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The Josh McDaniels Trades: Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Let me begin by saving adios to Josh McDaniels who has left the Broncos building tonight. I believe that I had a hand in his departure. Bowlen listens to P.P.

He surely must listen to me. I told him to get rid of Shanahan, and I told him that Jay Huckdort Cutler needed the boot. I said we better start Tebow in this losing season and I even recently turned on McDaniels and Kyle Orton. I called them Diaper Man and Cuckoo Man. I believe this was the last straw. Bowlen saw that I, P.P. Dublinski who heralded Josh McDaniels as a genius back in February of 2009, even I had turned on him.

I said McDaniels was a genius who would rule with an iron fist. I said he would kick the me first prima donna losers like Huckdort and Marshall to the curb. I said we’d practice with pads and field a defense for once.

McDaniels certainly did rule with an iron fist and he certainly did kick the me first prima donna losers on this team to the curb. I will concede that McDaniels is not a genius, not yet. I do believe McDaniels will be a head coach in the future at some point, and I believe he will be a successful one. I believe Belichick is to Cleveland what Josh McDaniels might be to the Broncos: a loser here, a winner somewhere else. But that’s a long ways off, and he’s not a Bronco anymore, so who cares really?

There’s been a lot of commotion over the personnel decisions McDaniels has made over the last two years. A lot of the commotion has been pretty stupid and ill informed if you ask me. Here are my summations of the supposedly controversial Josh McDaniels trades.

Josh McDaniels Trades Review

You win some, you lose some...

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Josh McDaniels Fired

Monday, December 6th, 2010

The Denver Broncos just fired head coach Josh McDaniels, per Adam Schefter on ESPN.

Didn’t see this one coming, I figured he had another year. I guess not.

Sayonara McDaniels, we hardly knew ye.

This throws a proverbial monkey wrench into every aspect of the Denver Broncos.

Changes will be a-coming baby, hopefully for the better.

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Well there goes Numby at the Post spouting off again with something utterly stupid. Just when you think he’ll start making a little sense he reverts to his peckered old foolish ways.

Numby claims McDaniels needs to win four out of the last five games–perhaps all five–to remain head coach of the Broncos.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Mission Impossible.

This team? You’re kidding right? This team is gonna waltz into Arrowhead, into the Black Hole, this team is gonna whoop the Chargers?

This team is going to magically generate a pass rush and win out?

This team is finally going to play with consistency?

No way, I believe we’ll win two more games tops. If Numby has good information–which he usually doesn’t–and if this somehow comes from the horse’s mouth then kiss Josh Mcdaniels goodbye.

I believe Bowlen meant what he said about McDaniels returning next year and I bet he just backtracked a bit to keep the players fighting hard for their coach in the final stretch.

Win out? Win four games? Unbelievable, this Numby don’t like the coach. He don’t like McDaniels and he’s asking for the impossible. I suppose Numby thinks Elvis Dumervil is gonna rise over the pumpkin patch and bring a pass rush back to the Broncos. Numby is banking the coach’s ass on nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Oh yeah I bet the Broncos will be out there blazing great guns to get Orton a spot in the Pro Bowl–that’s if one of the many AFC quarterbacks with stats and a winning record defers. Like I said I don’t want to win another game. I want that high draft pick baby, but boy oh boy wouldn’t it be something if the Broncos shot up to 7 and 9 like in recent years, missed the playoffs again and missed out on drafting that superstar defensive lineman again? Oh Ho-Ho a Festivus miracle, the Broncos are a “respectable” 7 and 9! Excuse me for not pissing myself with excitement.

Then Numby brings up the “Spygate II” nonsense as if it’s some big deal, some big turning point. What a joke.

Earth to Numby: Quit being a weenie.

mark schlereth punkAnd earth to Mark Schlereth: Quit being a punk on this one. That’s right Schlereth, a punk. Spouting off about the “integrity of the game.” Oh yeah I bet the Broncos were just a bunch of Altar Boys during the Schlereth era. Oh yeah, let’s see: multiple salary cap violations, shady deals with players to stay under the cap, a mysterious ” slick substance ”  on the Broncos offensive linemen… not to mention other substances… Oh yeah they were just a bunch of Boy Scouts weren’t they? This “spygate two” nonsense is a steaming pile of crap; it’s a non issue and the only bad thing to come out of it is the fact that McDaniels has an absolute rat on his coaching staff. Anyone with their panties in a bunch over this is a weenie as far as I’m concerned–get over it.

The only real issue from it all is some loser rat that needs to get marched out of Dove Valley and kicked right in the ass for good measure. Someone ought to kick this guy right in the ass after he spilled his guts to the McDaniels haters and all around degenerates Jay Glazer and Michael Silver. They are degenerates with a capital D and I bet they both smell.

This talk of John Elway “saving the franchise” is downright corny. What a bunch of cornball nonsense. Fine, he can get a job with the Broncos, but what matters most is the coaches, the system and the players. Ol’ Elway brings a little inspiration to the table but it’s not like the seas are gonna part if he becomes a Broncos executive.

I am reality, I speak in truths!

I tell the truth, and I admit when I’m wrong. I own up to my mistake of picking the Broncos to go 10 and 6 this year. However, I am most often correct and my profundity; the fruits of of my supreme thinkery enchants all minds both on and off the page.

I said we’d get rid of Jay “Huckdort” Cutler and that he don’t look right and he don’t protect the ball.

I said Brandon Marshall ain’t coming back this season and his departure won’t matter–others will take his place and we’ll draft receivers.

I said Tebow would be running this year, more than he passes– and I hope I end up wrong on that one.

I hope I’m wrong there. I’ve had enough of Cuckoo Man folding with the game on the line. Yeah, he’s played better than he ever has this season, overall that is. But he hasn’t been clutch and this offense absolutely goes to sleep for quarters at a time. Screw the stats, look at the win/loss ratio… look at the points scored per game. All these people claiming Orton’s definitely the starter next season: he probably is, but I want a real quarterback competition. Plus, I want to see what we have in this Tebow, I want to see what he flashes–we may be sitting on a franchise QB come this draft. Won’t that be nice while we sit around with our thumbs up our asses waiting ” three years ” on someone who can maybe, possibly be a starter.

I said Josh McDaniels is a genius who will purge the Broncos of me first prima donna losers and rule with an iron fist.

The jury’s still out on that genius one. He certainly purged the prima donnas. He certainly rules with an iron fist.

Josh McDaniels Peewee Herman

I still hold out hope for McDaniels. I do, I think this team just needs a few more pieces of the puzzle. It starts with a healthy Dumervil coming back and acquiring another defensive lineman or outside linebacker who is a pass rushing threat. Someone with talent that you have to worry about on that line. Who’s our front three now, eh? Pretty unspectacular. One is an aging All Pro in the wane of his career, the other two stop the run–sometimes. Maybe another o-lineman, linebacker, safety and a big bruising change of pace running back.

The Denver Broncos have been mediocre for years–even the 2006 AFC Championship run was a bit of a fluke. Shanahan drew up that one bootleg play, but once defenses started blitzing the outside edges of our offensive line, that play we ran ad nauseum crashed and burned and we never recovered.

We’ve been mediocre for years and we needed a new direction. Two years after a mediocre team switches its direction 180 degrees is not enough time.

Did I mention it’s nice that I don’t have to share this site lately? My countenance will not be besmirched by a complete homer who doesn’t even make sense half the time.

Two years isn’t enough to retool. I think we’ll give him one more year, one more draft–hell we have a first rounder and two seconds–we’ll get a few more pieces of the puzzle from the draft and free agency. If that doesn’t work then fine, you can axe him. If we’re not winning next season then you can axe him during the middle of the season too for all I care.

People try and put a positive spin on this team lately, “well they fought hard,” “well they only lost by X amount of points.”

Fighting hard shouldn’t matter. They should always fight hard. Losing at home is trash. The real rub of the Raiders game? They did that to us at home on our turf, the same with the Rams–no matter the score.

I tell the truth, I tell it like it is. That Limbaugh told the truth on ESPN, he told the truth and he got fired. I remember the articles: McNabb is the next Joe Montana–before he even managed to do much of anything. McNabb was a good player, not great. I predict he’ll be out of the league in about two years. If Tom Jackson said McNabb was overrated and the media was puffing him up, he could have gotten away with it. But oh no, and isn’t that something how it took four days before any controversy brewed over that opinion? I don’t care what you think of Limbaugh and his politics, he told the truth just like Bobby Knight told the truth and they couldn’t take it and they wrongfully ran them out of there.

Cuckoo Man Orton

Cuckoo Man Orton

I am the truth and the Broncos suck this year. Plain and simple. Key injuries, rookies on the o-line and woeful inconsistency. Excuse me for wanting a sucky record over a mediocre one. A mediocre one that takes us out of the top ten in the draft. Yeah that’s great. I ain’t buying the “win four games or the coach is done” nonsense either. The fans ain’t got no say in it either–or they shouldn’t. This talk of the fans dictating the future of the Broncos–what a bunch of BS. Bowlen’s gonna count seats in the final two home games–what a load. If you want them filled Pat, make sure the coach puts Tebow in. Otherwise it’s the Cuckoo Man and Diaper man show in Denver. Come see Cuckoo Man and the magical disappearing offense, followed by door number two: Wink Martindale’s pathetic pass rush giving up the obligatory 40 yard play at the worst possible moment. Why don’t we do some more of those three man rushes, eh? How about rushing only two? That’s surely a recipe for success.

Ultimately, it’s time for this organization to reap a high pick on defense dammit–a Richard Seymour, a Julius Peppers or a Ndamukong Suh–that’s the ticket.

Oh, and start the kid, sooner rather than later.

P.P.’s Straight Shootin’ – Broncos Losing Season Edition

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Broncos vs 49ers Preview: The Masquerade Bowl

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Dookie Bowl II

This Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London, England, we will witness two groups of 45 men masquerading as two professional NFL football teams.

The Brits are probably wondering what the hell they did to deserve such a peckered spectacle. The 1 and 6 Forty Niners and the 2 and 5 Broncos will compete in a dookie bowl of immense proportions and only one team will prove they are somewhat less crap-tastic than the other.

I happen to think Josh McDaniels did the right thing in postponing the Broncos journey to London this week. The Broncos will arrive in England on Friday, whereas the Forty Niners have been staying there throughout the week.

Getting in and getting the hell out is smart.

Dirty London

Why the hell would you subject your team to a bunch of dirty buildings, boiled potatoes and flapping gums filled with brown teeth for a full week? Bile laden gutters of stench, piss laden telephone booths full of disease–oh yeah that’s just wonderful. That’s just great I suppose we’ll just immerse ourselves in this stuff for a week. In fact, I bet the Forty Niners can’t wait to get the hell out of there by now. I could never understand the allure of walking around looking at old buildings. Old, dirty buildings, yeah that’s just wonderful. That’s exactly what I’d like to be doing right now.

Get in, and get the hell out. Hopefully with a win. Now that’s a good gameplan. Note to the Broncos: find the cheapest little dive selling halfway decent fish and chips and stick to it cause that’s as good as it gets. Anything else and you’ll feel ripped off. I’ll give the Brits credit where credit is due: they do a good cheap fish in chips wrapped in newspaper.

Can we beat a 1 and 6 team?

I repeat, can we beat a 1 and 6 team?

I’m not so sure.

I don’t really know. It all depends on what Broncos team shows up. If the Broncos in the Jets game show up then we’ll win, but if last weeks team takes the field then we’re doomed. I don’t care if Alex Smith is starting from off the bench, he’ll probably have the game of his life. He could be running, gunning and going hog wild out there at the Broncos expense for all we know. That’s all the preview you need to know: the Broncos show up or they don’t. They either play with some fire or they play down to the 49ers. We have the talent of a 10 and 6, 9and 7 team and we cannot put all the pieces together on Sundays  to perform with any consistency.

Can you imagine if Kyle Boller started last week? Probably the same exact result and they’d be talking quarterback controversy in Oakland right now.

This team has a lot of proving to do before I can take them seriously again. I want three wins in a row before I take them seriously. As it stands I’m just an unaffected observer, I’m not really expecting much out of this game. If we win, big deal, how about we beat the Chiefs? How about a three game winning streak? That’s what it’s gonna take for them to get off the snide–or at least somewhat.

In recent years this Broncos team has a problem with big games and division rivals. It dates back to the ass end of the Shanahan era, remember Shanny’s last game? That whipping by the Chargers in a game with playoff implications?

How about the final Chiefs game last year? Yet again, another game against a division rival with playoffs on the line.

Last week the game would determine which AFC West team has legitimate shot at catching the Chiefs– yet again the Broncos come out flat in another big game against a rival. I’m tired of this, something better be done about this cause something is rotten in Denmark.

Kyle Orton


I’ve heard talk about replacing the coach. That won’t happen anytime soon, but if the same team as last week keeps showing up it just might. People talk about getting a new coach who can motivate and all that jazz. We had Shanahan and now McDaniels and some of these problems are the same. I think it’s a lack of leaders on the field. We know we have Dawkins on defense, but who else? Where are the leaders on this team? We’ve got the “strong silent types,” in Champ, D.J. Williams and even Orton. I emphasize silent. Maybe we have too many of these silent types. There’s a lack of leadership on the field and it shows.

If we keep losing and I’m calling for the kid to play at quarterback plain and simple. To all those who say, ” He ain’t ready,” well how do you get ready? Riding pine?

What if Orton gets injured, do you want Brady Quinn taking over? Brady Quinn who was thoroughly outplayed by the rookie?

There’s a taint on the Kyle Orton show, like I said I question his leadership. What I saw Sunday–even though he was trying–didn’t inspire confidence. With all the glowing stats in the world between the 20’s he’s struggling when the defenses clamp down. Struggles in converting third downs and scoring in the red zone. Touchdowns and converting on third downs count, stats don’t.

The Broncos need to string together a few wins before I can take them seriously again. This starts with Orton leading the offense in touchdown scoring drives. Say what you want about the defense–yes they deserve their share of the blame, but scoring 17 points a game is unacceptable. We don’t have an all world defense, we have a decent defense, not a great one. It remains to be seen if we got what’s behind door number two with Wink Martindale. Like I said it looks like we picked the guy up from some Nascar event. I question his professionalism. But scoring only 17 points per game or less doesn’t cut it, we need 24-28 points a game to compete in this league. If we start losing I want us to put the kid in at QB. What some people don’t understand, is that it’s not a demotion of Kyle Orton in this case. No, you don’t start Tebow when we  still have the faintest chance at a playoff berth. But when those playoff hopes turn to a steaming pile of crap, there’s no reason for Orton to continue as the starter this year. Not to leave out the fact it would be boring as hell if he continues to do his Canadian Goose impression.

I’ll tell you some of these people didn’t see the same Tebow I saw in preseason. They probably just watched the ESPN highlights showcasing the interception and the fumbled snap. I saw a kid who had confidence, who threw the ball with zip and he had a very good deep ball. He also scored touchdowns. Say what you will about playing in the preseason–Brady Quinn, a guy with some actual NFL experience didn’t look nearly as good out there. I’m  telling you if the losses pile up it’s Tebow time, or it better be. QB controversy be damned.

ESPN recently apologized to England for sending the Broncos and 49ers over there, that’s how far the mighty Broncos have fallen. Some of the Broncos players said the problem with their poor performance isn’t on the coach. Well, if that’s the case,  I say way to stick up for him while talking to the press.

How about sticking up for him on the field?

Raiders 59 Broncos 14 – Worst Home Defeat in Broncos History

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Getty Images - Denver - October 24, Tight end Zach Miller #80 of the Oakland Raiders strides into the endzone in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at INVESCO Field at Mile High on October 24, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.

Josh McDaniels is a coward.

McDaniels picked Tim Tebow high, taking him in the first round of the draft and he claims the kid is a quarterback, first and foremost. In the ass end of a game where we had no chance, Josh McDaniels denied Tebow valuable playing time because he’s afraid of the media and a quarterback controversy.

Screw the press. Also, any possible excuse like “Tebow’s not ready yet,” is unacceptable. How do you get ready? How do you learn? You learn some by playing in garbage time. That game was over in the middle of the third quarter. Hell, it was likely over at the half, the Broncos don’t score many touchdowns. No excuse for not playing Tebow, other than the fact that Josh McDaniels has no balls.

Towards the end of the third quarter I told my family we’re going to find out about this coach. We’re going to find out if he has any guts. He doesn’t. It’s Tebow Time folks. The only problem is the coach doesn’t have the guts to admit it. I’m tired of Kyle Orton. I don’t care about his stats. Don’t care about them stats whatsoever.  He’s not getting it done on third downs, he’s not finishing drives with touchdowns. I question his leadership. I question the entire team’s leadership. Where are the leaders on the field? Did you see Orton talking to the offense, “rallying” them on the sideline? Looked like he was talking, looked like he was teaching Sunday School. No passion. He looked about as inspiring as a Canadian Goose.


All offseason long I said Jason Campbell sucked, and yes he still does but he was playing the Broncos this week. He’ll probably get benched next week. This team needs passion, it needs fire, it needs drive. It ain’t got it and it ain’t getting it. This is the worst Broncos loss at home as far back as I can remember. The Denver Post recently put up a piece on McDaniels and how Bowlen will definitely honor his four year contract.

Josh McDaniels

AP Photo: Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels watches the action during the first half of an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders, Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, in Denver.

After this loss? After this loss at home to the Raiders? Annihilated by the Raiders at home? 2 and 5, and dropping eight games last year in the second half of the season. Four years, eh? I wouldn’t be so sure of it after witnessing this. This keeps up and bye bye McDaniels in January, hell he might not make it out of this season if the team has truly quit on him.

I wasn’t expecting much today. I didn’t get angry, didn’t get excited, I watched this game as an unaffected observer. I wasn’t confident in the Broncos, the way they’ve been playing. I feel sorry for some of yous who were expecting something good. As of today, with that effort, I have no allegiances with this team. Not one, not Brian Dawkins, not Champ Bailey, not Orton and not even the coach. You put out an effort like this, and they can go ahead and overhaul this team in the offseason, let people go left and right and it wouldn’t bother me none.

The coach is ball-less for not putting Tebow out there when this game was clearly over. What an absolute joke. I formally apologize for predicting this team to go ten and six this year. You see that, eh? You see that Numby at the Post, I can admit when I’m wrong. This team ain’t going to the playoffs.

You think this team will win next week? I honestly doubt it.

It’s Tebow Time. It’s time to see what we have with Tim Tebow at starting quarterback. I want him starting after the bye, after the San Fran game. Let the kid play–no matter if he struggles–and come next summer it’s an open competition at  quarterback, period. Keep Kyle Orton in there when the game is completely over with? That was ball-less. That’s being afraid of a controversy.  If we keep playing like we’re playing and Tebow isn’t starting it will be a complete joke. Draft a quarterback in the first round and don’t start him in a losing season? Oh yeah, that’s genius.

Why? What is Orton going to prove? He’s gonna put up some more stats between the twenties like he did in the end of this game? We’re going to continue to score under twenty points a game and get all warm and fuzzy about it? What a joke.

Getty Images - Denver October 24: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos warms up before taking on the Oakland Raiders at INVESCO Field at Mile High on October 24, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.

It’s Tebow time.  Starting Tebow at quarterback is one of the only interesting things this team can do all season. It’s time to see what the future holds. This team ain’t contending. Get him out here, let him try and get these deadbeats all fired up and see what happens. Soon we’ll see how Tebow handles himself at quarterback in NFL games–that is, if the coach has any balls. He better grow some, but I bet he won’t. You watch, loss after loss will pile up and we’ll start Tebow in week 13 or something stupid like that.

At least this upcoming draft will be interesting.

Oh yeah, we’ll be picking high.

Updated: P.S. Dear players of this team, do you know how much Broncos tickets cost for a family of four? Imagine that, kids happy they’re gonna see their Broncos in the big rivalry game against the Raiders–only to witness that %&%&$ crap. You’ve got to be (*^*%ing me. I don’t care if these players hate the coach all of a sudden, I don’t know what it is, but they better be ashamed of themselves for putting out that *&$# effort.

I hear a lot of talk that the notion of starting Tebow is ludicrous. No, he’s not going to save the season–that’s not the point. The point is this team isn’t making the playoffs. The point is this Raiders game was over with at the half. You think Orton’s gonna make up that point deficit?

If so, I got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

When asked about not putting Tebow in McDaniels said: “We were just trying to run our offense and made a decision not to do that in that kind of a game,” McDaniels said. “That’s not really the time that I’d want him to get work anyways.” Sounds pretty lame. No reason not to start him in that game. I’ve been a critic of Tebow from day one. Some of you remember my reaction on draft day.

When the preseason rolled around I was impressed. I was impressed with Tebow’s arm, he was throwing the ball with zip and he was accurate. I’ll tell you something, if Tim Tebow can just make the throws Kyle Orton makes, he’s probably the future starter of this team, period. That’s all he needs to do, make the throws, show good judgment with his throws and he could be a much more dynamic threat at quarterback. You can do more with him and his athleticism, he can run and throw. When the receivers are covered he can run for some of those extremely important third downs that we aren’t converting.

Orton is wearing thin on me, he hasn’t been getting the job done. The job is scoring touchdowns, the job is converting third downs. The job is showing fire and passion. Orton’s played brilliantly between the 20’s but when a defense clamps down, when it matters most in the red zone and on third downs–he hasn’t gotten the job done. It’s not just him, the whole team is stinking and this team isn’t making the playoffs. I want Tebow starting after the bye, Orton has nothing to prove. We know who he is and what he can do. It’s not so  much a demotion of Kyle Orton, it’s just seeing if the kid wee drafted in the first round has anything in a losing season. Even if Tebow plays well, it’s still a competition next year.

People are talking about firing McDaniels, as if that’s anything new. But his job is on the line if this team has truly quit on him, if this nonsense continues. That “effort” was fecal matter. A home game too, can you get a load of that one? I’m done talking about this year’s football team until they put up three wins in a row, put up three wins in a row like any halfway decent team and then maybe I’ll talk about them.

I have something special I’m gonna roll out tomorrow, I’m not letting this football team spoil the fun of this season.

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Broncos verse the Raider guy it Return of bronco Jedi

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

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Time for new. forget awful loose. But Tiki torch win to defence line. All of them guy. the jason hunted and like the kelvin vickelson they done ball up the Jet guy so badly guy. first in you leage running guys and the bronco ball up. Ball they up in back field even guy it so foul bronco loosed even when ball up in backfield happen so many time shut down the jet runner.

tiki torch week 6

It time for return of the jedi guy. The bronco jedi. Many year ago. Well last year guy. Last year the bronco done beated the raider then the raider beated the bronco at home in foul loosed the jamnarcus russelt beated the bronco guy that was total disgraced. it was is the Empire strike back cause the evil al davies empror get he revenge guy. Ge the revenge like conand barbariat in stick place at end of movies yes.

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jamarcus the hutt

jamarcas the hutt retire


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the bronco jedi

bronco jedi

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horton is win

horton is the win player

Broncos Woes and Tebow’s Running – P.P.’s Straight Shootin’

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Looks like that Tiki is MIA. Probably off somewhere crying in his soup. He probably can’t decide who to give the “tiki torch” award to this week–can’t say I blame him.

That Krieger at the Post. I think they should fire him. These papers are tanking, they should cut ties with these spinmeisters.  After the game, when asked whether the Jets defense was on it’s heels when we ran Tebow’s special packages, Brandon Lloyd replied, “I don’t know.” Krieger added to that, ” not exactly a ringing endorsement.” Oh yeah Krieger, taking an absolutely innocent statement totally out of context and adding your own little snide remark. I’m sure Brandon Lloyd was focused on doing his job, in this case blocking… I suppose he had all the time in the world to review the tape just after the game to see how all eleven Jets reacted to Tebow. What a joke.

Goober Krieger goes on to say no one with 4.7 speed is going to be a star runner in the NFL. 4.7 speed is only a “glorified fullback,” he claims. The sea cuke Krieger spurts ” it’s not good enough to be worth the effort of the special packages if that’s as good as it gets…” What a joke. Every damn one of those special package plays gained positive yards and a touchdown to top it off. Anyone saying “Kyle Orton could of run that one in,” has a short memory when it comes to Orton running the football. If Tebow’s a 4.7 Orton’s got to be a damn 6. Tebow’s agility and physical ability is far superior. Hell, a 6 yard run with our dismal run blocking? That is no small feat, not to mention consistent two or three yards on the rest of them plays. Tebow even showed some moves making a Jets player miss on one of those plays.

4.7 don’t cut the mustard in the NFL, eh Kriegs? Tell that to Terrell Davis, you loser.

I suppose this Krieger don’t like us getting positive yardage, I suppose he don’t like keeping an opposing defense guessing… maybe this Krieger don’t like the Broncos finishing drives with a touchdown.

Plus, this loser has some balls, alluding to a “potential locker room rift,” between the team and its quarterbacks.

He picks the Jets to win on the eve of Orange Sunday, he badmouths the team in the offseason on the radio, yeah that’s right Krieger I don’t forget.

I want him gone. Pathetic reasoning, poor logic, faulty acuity and he’s clearly trying to stir the pot and create a controversy where there ain’t none. Conduct detrimental to the team. He’s dead weight over there at the Post and making little sense.  Just a provocateur, nothing more. At least Numby has passion, I’ll give him that much.

Oh, and if Kyle Orton’s rhythm is thrown off so badly by the special packages–which I’m sure it isn’t. Look no further than the New England game last year, I suppose that switching to Wild Horses was real rough on him. If for some reason he can’t handle these plays–then he ain’t a professional.

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