city baby and that was that.

Not so for Tebow. His decent play continued in the regular season. No deer in the headlights moments either.

I can’t believe we are stuck on Kyle Orton. Of course this guy is going to look good practicing with the first team. Of course he should have a command of the offense after three years.

I’ve heard all this crap about a real QB competition in Denver? Doesn’t seem like it does it?

We’re not splitting the snaps between Orton and Tebow, what kind of competition is that?

Seems like a bunch of BS to me.

We need to let the rookie get his timing down with the first teamers–don’t see it happening.

Remember Orton’s first year? Hard to remember I’m sure since it was much like his second one. Full of losing and forcing the ball to one receiver. The great “If no one’s open on third down, then forget it” offense.

In that first year, everyone was saying Orton had a noodle arm who couldn’t throw deep.

Orton didn’t have magic beans when he started connecting deep–eventually his timing was down.

His timing was down while throwing to the same receivers. That’s big and that’s one reason why we aren’t giving this Tebow his best chance to succeed.

We’re trading Orton. Next, Orton’s taking all the first team snaps.

What the hell are they smoking?

I tell you what, if we really do start Orton, if we really go gung ho with him and if we start losing–what happens if we start winning when Tebow takes over?

Anyone factor in that scenario? Eh?

I ain’t kidding either. Orton is a dead duck sitting in the pocket and our offensive line isn’t great, not yet anyways. Third down and no one open? Well forget it if Cuckooman is throwing. It’s a dead play three and out. Same old broken record. Oh, and if we’re down two touchdowns? Might as well throw in the towel.

This Tebow can throw the ball well enough and he poses a supreme threat to defenses on third downs. If no one is open, if the protection breaks down he can go try and get it. He usually gets it.

If we start Orton and start losing–then we switch to Tebow and start winning more, who will accept the blame and who can we fire?

Fox? Elway? Somebody better take the blame.

Way to lose a year too if we let Tebow play in the last five games when all hope of the playoffs is lost. I don’t want to wait around any longer to see what we have in our first round QB. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to¬† start next season STILL not knowing if Tebow is the future.

Ten Reasons to Start Tebow:

  1. Orton is mobile as a one legged goat. No one open on third down? Play’s dead. See ya.
  2. Orton is signed for only one year–we are not signing him to starter money long term.
  3. Let’s forget the selfishness of Orton to Lloyd, shall we? Both players may hit free agency. Way to build up the future of the team.
  4. Starting Orton sets the team back a year–we’re back to wondering if Tebow is ready next year. Should we draft a QB? What a joke.
  5. Orton is woeful in the clutch whether it’s pressure from defenders or pressure to win. Come from behind? You’re kidding right?
  6. The Broncos defense was ranked 32nd, the running game ranked 26th–this won’t change by a lot. Forget the idea of Orton managing a game, we’re not ready to do that on defense or offense. Not gonna work–sorry.
  7. Tebow needs to develop and work on his timing with the first team receivers. This takes longer than a preseason–read: sucking more by the day.
  8. Tebow can move the chains on third downs with his legs as well as his arm, much more dynamic.
  9. The Broncos are coming off a 4 and 12 season. Get that? A 4 and 12 season, we’re not in the playoff hunt.
  10. The fans will forgive a rookie loss, they won’t forgive a boring journeyman’s failings. Not to mention, how boring as hell is Orton?