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Game Commented – Rader vs. Broncos 1st quart

Monday, September 8th, 2008

10:19 I want see bronco come on field to conand barbariat theme sog

10:24 Lets go shanhan scrifft the first fifteed plays

10:25 ditkas says the greatest route guy, he is the fan of the royal

10:28 lets go thrid down, thats how u move the chanes guy, thats how you make you monies on the thrid down elways says

10:30 cutlsler see evil rock thrown on ground from the alf davies, he not like what he see time out


10:35 Winbort webster is crazy man! crusht hit!

10:34 Jay cuspler pict 11 steal of draft Eddy royal second round pict steal of draft

10: 37 horrib kickoff to rader come on guy I unaccept

10:38 Come on guy sackt the Jamnarcus Russett

10:39 Webster helmet off count begin first of seasonal rader is driving

10:40 MARLON THE GENRAL MKEE!! elvis doomvil introduce the genral!

10:42 Lets go big stops!!!!!! Rader 3rd and inch near goal oh they is so the lucky guy

10:43 Take off announcer guy take off was no penaltie… DOOMVIL HOOGE SACKT!! Bronco seem to the recover no score for the rader

10:46 Ader hall is the incredibus bowlig ball force guy, bronco has have the ball now

10:50 firsted down, announce guy full of crapt, firsted down guy

10:51 rader challenge, come on broncos have to hurry play

10:52 Broncos go for it?? go For?? 4th down ahh nothig guy they fakey the snapt

10:55 these announce guys are smokig the grape exception of the Ditka. I is glad the corfihisen head not in camera

10:56 raiders movig ball but not too much I return for halftime analyzer

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Game commented Dallas Denver

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

I unabel to look see Denver Dallis game on directional tv so I look hear radio KOA but game breaky up a lot I was is the invitated to hear game at the Mile Highest Report I go there to give commented on what could hear of most of first haff on the KOA. I hear Denver score two good drive to humbel toad spirit andere halle run like wild man bust up Dallis defence tote rock. I thank MHR guy for the invitate.

I want see the denver run up score embaras the arogant Jerry jone, the dallis is rate so highest in Madden but Bronco is not and they takey it to the Dallis. The defence it makey the stops so far it put pressured on the tony romans make him run around good hear to pokket coolaps on the roman the DJ Willams crusht the mario barber I cant wait to watch game on directional tv tomorow I give the analyzer after look see game.

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Play by Play = Hooston vs Denver firsted quarter

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Hey guy, don’t read more if yous waiting for to see not spoiled Denver vs Hooston tomorow nite on the directional tv at 10. I give the commented as hear game on the radio KOA.

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