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An Open Letter to John Elway

Thursday, March 6th, 2014
Elway Teeth

Big Daddy Elway better pony up for a Safety.

I have assurances that this missive will reach Broncos General Manager John Elway, so here goes.

As most of you people may know, I P.P. Dublinski did not approve of the Peyton Manning signing from the start and here is why:

First, I liked the direction the team was headed in. The Broncos had a run-first mentality. Run-first, play good defense and pass well enough to win. It worked at times, but much of the blame was cast on the quarterback who was in reality only deserving of some of it. The team as a whole was mediocre and could be upgraded to perform much better with this philosophy.

Rubes, goobers and Elway cronies in the media such as Shannon Sharpe, Mark Schlereth and Tom Jackson claimed the Broncos defense was “great,” the running game was amazing as was the offensive line.

It was the quarterback ruining the show.

When the Broncos signed Peyton Manning many of the fans went crazy. They jumped for joy.

I knew better.

I knew the Broncos offense wasn’t very good, the defense wasn’t very good and I knew that we’d start to run things the Peyton Manning way. When Willis McGahee claimed he would run for more yards with Manning, I laughed out loud. He obviously didn’t know the Manning style offense of traps, draws, traps.

Omaha… Omaha… Throw, Throw, Throw…

Third down and two yards to go? Throw.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t have bellyached one bit if the former Broncos QB was supplanted by Brock Osweiler at mid season. That probably would have happened. We would have started a low-priced, young, athletic quarterback with promise and I would have been fine with it.

Peyton Manning Broncos

I don’t want to see any more Papa John’s commercials either, winners don’t do commercials until they retire.

But you of all people John Elway should have known this team was in for an ass whooping. Trying to win a Super Bowl by riding Peyton Manning’s arm? It’s a flawed concept.

You should know the Broncos need a solid running game and a defense instead of relying almost totally on this one-dimensional pocket passing crap.

It doesn’t work, it never wins championships. Dan Fouts, Dan Marino — the pass, pass, pass crap doesn’t work against the very good teams.

Trouble is, the Omaha crap does work in the regular season against the poor and mediocre teams.

It doesn’t work against a Forty Niners defense or a Seahawks defense. You may add a few NFC teams to this list when the regular season starts — some teams are getting better. The Seahwawks covered the Broncos receivers, they pressured Manning and they did not respect the Broncos paltry running attack one bit. The Broncos defense held up for a half but was then worn down. Few big plays were made by the defense because the team doesn’t have playmakers in key positions.

Broncos first Super Bowl? Very average offense, great defense = Loss

Broncos next three Super Bowls? Great QB, lousy running games, very average defenses = Losses

Broncos next two Super Bowls? Great QB, great running games, above average defenses = Wins

Woody Paige

Woody Paige: Last seen giving you 48 reasons why the Broncos would win the big show.

There ain’t no way no how the Broncos are going to win a championship with a very average running game and an average to slightly above average defense. Very few teams can accomplish such a feat in the post season no matter who the QB is. I don’t want to hear a list of excuses from  buffoons like Woody Paige, I don’t want to hear about the Broncos having an amazing defense and I don’t want to hear that all we need to do is get better on defense and get a couple more good receivers.

I have been detached from this team for the last two seasons and it has definately served me well. When the Broncos got beat by the Ravens in the first round I was totally unfazed. When the Broncos got killed by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl I predicted it right here early that very day.

In order for you Mr. Elway, in order for you to regain the powerful alliance of P.P. Dublinski you need to accomplish five things this offseason. Fail these and fail miserably.

I don’t think you’ll do it.

Surprise me.

Hey, I’m only trying to help you to not get embarassed deep in the playoffs next year.

First and foremost, the Broncos need a big-time Safety. Big-time. Get the best, whoever is available. I’d prefer a free agent over drafting since the Broncos have shown they are incapable of drafting a safety in recent years.

Number one top priority right there. Someone who hits hard and sets the tone. Get him at all costs. It’s a glaring hole in this defense. Do everything possible to get the best. Break the proverbial bank on this signing.

Second, acquire a hard hitting, playmaking linebacker. We need someone making plays at this position. Not someone serviceable or “fast” or “can cover.” Hitting hard and making plays. The Broncos are incomplete at linebacker and need one more big-time player at that position.

Third, acquire a ball hawking playmaking cornerback. I don’t care about someone who can just cover, I’m talking about a consistent playmaker at this position similar to a Sam Shields out of Green Bay.  Someone who gets interceptions, I don’t care if they get burned once in a while. This team needs turnovers.

Out of these three players, two must play at an All Pro level. One can just be solid. That’s three players this defense desperately needs.

I would not let Shaun Phillips go. He is the “Alfred Williams” of this defense. Where else would he or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie go anyways? The Forty Niners? The Seahawks? I’d sign these two as long as they’re reasonable. Certainly let Decker, Knowshon and Ayers go. Woodyard too, I think he’s overrated. I’d re-sign Ayers if he doesn’t ask for much. He is a good rotational player worth a few good plays at times.

Elway needed a running game to really win.

Elway needed a running game to really win.

That said, people who think that Peyton Manning had a bad day and the Broncos just need to bolster their defense to beat the Forty Niners/Seahawks are kidding themselves. Anyone who thinks the Broncos just need to bolster their defense and upgrade their wide receivers are also sea cucumbers with a sizable lack of mental faculty.

Fourth, the Peyton Manning show in Denver needs to be toned down and he needs to split his time with a legitimate running game.

A legitimate running game with a legitimate running back.

I really don’t think Peyton Manning is willing to do it. I don’t think the Broncos brass is willing to do it either. I believe it’s a huge problem and the Broncos won’t adapt.
The type of running game I’m talking about is where the Broncos can line it up on first down and run three times for another first down. Against a good defense, mind you.

Is Montae Ball the answer? I say maybe, but maybe not. I wouldn’t count on it. Hopefully he progresses more. But if I were the Broncos I would probably draft yet another back in the third or fourth rounds. Someone with size and speed. Someone who can really take it to the house when they break free.

We don’t have this player currently.

Sign or draft a new running back with size and speed. I’ll add a second minor part: Do the Broncos even have a fullback? What the hell happened to us?

The Broncos need a legitimate 1,400 yard rusher. They must acquire this or they must split the load between two workhorse running backs.

Do you think they’ll use a fullback? Do you think we’ll see 35 touchdowns for Manning and 20 from our running game?

I don’t. And therein lies the biggest rub.

That is the type of balanced offense that could win a Superbowl and I don’t think the Broncos will adapt. I don’t think Manning would be happy lining it up and running a lot more and doing more of the play action pass thing.

You know that thing that keeps good defenses guessing? That buys that split second because they actually need to honor your running game?

I don’t care about regular season stats. I don’t want to see Manning pass for 55 touchdowns.

Some people think that’s amazing. I don’t at all.

Fifth, the Broncos must commit to the run.

They must play like a Super Bowl team during the regular season.

If they’re smart the Broncos would run the football a lot more and reduce Peyton Manning’s role to where the game doesn’t rest almost completely on his shoulders.

If it’s the same old pass, pass Omaha crap. Run a trap here, run a draw there — then the Broncos are one good opposing defense or one foul day of weather away from getting bounced early in the post season.

Or God forbid embarassed in the Super Bowl.

Yet again.

NFL League Source

League source says: “Just blame the defense.”

It won’t be funny this time either. It will be a series of unforgettable, unforgivable black marks on the franchise.

I will blame John Elway the most. He should know.

I’m telling you people, if this Peyton Manning experiment doesn’t win a Super Bowl, consider it a failure and it will have set the team back.

The ball’s in your court Big Daddy Elway.

P.S. It’s gotten awful quiet in the comments since reality showed up in the Super Bowl.

P.P.’s Seahawks Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Review (Uncensored)

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Seahawks 43 Broncos 8

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

It seems I gave the Broncos more credit than they deserved in my pre-game prediction. I had them actually scoring 20 points in a loss.

Aren’t you glad you listened to me though? Aren’t you glad that you didn’t buy into the over-hyped Broncos?

Poor saps out there probably crying in their beers. They don’t know what the hell just whacked them…

How about reality?

Oh yeah baby, cause I am reality.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t buy in last year too?

I sure as hell am. Like I’ve said since day one of acquiring Manning… DAY $)&%in ONE… THE BRONCOS WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS WAY.

Oh let’s  see, we’ll take a team that ain’t ready on offense or defense (but everyone and their brother said it was a great team, they just had an inept QB holding them back)

We’ll take a team with a sub-par defense and very average running game and we’ll just tack on a hall of fame QB in the twilight of his years and we’ll become instant Super Bowl contenders… Right?

What a joke. What a disgrace. The whole damn team is practically Peyton Manning now. I don’t like it one bit. If he sucks, the Broncos suck and there ain’t no plan B. He’s about as mobile as Kyle Orton and if you pressure him he does his best Jerry Lewis impression out there. Too bad this team ain’t well rounded on offense, you know, like a plan B of a solid running game. A balanced attack like John Elway and Terrell Davis had.

Elway should have known, shouldn’t he? You can’t rely on a QB–even a great one–to be the whole effin’ show.

But oh no, we’re gonna be this finesse “pocket passing” Omaha!? Omaha!? crap.  Take your Omaha and stick it where the sun don’t shine pal. I want a damn rushing attack, some play action passing… but we won’t get that as long as Pumpkinhead is running the show.

Isn’t it great to be detached from this team for two years now? I sure as hell believe so. Last year when they crapped out in the playoffs I just watched as an unaffected observer. Same with this season, I didn’t buy into ANY of the hype. Even when they were breaking regular season records. I knew this team was weak and lacking. Not a Super Bowl running game, not a Super Bowl defense.

Was surprised the Broncos managed to get to the Super Bowl though, I didn’t quite recognize just how utterly sorry and pathetic the AFC was this year.

Hell, do you people even need another Broncos blog? All I read was a bunch of rah-rahhing crap and gums flapping about stats.

I told it to you people straight from the get-go. Straight from day *&%(*&ing ONE of the Manning debacle.

I could have saved you all sorts of time and anguish if you just listened to the IRON words of ol’ P.P. Dublinski.

Those who have an ear will hear what the Dark Ninja of the Depths is saying…

There should be 200 days of P.P.

Two hundred freaking days of P.P.

On every Colorado station, on every Colorado sports page.

Two hundred days of P.P. telling it like it is. Telling the rubes and the goobers to get lost. Ruling with an iron fist and smacking down sea cucumbers and their faulty logics, their inept thinkery, their debauched mental ineptitude left and right. Left and &^*&in right.

I am ruling and vindicated. Once again.

The rubes and the goobs must have been shell-shocked tonight.

But I sure as hell ain’t.

More to come, much more to come.

Tebow Haters Ship of Fools has Sailed

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

tebow haters

Look at them sea cukes.

He can’t play, he can’t throw.

Cue Brady Quinn…

Tebow is the starter in 2012, should have been anyways based on the overall body of work.

Last week you got that Stink still spewing a bunch of turd: “Tebow won’t be playing in the league next year.”

Stink, Stank, Stunk… See ya buddy.

And you know something?

I won’t touch the tackles from back then, but a guard? The Super Bowl Broncos would have been just fine with David Diaz-Infante in there buddy. And that’s the truth.

We don’t need ya, and we never did Stink.

Your failing tact is a black spot on the Broncos organization, and your rooting against the Broncos to prove some inane point of yours is a disgrace.

Dan Marino before the game: The Broncos won’t score a touchdown.

Tom Jackson last week: How can you continue with a QB who can’t throw the ball.

Absolutely inane comments being drummed up last week about Brady Quinn too. Some joke that was. Who are you gonna believe? The Denver Post Dummies, Ed Werder and Jay Glazer? The extreme tact of P.P.? The eyewitness report from Phil Simms? Or these sea cucumbers out there spouting a bunch of crap.

And shame, shame on Woody Paige.

“Put in Quinn on some passing plays…”

Outrageous. Way to have some faith there Woodrow.

You’ll notice Peter King up there too. Oh yeah, he says good things about the Broncos — when they’re winning. Old Petey King predicted the week 11 Jets game would be Tebow’s last and John Fox would go into next year realizing ” at least he has a Wildcat QB on the roster. ”

You hear the latest from the haters, eh? Even in the face of this big playoff win they’re crying about Tebow completing less than fifty percent of his passes. Talk about grasping at dingleberries.

Want a QB who completes over fifty percent? I hear Kyle Orton is a free agent. We can bring him back in to lose twelve games, make our offense completely ordinary and yet we can all smile about his over fifty percent completion rating.

Maybe he’ll even break a record and throw the ball to Thomas twenty four times in a game.

These people don’t deserve to be heard any more. The ship of fools has sailed. See ya. I’m done with you Stink, Alfred, Legwold, Carter and their erroneous miscreant-laden ilk. Good for Klis to start telling it like it is (finally) and Elway to start acting intelligent about the whole deal.

It was a good performance from Tebow and Demaryius Thomas last Sunday. Thomas became a man, I saw potential in him the first time he took to the field and I’m glad he’s coming around to playing like a first rounder.

Who the hell was that Bush player anyways? Didn’t do too badly. You see, I ain’t ever gonna jump up and down to draft a corner in the first round. No, the way I see it the Broncos should move up in the first round to get either a middle linebacker or running back.

If the next Al Wilson is sitting there at 15, let’s go get him. Sorry, Joe Mays is over matched. People talk up our defense, but I’ll tell you we can get much better with a middle linebacker and another defensive tackle. Quinton Carter had a good game, good interception and made some good tackles.

I don’t want to hear any more snide comments from Willis McGahee or other Broncos players. Good for Skip Bayless for telling it like it is on that one. Don’t want to hear it, especially not after that performance McGahee. The kid even bailed you out, didn’t he now? Unbelievable these people who just don’t understand Tebow’s big effect on the running game, regardless of his passing. No way does McGahee have all that yardage with Orton or Quinn starting over center and that’s a fact.

People talk about us running the football, first in the league. Well we can get better there too. I’m not hip to Willis McGahee being “the guy” he’s good and I respect him but he needs to be our number two. I want a big-time running back. I want a younger more explosive Willis McGahee starting. Holy hell the kid could go over 1,500 yards and break some of them runs for touchdowns. We can be much better running the football.

I don’t want to hear about drafting a QB in the second round either. This team needs to build on what we have going right now, we need new bodies starting day one and I want to see the first and second round picks helping this team do what it did yesterday: Run the ball, play defense and make big plays throwing down the field.

I don’t care if the Broncos go up there to New England and get blown out. Doesn’t really matter. They’ve done enough. This season has already been validated, the quarterback position has also been validated for 2012. How could we expect this after 4 and 12, 1 and 4?

I give the Broncos a 20 percent chance next week. That’s a lot more than most would give I’m sure. The Patriots came into Denver jacked, they played that game like a playoff game and without those three brain fart turnovers the Broncos may have had a lead a the half.

If it’s tied or we’re leading at halftime, we have a shot. I don’t trust our defense against the Patriots offense. I don’t trust the Patriots defense against the Broncos offense either.


Broncos 17 Jets 13, Tebow 95 Yard Game Winning Drive

Friday, November 18th, 2011
Tim Tebow Jets

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow rolls out against New York Jets Bart Scott (57) in the first quarter of their NFL football game in Denver, Colorado, November 17, 2011 (Reuters)

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Jets are officially a disgrace.

Anyone else notice how the great Darrelle Revis ducked Tim Tebow while the much maligned QB lowered his shoulder and charged?

He ducked.

What a punk move. Revis certainly talks a mean game about Tebow.

Now, the loud-mouthed fat-ass Rex Ryan Jets have to limp and lick their wounds all the way back to New Jersey. Ever ride down 95 through New Jersey? Eh? What a sewer.

Tebow shocks the world and wins the game with a 95 yard drive — mainly with his legs — unbelievable. Take that Cris Carter, Merril Hoge, Boomer Esiason and in-house fools Shannon Sharpe, Mark Schlereth and Al Williams. People can’t understand this quarterback, he’s a bona fide Terrell Davis trying to throw.

That’s right, he has patience, vision and a knack for recognizing the flow of the defenders. According to Dave Krieger of the Denver Post, Tebow only runs a 4.7 so he won’t be a successful runner. Terrel Davis ran a 4.7, so much for that Kriegs.

The Broncos couldn’t catch any breaks early in this game. Eric Decker couldn’t catch any passes either.

I know Tebows’ numbers passing the ball aren’t very good — yet again — but a few catchable passes were dropped. Also, he needs more help from his receivers, they need to come back to the ball when those balls are thrown low. That TE Rosario did a good job of this on the winning drive.

I’ll say this now and I’ll say it again: I’d rather have a quarterback overthrowing or under throwing into the ground rather than throwing a pick for a touchdown.

Three quarters into this game I was absolutely livid. I could not believe the playcalling. We got stuffed time and time again running the ball up the middle out of the I or single back formation with Tebow under center.

How many times did we run those plays up the middle and how many times did we get absolutely stuffed? That was awful. The Jets put their beef up front and we ran straight into them time and time again with that lousy vanilla I formation crap.

No matter, thankfully Tebow overcame the horrible playcalling.

Big win, I loved how the NFL Network goobers unanimously picked the Jets to win.

How about that 58? Big sack at a crucial time. The Denver defense played one hell of a game.  Tebow mounted one hell of a drive to win the game.

I don’t care how anyone tries to frame it otherwise: Tim Tebow played better than Mark Sanchez today.

Jeff Legwold and Stephen A. Smith are crying in their beers, Hugh Douglas is going to church and Skip Bayless just reached Nirvana.


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Tebow Says Starting Job “was grabbed back away.”

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Good for you Tebow. Good for you speaking out.

I felt the same way. Felt the same way when I heard we botched the Orton deal and that this Cuckooman was taking all the first team snaps.

“My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true,” Tebow said in an exclusive interview with Paige.

“Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away.”

I was ready to get the new season started, get the excitement started up…

He may or may not be the future of the Broncos. Let’s find out. This year.

We were all set to trade Orton and instead we have the Canadian Goose taking all the reps.

This front office was about to do the right thing, to clear the way for Tebow just like we cleared the way for Elway (DeBerg).

Instead, it’s starting to look like we’re going down the path of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Steve Young. Young wasn’t a boring enough pure pocket passer for them.

We were about to do the right thing: To evaluate our first round pick this year so we could determine whether he was the future. So we could determine whether we’ll need to draft a real QB.

Instead, we’re stuck on stupid. Fox must have got a boner after he saw Orton in practice, what a joke.

This front office botched this whole deal. It’s like some loser panicked after seeing Orton in practice.

I don’t care how he practices.

Look at the stats, look at the numbers! Look at Lloyds numbers too!

Yeah, great, look at the win loss record–that tells the real story. Look at the points on the board.

Krieger thinks the Denver Broncos will be “credible” starting Orton. 4 and 12 is real credible Krieger, ain’t it. That’s just wonderful for your credibility.

The only one with some sense at that Denver Compost right now is Numby Paige, I may have to start calling him by his real name.


Love to see the Canadian Goose try this. I guess Tebow was just lucky, eh? You see what his ability can do to a defense? It’s a lot tougher to play against this on third down than an immobile one legged goat.

Hope the Orton faithful are happy when we start scoring only 17 points per game.

Orton and Lloyd will be happy with their stats in a free agent year.

Credibility through the roof I suppose.

It’s BS how this situation has been handled. We’re set to trade Orton and next thing you know he’s taking all the first team snaps?

Some competition that is.

That ain’t a real competition. Some people think it’s fine since he’s still ” getting reps.”

Not with the first team. He’s not getting used to the first team receivers. That’s a big deal, that took Orton a while, Orton had to get his timing down to throw deep.

I have a sinking suspicion it’s the coach. I have a feeling it’s Fox and his “conservative approach” on offense.

He probably thinks we’ll dominate with our running game and play excellent defense. Sorry pal, the turnaround won’t be that quick. We don’t have the personnel for that yet.

By the time we do? Orton will be playing elsewhere, that is, unless there’s a nightmare scenario where the coach likes him so much we sign him to five years 50 million plus.

Not liking what I’m hearing out of Denver, not one bit.

Woody Paige Silent on Tebow

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

For the past two years Numby at the Post complains about Kyle Orton and spews about how the Broncos will surely have a losing season with Kyle Orton as the starter.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Last year, Numby proclaimed Tebow the Golden Boy who had all the intangibles. Tebow would eventually lead us to the promised land according to Numby?

Now where are you Numby?

Hiding under your desk?

Mum’s the word, eh Woodrow? So much for sticking up for your boy?

I can admit I was wrong.

I admit, I didn’t think much of drafting Tebow as high as they did. I bought into the propaganda that this kid will never be ready as a quarterback in the NFL level.

I changed my tune after preseason.

Saw a kid who threw the ball with zip, saw a kid who was mobile and who moved the offense–scored touchdowns, saw a kid who never had a deer in the headlights moment out there. The game never looked too big for him.

Not bad at all for a rookie. I remember that Bradlee Van Pelt in preseason–he looked like the second coming of John Elway out there. His rookie cards tripled and quadrupled in a day.

Come the regular season, it was a different story. When he subbed in there for a couple games it was horrible. It was deer in the headlights city baby and that was that.

Not so for Tebow. His decent play continued in the regular season. No deer in the headlights moments either.

I can’t believe we are stuck on Kyle Orton. Of course this guy is going to look good practicing with the first team. Of course he should have a command of the offense after three years.

I’ve heard all this crap about a real QB competition in Denver? Doesn’t seem like it does it?

We’re not splitting the snaps between Orton and Tebow, what kind of competition is that?

Seems like a bunch of BS to me.

We need to let the rookie get his timing down with the first teamers–don’t see it happening.

Remember Orton’s first year? Hard to remember I’m sure since it was much like his second one. Full of losing and forcing the ball to one receiver. The great “If no one’s open on third down, then forget it” offense.

In that first year, everyone was saying Orton had a noodle arm who couldn’t throw deep.

Orton didn’t have magic beans when he started connecting deep–eventually his timing was down.

His timing was down while throwing to the same receivers. That’s big and that’s one reason why we aren’t giving this Tebow his best chance to succeed.

We’re trading Orton. Next, Orton’s taking all the first team snaps.

What the hell are they smoking?

I tell you what, if we really do start Orton, if we really go gung ho with him and if we start losing–what happens if we start winning when Tebow takes over?

Anyone factor in that scenario? Eh?

I ain’t kidding either. Orton is a dead duck sitting in the pocket and our offensive line isn’t great, not yet anyways. Third down and no one open? Well forget it if Cuckooman is throwing. It’s a dead play three and out. Same old broken record. Oh, and if we’re down two touchdowns? Might as well throw in the towel.

This Tebow can throw the ball well enough and he poses a supreme threat to defenses on third downs. If no one is open, if the protection breaks down he can go try and get it. He usually gets it.

If we start Orton and start losing–then we switch to Tebow and start winning more, who will accept the blame and who can we fire?

Fox? Elway? Somebody better take the blame.

Way to lose a year too if we let Tebow play in the last five games when all hope of the playoffs is lost. I don’t want to wait around any longer to see what we have in our first round QB. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to  start next season STILL not knowing if Tebow is the future.

Ten Reasons to Start Tebow:

  1. Orton is mobile as a one legged goat. No one open on third down? Play’s dead. See ya.
  2. Orton is signed for only one year–we are not signing him to starter money long term.
  3. Let’s forget the selfishness of Orton to Lloyd, shall we? Both players may hit free agency. Way to build up the future of the team.
  4. Starting Orton sets the team back a year–we’re back to wondering if Tebow is ready next year. Should we draft a QB? What a joke.
  5. Orton is woeful in the clutch whether it’s pressure from defenders or pressure to win. Come from behind? You’re kidding right?
  6. The Broncos defense was ranked 32nd, the running game ranked 26th–this won’t change by a lot. Forget the idea of Orton managing a game, we’re not ready to do that on defense or offense. Not gonna work–sorry.
  7. Tebow needs to develop and work on his timing with the first team receivers. This takes longer than a preseason–read: sucking more by the day.
  8. Tebow can move the chains on third downs with his legs as well as his arm, much more dynamic.
  9. The Broncos are coming off a 4 and 12 season. Get that? A 4 and 12 season, we’re not in the playoff hunt.
  10. The fans will forgive a rookie loss, they won’t forgive a boring journeyman’s failings. Not to mention, how boring as hell is Orton?

Denver Broncos Will Target Defensive Tackle in Free Agency

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The Broncos passed up defensive tackles Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley.

The Broncos passed up defensive tackles Marvin Austin and Stephen Paea.

The Broncos drafted LB Von Miller in the first round and Safety Rahim Moore and Guard Orlando Franklin in the second round.

The Denver Broncos plan is clear: Draft skill positions and target defensive linemen in free agency.

In a draft with such depth at defensive tackle–a glaring need–the Broncos decided to draft skill positions on defense.

The only way this draft makes sense, is if the Broncos target a free agent defensive lineman or two.

Wait, actually, they MUST do this. They WILL do this.

I don’t care if Von Miller is defensive rookie of the year, I don’t care if Timmy Tebow lights up the league… this Broncos team needs help badly on the defensive line and we will not win games until its addressed.

Some say: “Well you can’t build Rome in a day, we’re not going to the Super Bowl this year anyways…”

No, we ain’t going to the Super Bowl, but I want this team to be competitive in games–any game.

I, P.P. Dublinski hereby guarantee the Denver Broncos will acquire a top flight free agent defensive lineman once free agency begins.

This HAS to be the plan, this HAS to be the answer. I’m not talking playoffs, I’m not talking Super Bowl, I’m just talking competing in football games. The current Broncos defensive line is unacceptable.

I can’t argue with these picks, Miller should be a good pick, Rahim Moore and this Orlando were needed…

But if by some strange chance this is not the plan, then we have nothing short of Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and the Duke of Dorchester running the Broncos front office and I will never let this trio hear the end of it.

Numby Chimes In…

Numby has some balls to say the Broncos “better have it right” picking Miller, Numby has no right to tell Elway and co. that they “better be right.” Numby wanted Patrick Peterson, a corner. Are you kidding me? The choice of Von Miller is ten times better than the choice of Patrick Peterson. At least this Miller will pressure the quarterback, at least he will be making plays at the line of scrimmage. Some joke that is, I suppose it would have been wonderful to have 80 million  plus tied up in cornerbacks.

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