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If the Broncos Beat the Bengals Today…

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Then maybe, just maybe they are a little better than I thought.

Yes the Bengals are 3-4, but they have a decent offense and are at home coming off a bye.

“Gonna run the table?” eh there Shannon Sharpe?

Fine. Beat the Bengals.

Otherwise the Broncos are who I said they are.

I say 31-26 Bengals.

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The Broncos Will Finish 9-7

Friday, October 26th, 2012

That’s right, a disappointing end to the season and a playoff berth by default.

Mark my words, the 2012 Denver Broncos will get beat by good teams.

They already have.

A good team and an above normal NFL quarterback isn’t going to implode like Mr. Rivers in the second half. That absolute skunk of a troglodyte. The Chargers were moving the ball down the field on our vaunted defense in the second half and if it wasn’t for Rivers they would have kept the curse running wild.

No matter, 3-3 is a bag of shells.

A good team is going to keep running up the score on the Broncos and win.

I’m not fooled by this team, the middle of the defense is undermanned.

We will probably lose this week and possibly the next.

However, the Broncos should destroy the sewer that is the AFC West.

The Broncos will do no better than last year in the playoffs. Good teams with a decent offense will beat the Broncos.

I never said Peyton Manning wouldn’t do well, I never once questioned the arm strength or stats. I only disapproved of the shape of his head and all those weird indention marks on his dome when he takes off his helmet. Leave the helmet on for Christ’s sake.

The team as a whole is not a Super Bowl contender.

Mr. Asinine Philip Rivers ruined my big announcement. I was so pissed off I ruined Halloween decorations and threw full bars of soap at cars on the 95 overpass. It kept my spirits up and my head clear.

3-4 after the bye, 9-7 in the end.


Monday, October 15th, 2012

got to be kidding me.

Elway Teeth

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Chargers Up 24 at the Half

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I take full credit for the miraculous ghost trip by the great Eric Decker. (and other foibles)

I heard this team was much better off this year on paper.

You know what yous can do with that paper.

Things are lookin’ up, ain’t that right Tom Jackson.


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Broncos 21 Patriots 31 McGahee the Goat

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Isn’t it fitting that #23 was the big goat today. I enjoyed this loss.

Broncos lose to the Patriots yet again.

The Broncos need to draft a younger more dynamic version of McGahee. Add that to the offseason list.

Surprisingly, the Broncos did a halfway decent job of containing Tom Brady today.

Not surprising, they were gashed for 251 yards on the ground.

How about that 3rd and 14 or that 3rd and 17?

Looks like last year, and the year before and the year before.

The only reason this game looked somewhat close was due to the Patriots overconfidence.

This game should have been 38 to 7.

Broncos better hope that San Diego really does have some problems this year.

We’re one game away from 2-4 are you people excited?

A collective sigh of relief in Dove Valley.

Wishful Broncos Prepare for Beatdown

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Unfortunately for most of you people celebrating out there, the Broncos are heading into a major ass whooping this Sunday.

I am reality.

Reality states the Broncos just whipped up on an undermanned 6-10 football team.

I just read a pathetic piece by the great Mark Kiszla on how the Broncos have a real quarterback this time around. Mr. ” Kickin it with Kiz ” fails to realize the Patriots offense hasn’t changed much since last January.

Neither has the Broncos defense.


Big trouble in little Foxboro.

Unlike many of you people, I won’t be sad come this Sunday.

I’ll be firing up the popcorn, chicken wings and loading up on beer while I watch the beautiful letdown.

If we don’t beat San Diego the following week (it’s a toss-up) I will make an earth shattering announcement.

So to all those Broncos faithful who are adding Welker, Gronkowski and Brady to their Fantasy Football pick’ems this week…

I won’t hold it against yous.

Broncos Should Thank Lucky Stars for Tamme, Stokley

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

As much as I don’t approve of the name “Tamme” I have to give credit to these two.

Who does Peyton Manning throw to on third down, when the going gets tough?

It’s not Eric Decker. It’s not Demaryius Thomas. It’s usually either Stokley or Tamme. Even at the risk of getting picked.

I like hearing buffoons say Thomas and Decker are great. Not so, they have potential — moreso Thomas, but they are not great. Neither of them has proven themselves to be a dependable go-to receiver. Even the great Kyle Orton chose Brandon Lloyd over these two and got picked off like crazy last year forcing the ball to Lloyd time and again.

Maybe Orton and Manning just don’t make good reads. Maybe they are incapable of hitting their checkdowns.

I want to hear more excuses.

Maybe Thomas and Decker just aren’t very good. Maybe this defense isn’t great either. Schlereth and Sharpe sure think so. That 18th rank defense that got shredded by the great Caleb Hanie is surely going to be top five this year.

There are some people in this organization and some Broncos faithful that need a cold dose of reality. This team is not great. They didn’t just need a “real quarterback” as a final piece of the puzzle. What did this organization think early last year? Eh? 10-6 maybe 11-5 with Kyle Orton? Career year? Run the ball 500 times?

How’d that work out for you fellas?

You know, it’s never easy playing the blood rival Raiders and Chiefs — even when those teams suck proverbial balls.

I could see these Super Bowl Broncos falling to 1-4. This team is erratic, unpredictable and incomplete.

Just like last year. Who knows, maybe even worse.

Preach Stephen A., Preach


Houston 31 Broncos 25 The Curse Continues

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
Elway Teeth

Elway Approved


The 1-2 Broncos are feeling the full effect of the PP Dublinski curse.

If you think this is a Super Bowl team your head is in a toilet.

I am not just on point, I am the truth. I am reality.

This is a wild card team, and the Broncos better thank their lucky stars that they’re in a division filled with raw sewerage.

8-8 might even win the west again.

What will they be in a couple weeks eh? 2-3?

I’m not impressed. Highly unspectacular right out of the gate.

And we all know how this team is notorious for folding in the ass end of the season in recent years.

Last year they had the nerve to blame it on the quarterback.

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