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Broncos vs Panthers Super Bowl 50 – PP’s Prognostication

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

I give the Broncos a better shot to win this game than most of the garbage spewing pundits out there. I believe this defense plays to the level of its competition–as evidenced by the dearth of penalties committed in both playoff games and the absolute clinic they put on the Patriots.

Ever seen Brady look like that two weeks ago? Ever seen that look? Brady honestly looked like he ingested a whole raw sea cucumber during that shellacking.

I’m a believer in this defense and I believe they’ll play Cam Newton like they played Aaron Rodgers earlier this season. I noticed the front four formed a U shaped pocket around him, closing it in and at the same time the defensive backs took away his first read. I think the Panthers are going to have a tough time with this defense. I would imagine one of the linebackers will be left to spy on Cam Newton and we’ll rush four, sometimes three. I used to dread the three man rush, not with this team, they actually get decent pressure with it.

Are you afraid of Greg Olsen? He sure ain’t no Gronk. Ted Ginn Jr., Kevin Norwood, Jerricho Cotchery? I think the Broncos D should handle these boys, at least keep them to 20 points.

Which is what I believe the Broncos need to do, they need to score over 24 points and hold the Panthers to under 20.

I think we’ll know at the half which way this game is going, if it’s close, if the lead is within a touchdown then advantage Broncos. If Carolina gets out to a big lead–like they’ve been doing–then it doesn’t bode well at all.

Can Demaryius Thomas do something? Anything? Can he just have an average friggen game out there? What the hell was that 12 yard fart of a performance last game? Can this 70 million dollar man just have an average game out there? If he does that will be big, same for that Vernon Davis. These are two under-achieving Broncos who can right all their wrongs this year with some decent plays in the Super Bowl.

The rubes, goobers and stooges out there at ESPN question whether the Broncos offense can even mount any sort of comeback if the Panthers get a lead. The answer is yes, that is, if Peyton Manning gets time to throw and doesn’t have a pocket collapsing on him every two seconds. The Broncos offense isn’t a Super Bowl offense, but it ain’t pathetic either. Blocking has been pretty decent in the playoffs from our patchwork line.

As good as Cam Newton is, he still has a penchant for throwing head scratching picks. I think he’ll throw two in this game. One thing I noticed about the Panthers game two weeks ago was the Cardinals were able to run the ball at times on them. If the Broncos are able to get the run going then look out. Broncos offense can’t afford any turnovers of course and Manning has done a pretty good job of protecting the football in the playoffs. Sadly, we only get one half of football from our offense. Last game, there we were with a lead and the ball after the half. What did we get? Three and out. Quick too. Could we have one game where the offense just plays average throughout??

Before I give my prediction for this game I want to mention one Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan. Earth to Danny: Next time they ask you about free agency on the eve of the Super Bowl just say “No comment.” Are you kidding me? Dreaming of going off to the hapless Bears led by old Fuddy Duddy John Fox and that pick throwing mop-headed Jay Huckdort Cutler goober? Are you even serious? Better clock in a good performance today or I’m calling you out for conduct detrimental to the team.

We all should know the Broncos flaws on offense. They can get better at running back, their offensive line can get better and their third receiver can also be better. It bodes well for the future, even if they lose a linebacker and Malik Jackson the defense will still be very good. This team can actually be back in this position very soon if they draft smart.

Let’s hope this somewhat flawed Broncos offense can protect Manning well enough, run the football well enough and let’s hope the old chicken-parm Hall of Famer has one good show left in him. I saw him throwing the football this week and I agree he did look impressive. I’d imagine the 70 degree weather helps too. I say the Broncos defense holds these overconfident boys to under 20 points and the Broncos play an inspired football this time around instead of cutting a massive Bohemian Cluster Fart.

Broncos 27 Carolina 20

“Karma Elway, Karma”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I just finished eleven Sierra Nevada Pale Ales and I’m here to tell the truth to some of you people out there. My words are iron and I cannot and will not be stopped.

Feels good to be a Broncos fan right now, don’t it?

I don’t blame that Peter Tebow one bit for razzing Mr. Elway. Imagine your kid brother finally gets his chance to start for a faltering NFL team and then gets ridiculed each week by Big Daddy Elway and his cohorts in the media. After each win you hear a bunch of crap from Broncos alumni Sharpe, Jackson and Schlereth. I don’t want to hear about 8-8, that kid would have brought us to 10-6 last year had he started earlier. He went 7-4, 8-5 counting the playoffs. Seems people want to blame the last three losses solely on him too, that’s fine with me. I’ll blame the eight wins on him if that’s how we’re gonna gauge things.

I heard Brady Quinn completed fifty-eight percent of his passes this year. Isn’t that something? I bet the folks in Kansas City just can’t wait to start him next year. I heard he can make all the throws at the pro level. Amazing.


I don’t know about you, but last year after that I was proud to be a Broncos fan. Under fifty percent passing completions too. I wonder why the sports press don’t hold Blaine Gabbert or Brian Hoyer’s feet to the fire? They ain’t never won nothing, the only coming from behind they’ve ever done is probably on some cheap floozy at a college keg party.

You thought this year’s playoff collapse was bad? How about if they lose in the playoffs next year? Talk about pressure to perform, talk about a curse.

I have a sneaking suspicion that “Mile High Magic” left the building with Tebow. Unfortunately for Tebow it doesn’t work in New York and unfortunately for the Broncos they unceremoniously booted it out of Colorado.

Fast forward to the Broncos acquisition of Manning.

I didn’t like it.

Still don’t.

Didn’t like one bit how it went down.

Let me ask some of you people something, especially you sea cucumbers out there: Do you love being led by a Colt in the twilight of his career? Do you honestly love this?

It don’t sit right with me, never did.

I would have much rather we kept Tebow and drafted Osweiler. Perhaps Tebow would have been benched mid-season or perhaps the Broncos would get to the playoffs, fail once more and then decide to go with Osweiler.

I would have been much, much happier. These players are Broncos, not some Colt we are renting for three seasons or so. Nothing personal Manning, but I don’t like this situation one bit.

On top of that, I wanted a running back, middle linebacker, safety and two defensive tackles. You know, bolstering this not-ready-yet team instead of shelling out millions to a Colts QB in the twilight of his career.

We threw a bunch of money on an aging Colt who may or may not play to his potential in the icy Colorado post season. Much of Manning’s greatness occurred in the cozy confines of a dome and add to that the fact that he is 9-11 in the playoffs–no sure thing the Broncos will get to the big show next year either.

Can’t argue his greatness in the regular season.

But I’d rather get on with the future.

I believe the Broncos could have gotten to the playoffs this year with a Tebow or Osweiler (if Osweiler turns out to be as good as he looked in preseason, I happen to think yes). 10-6 wouldn’t have been out of the question in this raw sewage AFC west. Hell, I firmly believe the Broncos would have won the early Raiders and Chargers games last year had we started the kid.

I was shocked that Manning chose Denver because this team doesn’t have a great defense and still has many needs.

How about that “great Broncos defense?”

Yes they’re great against the septic tank of the AFC west. Yes they’re great against a declining Saints, a horrible Panthers and a lowly Browns. The Broncos defense is great against crap and mediocre teams.

When it comes to some real competition, the Broncos defense gets whacked. They get whacked because not a whole lot has changed.

This “great number2 defense in the league” needs TWO defensive tackles, a middle linebacker and a safety. Rahim Moore shouldn’t be on the team next season. This team sorely needs an enforcer back there who can lay out running backs, instead they have a kid whose only big hits are on defenseless receivers.

Edge rushers alone does not a defense make. How the hell long is it going to take for Denver to realize this? The entire middle of that defense needs an overhaul. I knew it, you should have known it too. That Bob Smith knows it, who the hell is this Bob Smith commenter anyways? I bet he is a damn disciple of P.P.

The Broncos got whomped when they faced a good balanced offense. This defense keys on the pass and they get run over all day. This defense keys on the run and gets torched through the air all day (see last Sunday’s pathetic display.) I knew for a fact this team would get smashed when they played New England. The Patriots have a decent running game this year and Tom Brady doesn’t miss those wide open receivers like Joe Flacco does.

Did any of you people watch the SoundFX replay of last Sunday’s game? I sure as hell did.

“Hey, so a field goal will win it?” a beleaguered Von Miller asked Elvis Dumervil.

“Yeap, yeap,” a sullen Dumervil replied.

I actually do feel a little sorry for Von Miller and Champ Bailey. They are both class act professionals unlike some others but they both had a lousy game.

First I was disgusted. Next I remembered how lucky I was this season to keep my distance from these Broncos and not be emotionally invested in them. I knew they weren’t as good as their record seemed to indicate. The offense performed a little better than I expected. I expected Manning to be good, but oh by the way, when it came to receivers it wasn’t really Thomas or Decker that impressed. It was Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme.

Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme made more huge plays for this offense at critical points in games all season long. Hell, what did our big receiver Thomas do last Sunday? I saw Anquan Boldin out there getting open and making plays. Demaryius Thomas needs to do more, either that or we need another wide receiver. The “QB just couldn’t get the ball to them” is no excuse this year. I believe the Broncos need one more fast, dynamic receiver and kick Decker to the slot. I do not believe the Broncos are as “set” as some people think at receiver. They can get better. They can also upgrade a tight end, our guys played OK but it would be nice to have the second coming of Shannon Sharpe out there.

This offense came together a little better than I expected this year, but overall it wasn’t a big surprise. Our running game is mediocre, it’s good enough against bad teams but fails to produce overall mainly because we don’t have anything special at running back. Like I’ve said this team needs a young Willis McGahee.

Can you imagine if this team kept last year’s read option offense and drafted a running back like Doug Martin? He put up 1400 yards on a lousy team, just imagine what he could have done instead of the aging, oft injured knees of you know who.

You know that ungrateful guy who spouted off during the offseason with a bunch of anonymous players?

I heard he was gonna put up much more than 1,200 yards this year. Last I counted it was 730, sorry there Willis.

When people started to say “look out for Knowshon Moreno” in the ass end of this season I laughed my balls off. I wasn’t fooled.

Are kidding me? A sea slug could have sensed it was just a matter of time for Knownshon to get injured once again. The kid can’t carry the load running between the tackles, if you were smart you’d only use him on certain plays such as screens and catching out of the backfield. That was moronic. I’m not too impressed by Hillman although he’s OK he’s just not the answer.

Some people have the audacity to say this Broncos team might be like the one that lost to Jacksonville sixteen years ago in the playoffs. You’re s&^tting me right? You mean the one that had Terrell Davis? You better hope we can draft a Terrell Davis this year. If the Broncos were smart, they’d realize they can’t ride Manning’s arm all the way to the big show. They need to run a little more, especially in the cold. They need a strong runner like McGahee who has moves like Moreno. The Broncos will be picking late in the first round and that’s exactly where they might be able to land a decent running back this year.

Speaking of John Fox and smarts — yes that was a pathetic decision to take a knee with thirty second on the clock. I guarantee it was a pathetic decision no matter what is said about it because it will never happen again.

Elway wouldn’t have taken a knee there, why the hell should Manning have?

No matter, the Patriots would have sh-lacked the Broncos this weekend.

Team’s not ready yet, sorry.

Broncos Should Thank Lucky Stars for Tamme, Stokley

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

As much as I don’t approve of the name “Tamme” I have to give credit to these two.

Who does Peyton Manning throw to on third down, when the going gets tough?

It’s not Eric Decker. It’s not Demaryius Thomas. It’s usually either Stokley or Tamme. Even at the risk of getting picked.

I like hearing buffoons say Thomas and Decker are great. Not so, they have potential — moreso Thomas, but they are not great. Neither of them has proven themselves to be a dependable go-to receiver. Even the great Kyle Orton chose Brandon Lloyd over these two and got picked off like crazy last year forcing the ball to Lloyd time and again.

Maybe Orton and Manning just don’t make good reads. Maybe they are incapable of hitting their checkdowns.

I want to hear more excuses.

Maybe Thomas and Decker just aren’t very good. Maybe this defense isn’t great either. Schlereth and Sharpe sure think so. That 18th rank defense that got shredded by the great Caleb Hanie is surely going to be top five this year.

There are some people in this organization and some Broncos faithful that need a cold dose of reality. This team is not great. They didn’t just need a “real quarterback” as a final piece of the puzzle. What did this organization think early last year? Eh? 10-6 maybe 11-5 with Kyle Orton? Career year? Run the ball 500 times?

How’d that work out for you fellas?

You know, it’s never easy playing the blood rival Raiders and Chiefs — even when those teams suck proverbial balls.

I could see these Super Bowl Broncos falling to 1-4. This team is erratic, unpredictable and incomplete.

Just like last year. Who knows, maybe even worse.

Preach Stephen A., Preach


Tebow Haters Ship of Fools has Sailed

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

tebow haters

Look at them sea cukes.

He can’t play, he can’t throw.

Cue Brady Quinn…

Tebow is the starter in 2012, should have been anyways based on the overall body of work.

Last week you got that Stink still spewing a bunch of turd: “Tebow won’t be playing in the league next year.”

Stink, Stank, Stunk… See ya buddy.

And you know something?

I won’t touch the tackles from back then, but a guard? The Super Bowl Broncos would have been just fine with David Diaz-Infante in there buddy. And that’s the truth.

We don’t need ya, and we never did Stink.

Your failing tact is a black spot on the Broncos organization, and your rooting against the Broncos to prove some inane point of yours is a disgrace.

Dan Marino before the game: The Broncos won’t score a touchdown.

Tom Jackson last week: How can you continue with a QB who can’t throw the ball.

Absolutely inane comments being drummed up last week about Brady Quinn too. Some joke that was. Who are you gonna believe? The Denver Post Dummies, Ed Werder and Jay Glazer? The extreme tact of P.P.? The eyewitness report from Phil Simms? Or these sea cucumbers out there spouting a bunch of crap.

And shame, shame on Woody Paige.

“Put in Quinn on some passing plays…”

Outrageous. Way to have some faith there Woodrow.

You’ll notice Peter King up there too. Oh yeah, he says good things about the Broncos — when they’re winning. Old Petey King predicted the week 11 Jets game would be Tebow’s last and John Fox would go into next year realizing ” at least he has a Wildcat QB on the roster. ”

You hear the latest from the haters, eh? Even in the face of this big playoff win they’re crying about Tebow completing less than fifty percent of his passes. Talk about grasping at dingleberries.

Want a QB who completes over fifty percent? I hear Kyle Orton is a free agent. We can bring him back in to lose twelve games, make our offense completely ordinary and yet we can all smile about his over fifty percent completion rating.

Maybe he’ll even break a record and throw the ball to Thomas twenty four times in a game.

These people don’t deserve to be heard any more. The ship of fools has sailed. See ya. I’m done with you Stink, Alfred, Legwold, Carter and their erroneous miscreant-laden ilk. Good for Klis to start telling it like it is (finally) and Elway to start acting intelligent about the whole deal.

It was a good performance from Tebow and Demaryius Thomas last Sunday. Thomas became a man, I saw potential in him the first time he took to the field and I’m glad he’s coming around to playing like a first rounder.

Who the hell was that Bush player anyways? Didn’t do too badly. You see, I ain’t ever gonna jump up and down to draft a corner in the first round. No, the way I see it the Broncos should move up in the first round to get either a middle linebacker or running back.

If the next Al Wilson is sitting there at 15, let’s go get him. Sorry, Joe Mays is over matched. People talk up our defense, but I’ll tell you we can get much better with a middle linebacker and another defensive tackle. Quinton Carter had a good game, good interception and made some good tackles.

I don’t want to hear any more snide comments from Willis McGahee or other Broncos players. Good for Skip Bayless for telling it like it is on that one. Don’t want to hear it, especially not after that performance McGahee. The kid even bailed you out, didn’t he now? Unbelievable these people who just don’t understand Tebow’s big effect on the running game, regardless of his passing. No way does McGahee have all that yardage with Orton or Quinn starting over center and that’s a fact.

People talk about us running the football, first in the league. Well we can get better there too. I’m not hip to Willis McGahee being “the guy” he’s good and I respect him but he needs to be our number two. I want a big-time running back. I want a younger more explosive Willis McGahee starting. Holy hell the kid could go over 1,500 yards and break some of them runs for touchdowns. We can be much better running the football.

I don’t want to hear about drafting a QB in the second round either. This team needs to build on what we have going right now, we need new bodies starting day one and I want to see the first and second round picks helping this team do what it did yesterday: Run the ball, play defense and make big plays throwing down the field.

I don’t care if the Broncos go up there to New England and get blown out. Doesn’t really matter. They’ve done enough. This season has already been validated, the quarterback position has also been validated for 2012. How could we expect this after 4 and 12, 1 and 4?

I give the Broncos a 20 percent chance next week. That’s a lot more than most would give I’m sure. The Patriots came into Denver jacked, they played that game like a playoff game and without those three brain fart turnovers the Broncos may have had a lead a the half.

If it’s tied or we’re leading at halftime, we have a shot. I don’t trust our defense against the Patriots offense. I don’t trust the Patriots defense against the Broncos offense either.



Sunday, January 8th, 2012









John Elway Sees the Light of Tebow

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Broncos 18 Dolphins 15 Tebow Saves Himself

Monday, October 24th, 2011

"He's not a QB, he's a fullback," says Mark Schlereth

Holy hell. Talk about horrible quarterback play for the first three quarters of that game. It was worse than horrible, it was insulting, insulting to a Denver defense that was playing its ass off.

Timmy Teebs gave all his haters and critics a ton of ammunition in those first three quarters. He’s never played that badly, not even in his three starts last year did he suck that terribly. I know people make a lot about the playcalling, the playcalling needs to get better overall, but missing a wide open Eric Decker by a good five yards on that throw was inexcusable. That one was totally indefensible.

That was a surefire touchdown and it would have wiped away Timmy Teebs awful performance up until then. If I were the coach I’d have Teebs staying after practice and throwing deep balls to Decker, Thomas and maybe Fells. That’s two misses to a wide open Decker, that’s two egregious demerits there kid; don’t make it three.

Tebow ties it up, the joint is rockin, Boomer curses and Sharpe makes an excuse.

I admit not having Brandon Lloyd as a safety net hurts Timmy Teebs right now. After all, how long was Lloyd a safety net for Kyle Orton? Lloyd isn’t an elite wide receiver, but he knows how to get open. Our other guys are mostly young or just have trouble consistently getting open.

You read that Mike Klis after the game, eh? Loaded with criticism, you’d think we lost slogging through 90 percent of his text. I accuse Klis of writing his article prematurely in the third quarter with a poisoned pen–he was probably salivating at the chance for a bad write-up on Teebs.

Equally offensive, Bill Williamson seems to want Kyle Orton back as the Broncos starting quarterback, noting Tebow clearly isn’t the best QB on the roster. Willy boy–welcome to last month’s discussion. What a joke, doesn’t even deserve a link.

Unbelievable this Tebow kid, pulls out the win in the end. Critics will say Kyle Orton would have thrown the ball better and hit that Decker for a touchdown. The same critics cannot in a million years say Kyle Orton could have authored those final drives and ran in that two point conversion.

We’re on the verge of getting blanked, getting goose-egged down 15 points with under three minutes to go and the kid leads the team to a comeback win. Not only a win, but a win under those circumstances hasn’t happened since 1970.

He saved the team and more importantly he saved himself from an onslaught of criticism this week and rampant “I-told-you-so’s” from the haters like Esiason and Merril Hog.

In this game Tebow surely gave ammo to his critics, but in the end he tipped the scales in his favor.

Defense stepped up when it had to.

The defense played good overall and DJ William’s forced fumble and recovery was huge in overtime to seal the deal. The Broncos made plays on defense today when they needed to.

Timmy Teebs better not play that way again, I will say this: As bad as he is at times, he doesn’t throw many picks. You just wait until he has a three interception game, the media’s long knives will be out.

In the first half I saw a kid who was scared to death to throw a pick, scared to make a mistake and I saw a gameplan that was equally tentative. In the fourth quarter he was greased lightning. Hell of a TD catch by Thomas, it was good to see him healthy and playing for God’s sake. Hell of a catch by Fells and a brilliant play call to fake the run then throw over to a wide open Fells for the second score.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with the playcalling, some guy on Rotoworld thinks “management wants Tebow to fail” because they didn’t run any screens or easy short pass plays (they tried one screen). I don’t think they are setting him up for failure, but in that last preseason game it started as if they were trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Once they “let him loose” we saw a bomb for a TD to that Riley kid. They “let him loose” today and we all saw what happened.

Don Shula showed up just to meet Tebow--even though Teebs got his son fired from Alabama.

I wouldn’t put any money down on the Broncos to win the next game against the Lions but it is a winnable game provided Timmy Teebs throws the ball halfway decent. That Stafford is dinged and we’re going to have to throw the ball against them. We’ll see if Teebs is up to the challenge–I don’t expect him to play like he did today in the first half from here on out though–he better not.

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Broncos Put Brandon Lloyd on the Trade Block

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

It would be a smart move if we can get a third or fourth rounder for him. Hell, anything we can get really.

Here’s how I believed it would go down anyways: Lloyd asks for way too much money this offseason and blames his failing to make the Pro Bowl on Fox’s run first scheme .

Like I said, 80% chance Lloyd isn’t even here next year.

We have too many needs on this team to pay out the ass for a receiver who isn’t all that. He’s a good receiver, not great.

Some might say this hurts Tebow because Lloyd won’t be there to make circus catches… well what good would it do our young QB if his number one receiver takes off in free agency? Better to start throwing to guys who will be around next year, namely Decker and hopefully Thomas. It would be sweet if Demaryius Thomas can stay healthy but I ain’t holding my breath.

Other names being bandied about unofficially are Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey. Dawkins going to a contender wouldn’t bother me, same with Champ Bailey quite honestly. I was fairly certain we would let Champ Bailey go in free agency last year. I wasn’t against resigning him, however I had a bad feeling that we would sign him to a big contract and then he’d end up on the sidelines injured more often than playing on the field. A top flight cornerback is a luxury, it’s a final piece of the defense when you have a good front seven. We don’t have a good front seven yet. We haven’t fielded a very good front seven for years. Bailey isn’t a huge difference maker right now.


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