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Broncos 21 Patriots 31 McGahee the Goat

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Isn’t it fitting that #23 was the big goat today. I enjoyed this loss.

Broncos lose to the Patriots yet again.

The Broncos need to draft a younger more dynamic version of McGahee. Add that to the offseason list.

Surprisingly, the Broncos did a halfway decent job of containing Tom Brady today.

Not surprising, they were gashed for 251 yards on the ground.

How about that 3rd and 14 or that 3rd and 17?

Looks like last year, and the year before and the year before.

The only reason this game looked somewhat close was due to the Patriots overconfidence.

This game should have been 38 to 7.

Broncos better hope that San Diego really does have some problems this year.

We’re one game away from 2-4 are you people excited?

A collective sigh of relief in Dove Valley.

Denver Broncos: A Tale of Late Season Woe

Friday, December 30th, 2011
Denver Broncos Playoffs Tim Tebow

Denver Broncos Late Season Nightmares

Well it looks like that Horvil Tiki has gone off the deep end, serves him right. He’s making absolutely no sense (not that he ever did). The losses in the ass end of the season (yet again) probably got to him.

I suppose I could outline all the flaws about last weeks game. Talk about our offensive coordinator who thinks a seven point lead in the first quarter warrants running the ball up the middle on first, second and third down (I guess this guy thinks we are a power running team.) How Tim Tebow sucked, how our defense sucked and has been sucking the last three games. How our pass rush was non-existent yadda yadda, whatever.

It all goes away if the Broncos win this Sunday.

Whether it’s by one point or twenty, win and all the BS from the last couple games goes away.

Lose and the Broncos and Tim Tebow will hear about it ALL YEAR LONG.

Are you confident about this team winning against Kansas City this Sunday?

I ain’t.

Not with what I’m seeing out there. The Keystone Cops defense has returned. The only thing that gives me hope is KC’s RB Battle is out and Kyle Orton is immobile. The way these opposing quarterbacks have been running for first downs on us is an absolute joke. Reminds me of the 2009 season when Donovan McNabb ran for twenty one yards on a third and twenty late in the game. This defense looks worn down and our quarterback running around like a chicken with its head cut off sure as hell ain’t helping anything.

That said, I’m not too worried about Tebow. He seems to play well in big games and against division rivals. He could have a great game Sunday and you know what? We could still lose.

I believe this game boils down to the Denver Broncos defense and it’s ability to pressure Kyle Orton. I’ve heard some pretty moronic things this week from Denver Post journalists and others about Kyle Orton. They talk about him like he’s Johnny Unitas out there, while in reality there’s absolutely no telling whether he’ll even be a Chief next year–that’s how amazing he is. We all know how limited he is and how he plays under pressure. We all know about his mobility on par with a one legged goat.

A one legged goat. Probably worse legs than Matt Cassel and we all know what our defense did to him in November. Well, a defense that wasn’t worn down like it is now. Unbelievable.

Pressure Kyle Orton, get to him and this game is won. Go get him. We got the Chiefs QB before, time to man up and get him again. Fail this and it’s down the river on a $^%thouse door, baby.

The Broncos should win this game — on paper. On paper we’re a better team than the Chiefs and they are limited on offense with Kyle Orton, Dwayne Bowe and McCluster. We should have an answer for each of these players, the key term is should. I’m not confident at all the way our team is playing, how could you be based on the past couple performances?

In recent years, the Broncos late season woes have been inexcusable. Look at the Infographic here, unbelievable suckage in the ass-end of the season.

Mike Shanahan and Jay “Huckdort” Cutler couldn’t do it.

Josh McDaniels and Kyle “Cuckooman” Orton couldn’t do it.

Can John Fox and Timmy Teebs do it? We’ll learn a lot about Fox and Tebow in this game. Can Fox motivate this team to show up? Can Tebow lead the offense to the playoffs?

I better see fires lit under asses. I better see us up by twenty one points in the first half. It better go down like that.

I’ll tell you what: I ain’t going down with this ship. Fail this task and it’s going to be trouble.

I’ll tell you something Tim Tebow, maybe God doesn’t care if the Broncos lose.

But P.P. Dublinski sure as hell does.

I better not get disrespected this Sunday. Better come to play. Don’t you dare embarrass me.

For I am the Dark Ninja of the Depths. I am the Catalyst. I have wisdom upon my brow and in my right hand is strength.

In my left hand is vengeance.

I am the Catalyst and Pat Bowlen surely reads the iron truths of P.P. Dublinski.

I heralded the s%^tcanning of Shanhan — but that was easy.

I proclaimed the demise of Jay “Huckdort” Cutler months before it happened. Months before anyone even imagined such a thing. I knew he didn’t look right, didn’t protect the ball. Go google Huckdort, go gaze at that incredible image search. My iron truths on display for all to see.

And yes, Josh McDaniels did ultimately fail the Broncos is many ways — but I still believe his time will come elsewhere and he is responsible for tossing Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler and that gooned out Huckdort. You can add Peyton Hillis to that list — something ain’t right with him and his attitude.

He canned these Shanahan era prima donna losers and I and everyone else should be thankful for it.

I heralded the demise of Brandon Marshall, I knew he was gone while others were enthralled with the coach’s “hug” and figured he’d surely come back. Pay him fifty million plus — what a laugh.

The very next day after I turned on McDaniels he was fired. Bowlen figured P.P. turned and that is all.

This team gets into the playoffs and that is a win in and of itself. Don’t matter if we lost 50-3 to the Steelers or whoever. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Know them by their strange, malformed logic and puerile acuity on the level of a gelatinous sea cucumber or facsimile thereof.

My power and countenance is not to be trifled with. Don’t you dare disrespect me out there.

I better see fires lit under asses and I better see a real football team out there.

Fail this and it will be one hell of a long offseason.

Broncos to End Orton Error, Begin Tebow Era

Sunday, October 16th, 2011
Denver Broncos Orton

Wreck of the S.S. Orton

So now we hear both Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal requested trades before the Chargers game last week (that puts a dent in the haters version, that they want out because of Tebow.)

Get rid of them.

Get them gone, and oh by the way doesn’t is suck that we don’t have Gaffney right now? Gaffney, who is the second best receiver on the Redskins and a professional.

Eddie Royal? What’s he done lately?

How about nothing.

Sayonara pal. Let’s give Matthew Willis his spot.

Brandon Lloyd is a prima donna on the field after one good year. He’s good, he’s not great. I remember him spouting off that Orton would see “greener pastures” if traded.

Brandon Lloyd’s lousy production this year is because of John Fox’s scheme–so says Lloyd. Surely it’s not because teams are wary of him this year, unlike last year where he came out of nowhere and snuck up on people–so said I, all along.

I knew this Lloyd was gone after this year, but oh no we were gonna go to the playoffs with him and Pro Bowler Kyle Orton. Remember that crap?

Remember how amazing the Broncos were when they beat up on Buffalo in preseason? Oh yeah the Pro Bowlers Orton and Lloyd were going to light the league on fire. We would run 500 times… Play big-time defense…

Now look at us. Back to reality, the reality I was aware of from the start. This isn’t a very good team and we should have started the kid from the beginning of training camp.

We should have jettisoned Kyle Orton at the beginning of the year when he had some value. We could have traded Lloyd then too–he certainly had better value at the start of the season.

Instead, we decided to build the season around these free agent ingrates and we sent a professional in Jabar Gaffney packing for absolutely nothing in return.

Lloyd becomes a prima donna after one good season–unbelievable.

I said 80% chance he’s gone after this year. Now what if we don’t trade him? What if we can’t trade Lloyd or Royal? Won’t that be nice to have two starting receivers who don’t want to be here, maybe they’ll both punt a football.

This administration, this management is sucking. First they made a terrible decision to go with a journeyman QB who’s gone after this year, next they trade a good player for nothing, finally they make a big splash in free agency on “Ty Warren.”

Normally you learn about trades after they’ve been executed.

Instead we got leak after leak going down at Dove Valley. It’s a problem that has plagued this team for years. Somebody leaked the McDaniels/Cassel/Cutler “trade,” later you have some loser on our staff popping off about McDaniels “Spygate”… botched Orton deal… Tebow’s worse than Adam Weber…

What the hell is going on up there? You need to punt some losers on that staff, never mind some of these ungrateful players.

Keep Tebow, Clady, Walton, Franklin, McGahee, Decker, Willis…

Keep Ayers, Miller, Moore and…

You know what? The rest can go.

Trade Bailey to a contender at the end of this year, maybe even Dumervil if he doesn’t shape up in this system soon. Cut Dawkins, let him try to play for somebody somewhere.

Other than that, this team’s success is now all about our young players. Developing Teebs, Moore, Miller, Franklin… The Broncos “success” will be developing these players. You’d like to win games, sure, but the future is most important.

5-6, 6-5 from here on out this season? That’s the best case scenario this year for these Denver Broncos. I could see us upsetting a decent team or two with Teebs at the helm, not so with Orton.

PS, If we can’t trade Lloyd by Monday, send him to Miami for a late seventh rounder by Tuesday. Maybe Lloyd can take some notes from Marshall. Cut him if you have to.

Hopeless Broncos Fans Brace for a Beatdown

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Seems that Tiki is off somewhere in a ditch with his head in the sand. Way to leave the site derelict. Guess I can’t blame him, I can’t imagine life right now for Broncos fans who actually think we’re going to win a bunch of games this year.

Never in 35 years as a Broncos fan have I been so utterly apathetic to the cause. I can’t be the only one. It’s unbelievable, it really is. Even last year, even early last year I was hopeful we’d go 9-7 and maybe just maybe get a playoff spot… we all know how that went.

Colonel Klink Captain Schulz John Fox John Elway

Captain John Fox Schulz and Colonel Klink Elway

Never before have I been so bored with the Broncos. The defense? Well, it’s the bright spot, I mean Von Miller’s doing OK and all… but that offense. Wow is that offense dismal.

Last Sunday we needed the great Norris Weese out there waving his arms telling the damn coach not to run up the middle on fourth down.

We got Klis over at the Denver Compost, we got this Klis character who said we’ll “win more than we lose with Orton,” we got this Klis who thought the Broncos would go 10 and 6 or better, we got this buffoon over there making all kinds of excuses for Kyle Orton.

Skewed perception has to be another factor. How else to explain why there’s such an outcry for Tebow, who has a 1-2 career record, to replace Orton, who is 1-2 this season?

“A lot of the noise outside this building is obviously coming from the previous two years,” John Elway, the Broncos’ executive director of football operations, said in reference to the Broncos finishing 4-12 in 2010 and losing eight of their last 10 in 2009. “And that’s understandable given what we’ve been through. But (head coach) John Fox wasn’t here, I wasn’t here, most of this staff wasn’t here.

Mike Klis Denver Post

"Just Believe"

Comparing the kid’s starting record to Orton’s record this season? What a fart. That isn’t even a joke, it’s an absolute fart Klis. You’re farting out your mouth and onto the page. Holy crap is this guy grasping at straws. Way to compare a rookie coming in cold to a seven year veteran. The first one is excusable when he falters–there is still hope–the other is now tiresome and inexcusable, he is what he is.

But oh no, Elway and Fox weren’t here. John Elway claims “they still don’t know what they have in Orton,” because in the last two years they haven’t seen him play with a running game and a defense.

Earth to Elway: He still doesn’t have either of those things and he’s the same quarterback. You watched the games the last two seasons, just open your eyes for crying out loud. Doesn’t take a genius to realize how limited Cuckooman Orton is. From the same article:

There is reason for hope. In a 17-14 loss to Tennessee, the NFL’s top-ranked defense, the Broncos had a 16-play, 80-yard touchdown drive that took up more than eight minutes. They had a 15-play, 80-yard touchdown drive against Cincinnati, the league’s No. 3 defense, that lasted 8 1/2 minutes. They also had a 12-play, 80-yard touchdown drive against Oakland.

“I think we’re getting close,” Orton said. “We would have liked to have scored more than 17 points against Tennessee, but I think we’ve taken a lot of positives away. We’re a lot better third-down football team. I think in the red zone, we’re getting better. Minus the goal line stand, we were 2-for-2. So, we’re improving. Now it’s just getting the sense of urgency and getting everybody to do it right, and then I think you’ll start seeing 35 points on the board rather than 23.”

I don’t care where “Cincinnati” is ranked defensively, if it’s high it’s a fluke right now. It’s a joke. Tennessee’s defense isn’t that great either. Didn’t impress me. I see Cincinnati as a team that will be right there with the Broncos in suckitude all season and perhaps Tennessee is a 9 and 7 team at best. But oh no, did you see those amazing dink and dunk drives down the field? Those drives we manage once per game or so? Oh they were special weren’t they? We had good drives at times last year. We scored less than 21 points per game in nine games last year. We’re on track to repeat that crap and the one game where we scored 23 points was due to Eric Decker’s punt return. Way to take credit for those points Orton. I’ll be waiting for the 35 point games… maybe against the hapless Chiefs.

At least you have hope Klis. Maybe we’ll go on a big winning streak when Dumervil gets back and get that playoff berth you felt so sure about there Klis. Klis goes on to throw out a bunch of meaningless statistics trying to say Kyle Orton really is a good steady QB and plays well in the clutch. Thanks for your contribution Klis, I bet the front office is happy.

“Win more than we lose with Kyle Orton.”

Legwold chimes in with the usual spin. He’s defending his beloved practice player, claiming the defense is the problem–not Orton. Nice try Legwold.

The Broncos’ defense has surrendered at least 375 yards in 11 of those losses, at least 400 yards three times and at least 500 yards three times.

And although NFL personnel people will always consider quarterback most important piece in team building, none of the hugely significant issues listed above that the Broncos have faced over the last three seasons has anything to do with the player behind center.

NFL League Source

League source says: "Just blame the defense."

Dingleberries Legwold, dingleberries. Our frequent three and outs with clutch Kyle are a serious strain on our mediocre defense. We hand the ball back to the opposing offense time and time again, especially with the game on the line. You see that Titans team early on? Bumbling, stumbling, just like the Bengals–you wait til we play an offense. I remember games last year where our defense kept us competitive until the half, but our inability to maintain drives and score points caught up with us as usual. Our defense wears down with all these three and outs, especially in the second half. It’s BS that Orton doesn’t have a hand in that. He fails to move the chains in key spots and that’s a problem.

Legwold and Klis: eternal optimists.

At least Krieger seems to be falling off the bandwagon, but that doesn’t prevent him from spouting nonsense:

They’ve loaded the remnants of the Josh McDaniels debacle into a chartered aircraft and they’re flying it around the country as if it has a chance to compete for an NFL championship. That’s really the only possible rationale for starting a veteran quarterback in the last year of his contract.

But I’m guessing pretty much everyone in that building on Broncos Parkway knows by now it’s not true. McDaniels left a multiyear rebuilding project in his wake, and Elway and Fox are left with the unenviable job of picking up the pieces.

That’s why the shots already flying their way from unhappy fans are misdirected. They’re not responsible for any of this. They’re the cleanup crew.

“As if it had a chance to compete for an NFL Championship.” Get a load of this Krieger. Yeah buddy, you were all in, along with your pals Klis and Legwold. Oh you guys believed we’d have a great running game, a great defense. Oh and I remember what you said about Orton and Quinn: “Kyle Orton gives the Broncos credibility,” and “Brady Quinn deserves to be the backup.”

You excited Krieger? Two more losses and maybe your boy Brady Quinn gets in there. I hear he’s the future of the franchise.

“As if it had a chance.” Yeah, you thought so,  didn’t you Krieger?

“Don’t fire shots at Elway and Fox, they’re just the cleanup crew… misdirected anger”… what an absolute turd. Nice try Krieger, nice try. Sorry buddy, we don’t have any reasons to ass sniff “EFX” right now. What have they done for us lately? Oh yeah, botch a trade that marginalizes our rookie QB and leaves us with a journeyman at the helm, a free agent QB who is losing games?

Oh yeah, I guess trading away a good football player in Jabar Gaffney for absolute squat is simply “cleaning up McDaniel’s mess.”

We drafted Von Miller, fine, good pick. Dareus would have been a good pick. Peterson too. Just sayin’

Who did we grab in free agency? McGahee, Bunkley? Ty Warren? Not atrocious but not good either. McGahee’s fine, but he won’t last at this pace.

What did we hear in the preseason, eh? We’re gonna win more with Orton? We’ll run the ball 500 times? We’ll go with the soon to be free agent veteran because he’ll win us games? How’s that for judgement?

The Post parroting a bunch of crap, people going on about an amazing new running game (we changed one offensive lineman) Orton having a career year and Lloyd in the Pro Bowl–most definitely, right?

Sorry if I and many, many others aren’t enthused with “EFX” right now.

Win more with Orton...

They haven’t earned squat yet.

Oh yeah, there’s a game this Sunday. Sorry I almost forgot.

I should put another green peg on my reality meter right this minute.

1-3 eh? Better hope we win the San Diego game or reality will smash this team in the face much faster than I anticipated.

The Tebow Billboard: Blame the Broncos Management

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Colonel Klink Sergeant Schultz John Fox John Elway

Sergeant John Fox Schultz and Colonel Klink Elway

What’s the cause of this nightmare quarterback scenario brewing in Denver? What’s with the fans booing, billboarding and chanting for a certain marginalized quarterback?

Don’t blame Tebow.

Don’t blame Orton.

Don’t blame the fans.

Elway Fox Tebow

That’s right. Blame Elway, Fox and Xanders. Blame the entire Broncos management for piss poor decision making.

Piss. Poor.

At the beginning of training camp these clowns gave the players and the fans every indication that Kyle Orton would be traded. Brandon Lloyd started practicing for his new quarterback, stating he’d have to get used to the balls coming from every which way due to an erratic rookie QB.

The Broncos were about to trade Kyle Orton and then they made a huge, a huge mistake. It didn’t happen.

Actually, Orton may also deserve some of the blame. According to the Miami Herald, Orton wasn’t satisfied with the Dolphins offer, supposedly he wanted a longer, bigger contract.

If that’s the case, he should have known better. He could have helped himself by taking a one year deal and reuniting with Brandon Marshall. He should have seen this controversy brewing from a hundred miles away.

The Denver Broncos management should have seen it too.

Kyle Orton

"Orton could be the Tom Brady of the AFC West." - Some rube.

After what seemed like one or two “practices,” the Broncos decided to double down and gamble the house on the game managing, play not to lose Orton/Quinn offense. Apparently the coach believed the Broncos would play great defense, they would run the football well and he believed he would win with the unspectacular yet steady veteran Kyle Orton.

"Trade Gaffney Now"

I was here, rising up from the sea cucumbers and moronic mollusks, I was here all along telling you this team didn’t have the talent to do any of that. I could see failure from miles away. We’re largely the same team as last year except we improved the pass rush. Maybe improved safety. We absolutely gave away a good receiver in Jabar Gaffney for absolutely nothing. Absolute turd. We didn’t even get a player who could make the team in return. That’s great management? We drafted a right tackle who seems to be a good run blocker at times. We signed an aging running back.

The Broncos didn’t draft a defensive tackle this year and when free agency ensued we grabbed a couple injury prone castoffs for our incredible run stopping defensive line.

This team isn’t very good, we don’t have the personnel to play great defense, run the ball well and protect an immobile stork who dinks and dunks down the field. Apparently John Fox thought otherwise despite fielding largely the same personnel as last year. Apparently Elway is all in too. Apparently the morons at the Denver Post like Mike Klis, Dave Krieger and Jeff Legwold bought into this insane ponzi scheme as well. All offseason long we heard them spew about how great the seven year journeyman Kyle Orton is despite his atrocious win loss record, we also endured their glowing praise of Brady Quinn, a five year veteran who we don’t need to evaluate any further. Quinn is woefully inconsistent, always has been always will be. His play on the field in actual games over four seasons speaks for itself. Same goes for Orton.

Legwold telling us that practice players are the “true gamers.” Way to go Legwold, between Kyle Orton’s dingleberry ridden performance last Monday and Brady Quinn’s turdfest in Arizona it hasn’t been a great two weeks for the “practice players” has it there Legwold?

Interesting that Legwold failed to even mention Kyle Orton’s name or poor quarterback play in his mind-blowingly accurate assessment of the Raiders game.

Mike Klis Denver Post

"Just Believe"

Meanwhile Mike Klis thought the Broncos could go 11-5 with Orton. Oh boy Klis, you wrote some real doozies like “We’ll win more than we lose with Orton.” Based on what? Eh there Klis?

No sympathy for Quinn: He'll be a great CBS analyst

“It’s only one game,” keep hope alive I guess. What a joke. Klis had to eat major dirt in his dreadful assessment of the Raiders game. However, now he tries to turn around and states that maybe the Broncos starters were just rusty since they didn’t play in the last preseason game. He also made excuses for Brady Quinn’s turdfest in Arizona, claiming Quinn didn’t play in the game the week before… so maybe he was rusty.

No excuses for Tim Tebow. Not ever. If Tebow takes a sack because some second tier lineman lets him blow right past we hear all about it. When Brady Quinn got his chance with the first team offense and threw up a pick in the endzone it’s fine because he was “all excited to be with the number ones.” If Tebow dropped that ball in the Raiders game we’d never hear the end of it. I’m beginning to see why people love this Tebow so much. Despite all he’s accomplished, despite showing promise and flashes of dynamic play on the field he gets marginalized by a bunch of geniuses who want to see him stopped before he even starts. Talking up Brady Quinn to beat down the chants of Tebow, my God what a joke. Unfair treatment, period. People say I’m hard on that Brady Quinn, but he’ll get no sympathy from me. He can get just about any broad he wants and he’ll have a bright, long career as an NFL analyst on CBS.

I dare John Fox, I double dog dare you to put in Brady Quinn if Orton gets hurt or sucks so bad he must be replaced. Talk about trouble.

The woefully mediocre Denver Broncos don’t need immobile storks at the quarterback position. Especially two unspectacular storks who are both free agents after this year. They need dynamic play when the offensive line and the uncreative plays break down. We  don’t need to evaluate Orton or Quinn any further, they’re free agents and we know who they are and what they can do. Then again, we should know. The records of these two, their play in actual regular season games over the past years is well documented. I don’t want to hear about looking forward to improvement of these two. They are who they are, Orton a steady yet limited journeyman and Quinn: a poor man’s Kyle Orton.

The Broncos fans have every right to be outraged by the piss poor actions of this bumbling front office. Kyle Orton shouldn’t even be on this team right now. They could have avoided this whole controversy. When others praised the journeyman’s play in the preseason against bad teams I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t impressed when our offensive line did some run blocking in preseason–same personnel as last year. Not impressed one bit. I knew it wasn’t going to work. Elway and Co. should have known too. They should have a good grasp of the talent on this team.

They didn’t and don’t seem to. They believed in Kyle Orton. For some odd, for some weird reason they believed this guy would win more games for them with the personnel we have. It’s a joke and a gamble that’s going to blow up in their faces. They are the ones to blame. Not McDaniels, not Tebow. The Broncos mismanaged this quarterback situation to an epic fail level.

I told you people last June, if for some weird, horrible reason we start Orton because of the “lockout” situation, if we do start Orton they better win with him. They better.

Tebow Raiders

"Good thing we don't have to deal with this Monday" - Generic Raiders Fan

The Bronocs brass banked on “playing it safe” and winning with the veteran journeyman Steve DeBerg.. I mean Orton. They decided to marginalize the promising young quarterback who started three games last year and  injected this team with dynamic play, fiery leadership and excitement that Orton or Quinn could never muster. Decided to marginalize him because he didn’t “practice” well enough.

All the morons, all the degenerates out there parroting the same bad information are apparently blind to the fact that the rookie Tim Tebow actually played pretty well in his three starts for the Denver Broncos last year. Twenty four unanswered points in the second half of the Texans game and we’re supposed to believe there’s “no evidence whatsoever” that Tim Tebow can lead an NFL team.

“He can’t throw.” “He can’t play.” “Fans want him based on no evidence.”

I suppose the fact that Tebow came in cold as a rookie in last season against the Raiders, Texans and Chargers and managed to put up more points per game than Orton in nine starts last season– I suppose that means nothing to people who see what they want to see. Hell we were actually competitive in those last three games, ain’t that a change? We were one hail mary away from actually beating a Chargers team that regularly dominates us.

When Tebow throws a bomb to Brandon Lloyd for a touchdown it’s called “luck.”

I’ll tell you what luck is. Luck is the Broncos vs. Bengals game two years ago when Kyle Orton’s terrible pass got batted up and into the arms of Brandon Stokely for a fluke game winning touchdown. In fact, that may be one of Kyle Orton’s only come from behind wins as a Denver Bronco. Can anybody even imagine Kyle Orton putting up twenty four unanswered points with this team, ever? Hell, trying to overcome even one holding penalty is like climbing mount Everest with the dink and dunker DeBerg, I mean Orton at the helm.

NFL League Source

Highly knowledgeable Broncos member says: "Weber better than Tebow."

The smart thing to do this offseason was jettison Kyle Orton. But oh no, ” Thank God for Orton” some miscreant, some total reject on the Broncos staff cried. What a joke.

The smart thing to do was marginalize two unspectacular quarterbacks on the Broncos roster who are destined for free agency this year, not the rookie kid who the fans want, not the one who they justifiably want based on the dynamic plays, the positive shot in the arm he gave this team at the end of last season. A quarterback who actually shows competitive fire, who can move the chains in ways the others cannot and a QB who ultimately may have decent upside. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out? This year while our team is mediocre at best?

Oh no. We’re stuck in this grand scheme constructed by coach John Fox. Win with Orton. Play great defense, run the ball and protect the immobile no mistake pocket passer. Maybe playoffs even.

Sorry pal, it’s not going to work.

It reminds me of former coach Mike Shanahan bringing in the Packers defensive coordinator Jim Bates in order to bring his amazing defensive scheme to Denver. A defensive scheme that we absolutely, positively did not have the personnel to execute.

Jim Bates didn’t last long. John Fox won’t either if he doesn’t adapt.

I hope you diehard glass half full Broncos fans are aware of the schedule this year–it ain’t pretty. This Raiders game was supposed to be one of the easy ones.

Same old, same old

This team doesn’t need Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn. It needs dynamic quarterback play. That’s why I don’t believe Kyle Orton gives this team the best chance to win. He’s immobile and limited, no intangibles. He’s duck soup when the offensive line breaks down and so is Brady Quinn. I believe Timmy Teebs could move the chains on this team better than either of these two. He can run when the receivers are covered instead of throwing the ball away, he keeps a defense honest with his dynamic abilities and he keeps the chains moving, which prevents our not-so-great defense from breaking down and sucking wind.

The QB situation we’re in is due to the Broncos management. They banked on Orton winning games and shutting people up and it’s not happening. I don’t care if we win next week against a bad team and Orton puts up 400 yards. He’s not the future, the team isn’t that good and we will not improve to the point of being consistently competitive this year against average or better teams.

These fans have every right to boo, to hiss, to chant Tebow to put up costly billboards. What a joke it is that John Fox claims he didn’t hear the chants for Tebow. I heard some people claim that they won’t start Tebow at all this year no matter what. I wouldn’t count on that one bit. As the losses pile up we will see the power a fan base can have on a football team. It may get to a point where they absolutely cannot start Kyle Orton in another game. We’ve had enough of this Orton in Denver, two years was enough, three is too much.

It’s getting downright macabre in the P.P. Dublinski household on game day. I watched this Raiders game as an unaffected observer. Totally emotionless, didn’t expect anything other than same old Broncos. Didn’t even care that we were getting punked by the Raiders at home. Watching Von Miller was decent, he’s surely a player. That’s about where the excitement ends. Unbelievable.

This management only has itself to blame for not doing the smart thing: Play the kid, give him the chance he deserves, give the fans what they want and if it looks real bad use our high draft pick next year on a quarterback. If it looks good, use the draft pick on a lights out offensive or defensive lineman. Perhaps even a star running back.

That’s the smart thing to do. We were going to.

We didn’t. Big mistake.


A Thesis on Kyle Orton Starting in Denver

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

In 2009 the Broncos regular season record was 8-8.

Josh McDaniels wanted to trade him just after the 2010 draft.

The Broncos 2010 regular season record was 4 and 12.

A couple weeks ago John Elway, John Fox and Co. were willing to trade him.

Now on the heels of an incredibly accurate training camp and two mindblowing preseason games against the Dallas Cowboys (6-10) and the Buffalo Bills (4-12), Kyle Orton is once again the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.


The following is my most important scripture of this year.

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Patrick Peterson Is Not An Option

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

I went out of town this week and the one time I expected that punk to show up and post some, he couldn’t even manage that. I guess he’s off making some junk tiki to send to Brandon Lloyd. The sad truth is Lloyd will probably take one look at it and throw it in the trash.

I heard that Jeff Legwold at the Denver Post recently wrote an article on how the Broncos need to address their front seven–a week or so after the genius said we should take Patrick Peterson in his mock draft. That’s just great.

I will not stand for any talk of Patrick Peterson. We’ve had our own Patrick Peterson for six years now and this defense sucks. Oh wouldn’t it be great if the Broncos paid out the ass for another shutdown corner? Oh we’ll just rewind the highlight reel of Peterson making two open field tackles and shutting down Dwayne Bowe in a game. Meanwhile the rest of our defensive backs get shredded all game long by a B, C or even D list quarterback with all the time in the world to throw.

The 2011 NFL draft is an opportunity for the Denver Broncos to draft an elite talent on the defensive line. They must take the chance on an elite defensive line prospect with the number two pick in the draft. This is the equivalent of drafting a franchise quarterback on defense. You must take the chance–no player in this draft is a sure thing. I’ll say it’s a tall order for this Patrick Peterson to be the next Champ Bailey, and guess what? So what if he is. We’ve had Champ Bailey for six years and our defense sucks, and has sucked, it sucks.

If  Da’Quan Bowers or Nick Fairley are the Julius Peppers or Richard Seymour of the draft it would be nothing short of inexcusable for us to pass on either of them. Can you imagine how disgraceful it would be to pass on Bowers and he goes off to become the next Julius Peppers? How inexcusable. We need a Champ Bailey on the defensive line. We can do without Patrick Peterson and we can do without Champ Bailey.

Want a cornerback? How about signing Nnamdi Asomugha? Talk about a sure thing? That Asomugha is a sure thing and he’s younger than Bailey. Patrick Peterson is not a sure thing.

Or you can draft a corner in the second round. Andre Goodman is a solid cornerback, pick up another Goodman in free agency. The Denver Broncos have not had a top tier defensive lineman besides Dumervil in years, for a decade for crying out loud.

Sign a free agent or draft a corner in the second round, that is, unless you want to get stuck on stupid and field the same defense every year and expect a different result. Stuck on stupid. How many years has this team struggled to pressure the quarterback? I’m sick and tired of Rivers, Brady, Manning and yes even the great Jamarcus Russell, sick and tired of them shredding the Broncos defense–and oh, by the way we’ve had Champ Bailey playing for us and it didn’t matter jack $^&t.  So what if he took care of one receiver–you notice these no-name fourth and fifth receivers always seem to have big games against the Broncos? Pressure on the quarterback beats a Manning, it beats a Brady and a Rivers. I’m confident Elway knows what stops an Elway–it’s not a corner. Having a Bailey or Peterson (if he’s even that great) out there doesn’t do much if you can’t pressure the quarterback. Teams simply won’t throw to that side and they will decimate the other areas of the field.

I see Patrick Peterson is on a lot of popular mock drafts out there and it’s downright lazy.

” Champ’s leaving so the Broncos need Peterson. ”

I suppose these people haven’t watched the Broncos for the last decade. I suppose they haven’t watched the Broncos in the last five years for that matter.

Elway ought to know, I have confidence in this coach too, this Fox ought to know, pressure on the quarterback is a must. We’re in the position to draft elite defensive line talent and we will do so. We must do so. All this talk of Fairley and Bowers being “too risky” and goobers comparing them to Jarvis Moss and Robert Ayers–what a joke.

Ayers and Moss weren’t nearly the prospects that Bowers and Fairley are. Bowers and Fairley dominated all year and did so against top college talent. What do you want them to do? Go back and dominate in their Senior year? Then they’ll prove themselves worthy? What a joke, these two linemen dominated against top college talent all year and either of them is exactly what the Broncos need on the defensive line.

Sick and tired of hearing how Fairley is a “dirty player.” Oh boo fricken hoo, it’s probably these same mental defectives who got all broken up over the stupid “Spygate II” nonsense. “Oh me oh my, the integrity of the Broncos is in question,”–what a joke. Hell, even the Forty Niners–the very team we “spied” on–they didn’t give a rat’s ass about it. Water off a duck’s back. They wanted to interview McDaniels for a head coaching position this offseason–that’s how broken up the 49er’s were over “Spygate.”

Fairley a dirty player? Good.

For %&$’s sake that’s exactly what we need on that defensive line–you’ve got to be %*&%ing $&&%ing me.

If for some reason, if for some weird reason the Broncos don’t come away with Fairley or Bowers, then they better hope, they better pray that Bowers or Fairley aren’t the equivalent of the next Julius Peppers or Richard Seymour. Talk about a joke. Talk about inexcusable. Talk about being in position to draft an impact player on the d-line possibly for a decade and instead they absolutely screw the pooch. Absolutely flub it beyond comprehension. If they don’t come away with Fairley or Bowers they damn well better drop down just enough to come away with Quinn or Dareus.

No, you take the chance. When you have the chance to draft the equivalent of a franchise quarterback on defense you do it. You don’t overthink, you don’t flub around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and you don’t draft a cornerback in the second spot.

I demand Fairley or Bowers and I believe I will not be left wanting after this draft.

But for now, I’m getting ready for quality comedy tomorrow at 3:00 EST. Huck will be dorting. He knows he wants to Dort. The season ending Dort is upon us. You can’t take the Dort out of Huck.

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Assaulting Women – What the Hell is Going On in Denver?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Former Broncos linebacker Kevin Alexander pleads not guilty to assaulting his girlfriend.

What the hell is going on in Denver? Is there something in the damn water?

Note to Broncos players: Start beating the Raiders and stop beating up women.

Tebow Gets A+ For Poise

Timmy Teebs showed a lot of poise out there last Sunday starting his first NFL game in a tough atmosphere. He looked the same in preseason: This kid don’t get rattled.

The game isn’t above him, there’s no deer in the headlights, no chicken with its head cut off nonsense going on with Tebow. I remember John Elway’s disastrous first game against the Eagles and I remember a rookie named Brad Lee Van Pelt. Remember him well because I sold a boatload of his rookie cards after his preseason debut. A stellar debut that drove up the price of his cards 300 percent. He was out there in preseason running and gunning, he looked like the second coming of John Elway out there. Later on he started a game in the middle of the season–a complete disaster. Deer in the headlights all the way baby. The false disciple of Elway crashed and burned, a good thing after PP made out like a bandit selling off Van Pelt’s rectangular cardboard promises of false hope.

They Love Tebow, Hate McDaniels

In a morbid juxtaposition of insanity, many fans cheer the rookie quarterback while they scorn the man responsible for making him a Denver Bronco. They ran McDaniels out of here, yet they love the QB he wanted to mold into a Super Bowl champion. Like Mike Lombardi says, they ran a genius out of town prematurely and now the coaching staff is left in shambles. Saw a piece on the great Geno Auriemma, a coach that has lead his Uconn Woman’s Basketball team to greatness time and time again. The players say their coach is tough on them even after a win. Whether it’s a win or a loss the coach is ruling with an iron fist. A Woman’s Basketball team can take heavy handed instruction from a winner, but these Broncos can’t. They couldn’t take being harassed by a man with three Super Bowl rings and they drove him out of here just like Bobby Knight was driven out of Ohio. They drove out the truth because they couldn’t handle it. Now I fear we’ll return to the sorry days of practicing without pads–a good idea, only if you’re the 1998-99 Broncos. Those teams deserved such a privilege. This team? Not so much.

I’m Worried We’ll Win this Sunday

The Texans suck, they are fighting amongst themselves and they seem to have capitulated. I’m worried we’ll win this game and that it will bump us up in the draft order. Although other crap teams winning this week helps out the overall situation even if we do win this Sunday. The Texans can usually run the football, that’s a good thing. Hopefully they will, hopefully Timmy Teebs plays great and the defense gives up 200 yards on the ground. I’m hoping for a final score of 28-30 “They lost, but Tebow played well.”

Huckdort Triumphs Over Garbage

Hucky Dorts is feeling his oats out there, the commentators are starting to talk him up–he’ll be a superstar with Mike Martz.

Unfortunately for the Bears, you can’t take the Dort out of the Huck.

Hucky Dorts is one of the luckiest players in football this year. You see the train wreck called the Vikings out there? I’ve watched the Bears play the Vikings twice this year and the decrepit nature of Minnesota’s secondary is second to none. My grandmother could have picked off one of those passes, yet a 28 yr old NFL linebacker in prime condition can’t get it done? These guys are woeful. They left three easy Dorts on the field. Some of these guys looked so surprised by the incredible inaccuracy of Huckdort–they looked like they just got finished with the neighbors cat after dropping those sure picks. Unbelievable. It’s OK though. Hucky is setting up for massive Dorts–the season ending Dort. Chicago will be one and done in the playoffs against a real team and they’ll realize what I already know: They are the worst 10-4 team in football and they’ll need to build a better team in order to go any further in the playoffs. Even if they do progress personnel wise, there is always the possibility of the season ending Dort with Huckster at the helm. When the pressure is on, when the game is on the line against a good team: Huck will be Dorting. It’s a wing and a prayer if you trust in Dort.

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