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P.P.’s Seahawks Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Review (Uncensored)

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Broncos Should Thank Lucky Stars for Tamme, Stokley

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

As much as I don’t approve of the name “Tamme” I have to give credit to these two.

Who does Peyton Manning throw to on third down, when the going gets tough?

It’s not Eric Decker. It’s not Demaryius Thomas. It’s usually either Stokley or Tamme. Even at the risk of getting picked.

I like hearing buffoons say Thomas and Decker are great. Not so, they have potential — moreso Thomas, but they are not great. Neither of them has proven themselves to be a dependable go-to receiver. Even the great Kyle Orton chose Brandon Lloyd over these two and got picked off like crazy last year forcing the ball to Lloyd time and again.

Maybe Orton and Manning just don’t make good reads. Maybe they are incapable of hitting their checkdowns.

I want to hear more excuses.

Maybe Thomas and Decker just aren’t very good. Maybe this defense isn’t great either. Schlereth and Sharpe sure think so. That 18th rank defense that got shredded by the great Caleb Hanie is surely going to be top five this year.

There are some people in this organization and some Broncos faithful that need a cold dose of reality. This team is not great. They didn’t just need a “real quarterback” as a final piece of the puzzle. What did this organization think early last year? Eh? 10-6 maybe 11-5 with Kyle Orton? Career year? Run the ball 500 times?

How’d that work out for you fellas?

You know, it’s never easy playing the blood rival Raiders and Chiefs — even when those teams suck proverbial balls.

I could see these Super Bowl Broncos falling to 1-4. This team is erratic, unpredictable and incomplete.

Just like last year. Who knows, maybe even worse.

Preach Stephen A., Preach


Prediction: Manning to Cardinals

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Manning leaves Bowlen, Elway and Fox holding the bag.

Bowlen: "I want a Super Bowl NOW... grumble grumble... fart."

Then what?

Trade our much maligned Tebow to the Jags and reach on Weeden or Tannehill?

Wouldn’t that be great? Especially if either failed to perform?

Or keep Tebow and expect fans to buy up tickets in droves since Tebow’s on the cover of the season preview?

What a joke. What a mistake this is.

Nice how we reward our young quarterback who showed flashes. More flashes than many other young quarterbacks in the league. Nice how we reward our young quarterback who led us to multiple come from behind victories, saved the season and won a playoff game. I bet Colt McCoy or Blaine Gabbert would have loved to pull out some wins in the fourth quarter. That’s not an easy thing to do you know.

This kid deserved a full offseason with little drama and the backing of our brass. He deserved a full offseason and deserved to start this year.

It’s the smart thing to do with a young QB who shows promise.

It’s the smart thing to focus on plugging holes in this recently 4-12 team, acquire a veteran backup and draft a mid to late round QB to push the kid and maybe even overtake the starting job if he fails.

Then if the kid fails this year it’s the smart thing to then draft a quarterback in 2013 when we’d have a much higher first round pick.

John Elway said he was going to work with Tebow in the offseason.

Source: John Elway prepares to help Tebow in the offseason by consulting Peyton Manning.

Some joke that is. I don’t think I’d listen to a word old horse teeth said after this debacle. Let’s be glad Tebow doesn’t have the spirit of P.P.

So much blind praise of this front office. How about a more objective look at it thus far?

Drafted Miller: Fine, Dareus or Peterson weren’t misses either. Drafted Moore: Not good. Drafted Irving: Didn’t see anything, we’ll see though. Botched the trade of Kyle Orton: Terrible. Should have traded him while his value was high, when it didn’t go down this FO believed we’d get to the playoffs with Orton. Goobers yelled “Career Year and Pro Bowl” while P.P. laughed and put up his impeccable Reality Meter. Traded a very good receiver in Jabar Gaffney for nothing. Threw a bunch of money at an injury prone Ty Warren who misses the season: Bad. Signed McGahee : Good. Signed Bunkley: Good. Gave the reins to the kid and try to turn him into Kyle Orton: Bad.

Finally, they come around to letting the kid do his thing and lo and behold we start winning.  While winning we endure week after week of snide comments leaking from the VP, which was unprofessional and unprecedented.

Overall it’s not all roses in Denver, it’s a mixed bag.

Now they want to sign a fourteen year veteran and kick the kid to the curb. For some reason the FO thinks we’re Super Bowl ready.

Maybe Tebowmania just got to Kyle Orton. Yeah, that’s why the pocket passer performed so poorly.

Actually our defense is top ten isn’t it? The way people are talking they’re really something. Well, they must be top fifteen right?

Actually no, they’re 20th.

They looked like 30th against the Patriots.

By the way, that defense needs about 5-6 starters.

I heard that Peyton Manning has video to prove he can throw fifty plus yards.

Did you hear that one?

I wonder if he has a video where he gets blindsided by a 300 pound lineman?

You know, like what happened to Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow behind our line?

More so the immobile Manning-like Orton. Funny how Tebow’s biggest hits came from inside the pocket when he tried to do an impression of Kyle Orton — like his coaches undoubtedly wanted.

Elway and Fox better get on their knees and pray. Pray that Peyton Manning chooses the Cardinals.

This is a mistake. This is a disgrace.

It’s not going to work.

The Denver Broncos will not win a Super Bowl this way.

I believe Manning realizes this. I believe he knows we’re further off from contending than Elway and Co. like to believe.

I believe Manning realizes there is a lot of pressure in Denver. Pressure to perform. If the Broncos fail to impress with Manning the backlash would be huge.


In Arizona?

Not so much.

John Elway and John Fox better pray that Manning chooses the Cardinals.

Or I, P.P. Dublinski will be there at every misstep. Every failure and every loss along the way I will be laughing and destroying these two and reminding them of their incredulity. I will ride atop a tsunami of devastation.

Jobs will be lost in such a wake.

I helped run Shanahan, Jay Huckdort Cutler, Scheffler and Brandon Marshall out of town.

And oh, when I turned on Orton, it wasn’t pretty. In fact it was even more devastating than I imagined.

I’ll do the same to John Elway and John Fox if this goes down. We ain’t winning a Super Bowl with Manning. It’s not a good fit. Smacks of pure bone headed “pocket passer” delusion and desperation. I suppose Elway has to have a pocket passer at all costs. He’s stuck on stupid with this crap. Manning in his eighth year? Fine. In his fifteenth? You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Better get in line with this FO.”

“Elway knows.”

“It’s John- freaking – Elway.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about John Elway the VP. I don’t give a rat’s ass quite honestly. Elway the player did us a great service — one of the greatest ever. Elway the VP can take a hike any time as far as I’m concerned.

Especially after this asinine move.

When Peyton says no, you damn well better sign Mario Williams.

That’s a smart move. Young, in his prime. Helps our defense.

Get Brandon Carr and Williams. Throw the money at them.

And oh yeah, it might be nice if this FO did the smart thing like keeping their mouths shut about our quarterback until his performance in the games dictates otherwise.


Tebow Haters Ship of Fools has Sailed

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

tebow haters

Look at them sea cukes.

He can’t play, he can’t throw.

Cue Brady Quinn…

Tebow is the starter in 2012, should have been anyways based on the overall body of work.

Last week you got that Stink still spewing a bunch of turd: “Tebow won’t be playing in the league next year.”

Stink, Stank, Stunk… See ya buddy.

And you know something?

I won’t touch the tackles from back then, but a guard? The Super Bowl Broncos would have been just fine with David Diaz-Infante in there buddy. And that’s the truth.

We don’t need ya, and we never did Stink.

Your failing tact is a black spot on the Broncos organization, and your rooting against the Broncos to prove some inane point of yours is a disgrace.

Dan Marino before the game: The Broncos won’t score a touchdown.

Tom Jackson last week: How can you continue with a QB who can’t throw the ball.

Absolutely inane comments being drummed up last week about Brady Quinn too. Some joke that was. Who are you gonna believe? The Denver Post Dummies, Ed Werder and Jay Glazer? The extreme tact of P.P.? The eyewitness report from Phil Simms? Or these sea cucumbers out there spouting a bunch of crap.

And shame, shame on Woody Paige.

“Put in Quinn on some passing plays…”

Outrageous. Way to have some faith there Woodrow.

You’ll notice Peter King up there too. Oh yeah, he says good things about the Broncos — when they’re winning. Old Petey King predicted the week 11 Jets game would be Tebow’s last and John Fox would go into next year realizing ” at least he has a Wildcat QB on the roster. ”

You hear the latest from the haters, eh? Even in the face of this big playoff win they’re crying about Tebow completing less than fifty percent of his passes. Talk about grasping at dingleberries.

Want a QB who completes over fifty percent? I hear Kyle Orton is a free agent. We can bring him back in to lose twelve games, make our offense completely ordinary and yet we can all smile about his over fifty percent completion rating.

Maybe he’ll even break a record and throw the ball to Thomas twenty four times in a game.

These people don’t deserve to be heard any more. The ship of fools has sailed. See ya. I’m done with you Stink, Alfred, Legwold, Carter and their erroneous miscreant-laden ilk. Good for Klis to start telling it like it is (finally) and Elway to start acting intelligent about the whole deal.

It was a good performance from Tebow and Demaryius Thomas last Sunday. Thomas became a man, I saw potential in him the first time he took to the field and I’m glad he’s coming around to playing like a first rounder.

Who the hell was that Bush player anyways? Didn’t do too badly. You see, I ain’t ever gonna jump up and down to draft a corner in the first round. No, the way I see it the Broncos should move up in the first round to get either a middle linebacker or running back.

If the next Al Wilson is sitting there at 15, let’s go get him. Sorry, Joe Mays is over matched. People talk up our defense, but I’ll tell you we can get much better with a middle linebacker and another defensive tackle. Quinton Carter had a good game, good interception and made some good tackles.

I don’t want to hear any more snide comments from Willis McGahee or other Broncos players. Good for Skip Bayless for telling it like it is on that one. Don’t want to hear it, especially not after that performance McGahee. The kid even bailed you out, didn’t he now? Unbelievable these people who just don’t understand Tebow’s big effect on the running game, regardless of his passing. No way does McGahee have all that yardage with Orton or Quinn starting over center and that’s a fact.

People talk about us running the football, first in the league. Well we can get better there too. I’m not hip to Willis McGahee being “the guy” he’s good and I respect him but he needs to be our number two. I want a big-time running back. I want a younger more explosive Willis McGahee starting. Holy hell the kid could go over 1,500 yards and break some of them runs for touchdowns. We can be much better running the football.

I don’t want to hear about drafting a QB in the second round either. This team needs to build on what we have going right now, we need new bodies starting day one and I want to see the first and second round picks helping this team do what it did yesterday: Run the ball, play defense and make big plays throwing down the field.

I don’t care if the Broncos go up there to New England and get blown out. Doesn’t really matter. They’ve done enough. This season has already been validated, the quarterback position has also been validated for 2012. How could we expect this after 4 and 12, 1 and 4?

I give the Broncos a 20 percent chance next week. That’s a lot more than most would give I’m sure. The Patriots came into Denver jacked, they played that game like a playoff game and without those three brain fart turnovers the Broncos may have had a lead a the half.

If it’s tied or we’re leading at halftime, we have a shot. I don’t trust our defense against the Patriots offense. I don’t trust the Patriots defense against the Broncos offense either.


Denver Broncos: A Tale of Late Season Woe

Friday, December 30th, 2011
Denver Broncos Playoffs Tim Tebow

Denver Broncos Late Season Nightmares

Well it looks like that Horvil Tiki has gone off the deep end, serves him right. He’s making absolutely no sense (not that he ever did). The losses in the ass end of the season (yet again) probably got to him.

I suppose I could outline all the flaws about last weeks game. Talk about our offensive coordinator who thinks a seven point lead in the first quarter warrants running the ball up the middle on first, second and third down (I guess this guy thinks we are a power running team.) How Tim Tebow sucked, how our defense sucked and has been sucking the last three games. How our pass rush was non-existent yadda yadda, whatever.

It all goes away if the Broncos win this Sunday.

Whether it’s by one point or twenty, win and all the BS from the last couple games goes away.

Lose and the Broncos and Tim Tebow will hear about it ALL YEAR LONG.

Are you confident about this team winning against Kansas City this Sunday?

I ain’t.

Not with what I’m seeing out there. The Keystone Cops defense has returned. The only thing that gives me hope is KC’s RB Battle is out and Kyle Orton is immobile. The way these opposing quarterbacks have been running for first downs on us is an absolute joke. Reminds me of the 2009 season when Donovan McNabb ran for twenty one yards on a third and twenty late in the game. This defense looks worn down and our quarterback running around like a chicken with its head cut off sure as hell ain’t helping anything.

That said, I’m not too worried about Tebow. He seems to play well in big games and against division rivals. He could have a great game Sunday and you know what? We could still lose.

I believe this game boils down to the Denver Broncos defense and it’s ability to pressure Kyle Orton. I’ve heard some pretty moronic things this week from Denver Post journalists and others about Kyle Orton. They talk about him like he’s Johnny Unitas out there, while in reality there’s absolutely no telling whether he’ll even be a Chief next year–that’s how amazing he is. We all know how limited he is and how he plays under pressure. We all know about his mobility on par with a one legged goat.

A one legged goat. Probably worse legs than Matt Cassel and we all know what our defense did to him in November. Well, a defense that wasn’t worn down like it is now. Unbelievable.

Pressure Kyle Orton, get to him and this game is won. Go get him. We got the Chiefs QB before, time to man up and get him again. Fail this and it’s down the river on a $^%thouse door, baby.

The Broncos should win this game — on paper. On paper we’re a better team than the Chiefs and they are limited on offense with Kyle Orton, Dwayne Bowe and McCluster. We should have an answer for each of these players, the key term is should. I’m not confident at all the way our team is playing, how could you be based on the past couple performances?

In recent years, the Broncos late season woes have been inexcusable. Look at the Infographic here, unbelievable suckage in the ass-end of the season.

Mike Shanahan and Jay “Huckdort” Cutler couldn’t do it.

Josh McDaniels and Kyle “Cuckooman” Orton couldn’t do it.

Can John Fox and Timmy Teebs do it? We’ll learn a lot about Fox and Tebow in this game. Can Fox motivate this team to show up? Can Tebow lead the offense to the playoffs?

I better see fires lit under asses. I better see us up by twenty one points in the first half. It better go down like that.

I’ll tell you what: I ain’t going down with this ship. Fail this task and it’s going to be trouble.

I’ll tell you something Tim Tebow, maybe God doesn’t care if the Broncos lose.

But P.P. Dublinski sure as hell does.

I better not get disrespected this Sunday. Better come to play. Don’t you dare embarrass me.

For I am the Dark Ninja of the Depths. I am the Catalyst. I have wisdom upon my brow and in my right hand is strength.

In my left hand is vengeance.

I am the Catalyst and Pat Bowlen surely reads the iron truths of P.P. Dublinski.

I heralded the s%^tcanning of Shanhan — but that was easy.

I proclaimed the demise of Jay “Huckdort” Cutler months before it happened. Months before anyone even imagined such a thing. I knew he didn’t look right, didn’t protect the ball. Go google Huckdort, go gaze at that incredible image search. My iron truths on display for all to see.

And yes, Josh McDaniels did ultimately fail the Broncos is many ways — but I still believe his time will come elsewhere and he is responsible for tossing Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler and that gooned out Huckdort. You can add Peyton Hillis to that list — something ain’t right with him and his attitude.

He canned these Shanahan era prima donna losers and I and everyone else should be thankful for it.

I heralded the demise of Brandon Marshall, I knew he was gone while others were enthralled with the coach’s “hug” and figured he’d surely come back. Pay him fifty million plus — what a laugh.

The very next day after I turned on McDaniels he was fired. Bowlen figured P.P. turned and that is all.

This team gets into the playoffs and that is a win in and of itself. Don’t matter if we lost 50-3 to the Steelers or whoever. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Know them by their strange, malformed logic and puerile acuity on the level of a gelatinous sea cucumber or facsimile thereof.

My power and countenance is not to be trifled with. Don’t you dare disrespect me out there.

I better see fires lit under asses and I better see a real football team out there.

Fail this and it will be one hell of a long offseason.

Broncos 16 Chargers 13 I Will Demand Apologies

Sunday, November 27th, 2011
Tim Tebow Winner

Tim Tebow: Winner

The Tim Tebow led Broncos just stuck a proverbial dagger in the hearts of the San Diego Chargers.

Ready for the Brady Quinn era to begin?

What’s the criticism of the Broncos quarterback this week? eh?

This front office should have rallied around this kid in training camp and given him every chance to succeed this year.

Someone in this front office had the right idea, then they reneged — to their folly.

How about that Dave Krieger, Mike Klis, Jeff Legwold and that goon at ESPN Bill Williamson? How about your pocket passer playing for the Chiefs now?

“We’ll win more than we lose with Kyle Orton.”

“Broncos are credible with Orton.”

“The practice players are the real gamers.”

How bout that Elway and Shannon Sharpe, just cut bait with Tebow now and get Brady Quinn ready by halftime.

Meanwhile, this kid is absolutely killing our division rivals.

Don’t tell me he didn’t do anything today Merril Hog, Cris Carter and Stephen A. Smith. Yeah, the defense and the offensive line played well but this kid was moving the chains and throwing strikes when it counted.

This Broncos front office must apologize for their horrible mistake in the first half of this season. We went 1 and 4 due to their deficient tact and woeful handling of the quarterback situation.

This Broncos team should be 8 and 3 sitting atop the AFC West.

We should have beat Oakland and the Titans. Both were close games where dynamic play from the quarterback would have made a difference. Instead we had a goober out there who can “make all the throws” forcing the ball to a well covered Lloyd and getting picked. That Skip Bayless over at ESPN probably believes we’d be 9 and 2 right now and he’s probably correct.

This front office must pay for their insufficient tact. Someone early on had an idea of what a winner was, someone else rebuffed it. I will be making phone calls and sending letters this week.

I will be demanding formal apologies and or resignations.

Tebow: If They Don’t Want You, Force the Issue

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

They’re about one half of football away from shelving Tim Tebow in Denver forever.

If Timmy Teebs doesn’t play well at all in that first half we might see Kyle Orton get the nod in the second.

Call it unfair, call it a conspiracy where management who turned on him in training camp hopes he fails… whatever.

If Tebow gets benched in this game, that’s it, we’re drafting a quarterback in the first round of the 2012 draft.

If he ends up on the bench, that’s the end of the Tebow era in Denver and he’ll be on some other team in 2012.

Best case scenario for Teebs if he gets traded? Well that would be some good team picking him up at a reduced price, someone good like the Patriots. I could see the Pats using him in trick plays and on the goal line for a couple years. Then if Tebow can manage to improve his accuracy he’ll have yet another shot in three or four years. A good team will have the luxury letting him sit and develop for a couple more years. The Broncos do not have that luxury.

In order to start the rest of this year and be on the Broncos roster next year, Tebow will simply have to move the offense this Sunday.

Plain and simple. I don’t care if the balls are wobbly, I don’t care if he’s sacked 8 times, I don’t care if his biggest plays are designed runs–Teebs must move the chains. This offense must move. If not, that’s it.

It’s tough as hell moving this Broncos offense. Just ask seven year veteran Kyle Orton. Orton at least had the safety net named Brandon Lloyd to throw at when all was naught. I’ll admit that the trading of Lloyd was a bigger loss to this offense than I imagined.

When benched Brandon Marshall, Jabar Gaffney stepped up and he could get open. When we traded Marshall, Lloyd stepped up and became “the guy” at wide receiver who could get open. When we traded Brandon Lloyd… well I guess you have Eric Decker. Decker who is basically a rookie, Thomas who is basically a rookie and Eddie Royal who is nowhere as usual. Fells is OK.

Add in a porous offensive line and you get the picture. The deck is stacked against Timmy Teebs–so be it.

If they really don’t want Timmy Teebs, he’ll have to force the issue. He’ll have to move this offense. It HAS to move forward, otherwise that’s it. Even though they might instill a crappy game plan, he has to hit those receivers when they do manage to get open.

If you’re a Broncos fan, the best case scenario is for Teebs to come out there this Sunday and throw like he did in that first drive last week for most of the game. If he can improve and we can win a couple games this year, then the Broncos can draft an offensive lineman or defensive lineman… or middle linebacker in the first round. Forget cornerback Legwold, unbelievable this guy. We’ve had the best in Bailey for years and what has it done for our defense overall? Huge difference maker?  If Teebs improves we can focus on building the rest of the team, especially the front seven and offensive line.

If not, then it’s down the river on a $&^thouse door this year baby, and there’s no guarantee we’ll be in a position to draft the QB we want in 2012… who knows, we could end up reaching and miss.

Broncos to End Orton Error, Begin Tebow Era

Sunday, October 16th, 2011
Denver Broncos Orton

Wreck of the S.S. Orton

So now we hear both Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal requested trades before the Chargers game last week (that puts a dent in the haters version, that they want out because of Tebow.)

Get rid of them.

Get them gone, and oh by the way doesn’t is suck that we don’t have Gaffney right now? Gaffney, who is the second best receiver on the Redskins and a professional.

Eddie Royal? What’s he done lately?

How about nothing.

Sayonara pal. Let’s give Matthew Willis his spot.

Brandon Lloyd is a prima donna on the field after one good year. He’s good, he’s not great. I remember him spouting off that Orton would see “greener pastures” if traded.

Brandon Lloyd’s lousy production this year is because of John Fox’s scheme–so says Lloyd. Surely it’s not because teams are wary of him this year, unlike last year where he came out of nowhere and snuck up on people–so said I, all along.

I knew this Lloyd was gone after this year, but oh no we were gonna go to the playoffs with him and Pro Bowler Kyle Orton. Remember that crap?

Remember how amazing the Broncos were when they beat up on Buffalo in preseason? Oh yeah the Pro Bowlers Orton and Lloyd were going to light the league on fire. We would run 500 times… Play big-time defense…

Now look at us. Back to reality, the reality I was aware of from the start. This isn’t a very good team and we should have started the kid from the beginning of training camp.

We should have jettisoned Kyle Orton at the beginning of the year when he had some value. We could have traded Lloyd then too–he certainly had better value at the start of the season.

Instead, we decided to build the season around these free agent ingrates and we sent a professional in Jabar Gaffney packing for absolutely nothing in return.

Lloyd becomes a prima donna after one good season–unbelievable.

I said 80% chance he’s gone after this year. Now what if we don’t trade him? What if we can’t trade Lloyd or Royal? Won’t that be nice to have two starting receivers who don’t want to be here, maybe they’ll both punt a football.

This administration, this management is sucking. First they made a terrible decision to go with a journeyman QB who’s gone after this year, next they trade a good player for nothing, finally they make a big splash in free agency on “Ty Warren.”

Normally you learn about trades after they’ve been executed.

Instead we got leak after leak going down at Dove Valley. It’s a problem that has plagued this team for years. Somebody leaked the McDaniels/Cassel/Cutler “trade,” later you have some loser on our staff popping off about McDaniels “Spygate”… botched Orton deal… Tebow’s worse than Adam Weber…

What the hell is going on up there? You need to punt some losers on that staff, never mind some of these ungrateful players.

Keep Tebow, Clady, Walton, Franklin, McGahee, Decker, Willis…

Keep Ayers, Miller, Moore and…

You know what? The rest can go.

Trade Bailey to a contender at the end of this year, maybe even Dumervil if he doesn’t shape up in this system soon. Cut Dawkins, let him try to play for somebody somewhere.

Other than that, this team’s success is now all about our young players. Developing Teebs, Moore, Miller, Franklin… The Broncos “success” will be developing these players. You’d like to win games, sure, but the future is most important.

5-6, 6-5 from here on out this season? That’s the best case scenario this year for these Denver Broncos. I could see us upsetting a decent team or two with Teebs at the helm, not so with Orton.

PS, If we can’t trade Lloyd by Monday, send him to Miami for a late seventh rounder by Tuesday. Maybe Lloyd can take some notes from Marshall. Cut him if you have to.

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