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Broncos Should Thank Lucky Stars for Tamme, Stokley

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

As much as I don’t approve of the name “Tamme” I have to give credit to these two.

Who does Peyton Manning throw to on third down, when the going gets tough?

It’s not Eric Decker. It’s not Demaryius Thomas. It’s usually either Stokley or Tamme. Even at the risk of getting picked.

I like hearing buffoons say Thomas and Decker are great. Not so, they have potential — moreso Thomas, but they are not great. Neither of them has proven themselves to be a dependable go-to receiver. Even the great Kyle Orton chose Brandon Lloyd over these two and got picked off like crazy last year forcing the ball to Lloyd time and again.

Maybe Orton and Manning just don’t make good reads. Maybe they are incapable of hitting their checkdowns.

I want to hear more excuses.

Maybe Thomas and Decker just aren’t very good. Maybe this defense isn’t great either. Schlereth and Sharpe sure think so. That 18th rank defense that got shredded by the great Caleb Hanie is surely going to be top five this year.

There are some people in this organization and some Broncos faithful that need a cold dose of reality. This team is not great. They didn’t just need a “real quarterback” as a final piece of the puzzle. What did this organization think early last year? Eh? 10-6 maybe 11-5 with Kyle Orton? Career year? Run the ball 500 times?

How’d that work out for you fellas?

You know, it’s never easy playing the blood rival Raiders and Chiefs — even when those teams suck proverbial balls.

I could see these Super Bowl Broncos falling to 1-4. This team is erratic, unpredictable and incomplete.

Just like last year. Who knows, maybe even worse.

Preach Stephen A., Preach


Houston 31 Broncos 25 The Curse Continues

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
Elway Teeth

Elway Approved


The 1-2 Broncos are feeling the full effect of the PP Dublinski curse.

If you think this is a Super Bowl team your head is in a toilet.

I am not just on point, I am the truth. I am reality.

This is a wild card team, and the Broncos better thank their lucky stars that they’re in a division filled with raw sewerage.

8-8 might even win the west again.

What will they be in a couple weeks eh? 2-3?

I’m not impressed. Highly unspectacular right out of the gate.

And we all know how this team is notorious for folding in the ass end of the season in recent years.

Last year they had the nerve to blame it on the quarterback.

Broncos 21 Atlanta 27 Manning Pulls a Jay “Huckdort” Cutler

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Tough week for Broncos fans. Not for me. I watched Peyton get picked off multiple times as a detached, unaffected observer. Was nice for a change actually. Normally I’d get pissed off about the offensive turnovers and lack of a pass rush. Didn’t phase me at all.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: The 2012 Broncos are a wildcard team. 8-8, 9-7 at best, 7-9 at worst (barring injuries).

Mark Schlereth had the audacity to say the 2011 Broncos had a great defense and a great offensive line. He repeated that at the beginning of this season. The offensive line is OK, but saying the defense was and is great?

Great corners maybe. Great edge rushers. That’s about it.

Hopefully the Denver Broncos organization is finally figuring out that edge rushers alone do not make a great pass rush.

Our defensive middle sucks from the defensive tackles to the middle linebacker to the safeties. You see them safeties tackling eh? Pretty impressive ain’t it? The Broncos don’t have that thumper back there, no enforcer back there to strike fear in the hearts of an offense. Maybe Rahim Moore can lay out a defenseless receiver at times, but that’s about it. The Broncos don’t have a defensive tackle worthy of fearing either and their middle linebacker is average at best.

Oh, but I suppose they’re a great defense. Super Bowl bound I heard. All these sea cucumbers over-hyping this team. Just swaying with the tide and its faulty logics. Their incongruity on display for all to see. Their puerile verbal turdage plugging up the true narrative. My compass is true north, my ways are built on a rock and not on moronic, fickle sands.

On top of that, how bad did the Broncos get shredded through the air at times? Great passing teams will have a field day against Denver. Like I said, edge rushers alone don’t cut it.

In fairness, this team is not far away and I give them some credit for battling back in the second half. They have a chance at becoming a contender as quick as next year if they’re lucky in the offseason.

The curse is still in effect and you may certainly blame me for Peyton “Pumpkinhead” Manning’s Jay Hucks the ball then Dort gets picked off-like performance in the first half.

Peyton Manning Broncos

Manning is OK, but please do something about the shape of the head.

Broncos Re-Sign Caleb Hanie? Are You Kidding Me?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Unbelievable. I will not be insulted like this. Looks like I’m outta here yet again.

Come week 10 we’ll see who the geniuses are.

We’ll also see who the rubes, degenerates and sea cucumbers are. The decrepit sea cucumbers just going with the flow, going wherever the tide takes them based on snake oil, dingleberry juice and half-truths.

Peyton Manning Bench

Peyton Manning’s ass becomes one inch flatter as the decrepit Steelers own the time of possession by a full ten minutes.

I am a rock. My words are iron.

This team is gonna get hammered in the coming weeks. The flaws are evident. To those who have an ear, let them hear what P.P. Dublinski is saying.

To the rest of yous, I can’t do nothin’ for ya.


Mark my words the narrative will change.

P.P. Dublinski’s 2012 Denver Broncos Manifesto

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Last year during training camp I told you people that the Kyle Orton led Broncos would fall flat on their faces. I predicted a 6 – 10 season with Kyle Orton and an 8 – 8 record with Tim Tebow. Two more wins for the kid due to his dynamic playmaking ability.

What were most of them saying, eh? “Career year” for Kyle Orton. Brandon Lloyd to the Pro Bowl. 10-6 perhaps 11-5 even.

Some joke that was.

Remember how the Denver starters looked in the preseason last year? Pretty damn good actually. Remember Orton marching the ball down on the Cowboys and beating up Buffalo?

Big whoop. I saw right through it for many reasons I outlined early last year.

Last season the Denver Broncos 21st ranked defense played some opportunistic football getting turnovers at key moments. The Broncos managed to pull off some wild wins with the kid at the helm and their utilization of the spread option offense that turned thirty something power running back Willis McGahee into a star. We led the league in rushing and managed to make the playoffs and even beat the Steelers before getting trounced by a more Superbowl ready New England team.

I don’t know about you, but I liked last season. I liked what we started doing. We ran the football like wildfire, we played defense and threw game breaking touchdown passes at opportune moments. We did all this with a highly mediocre team.

Going into 2012 I was optimistic about the Broncos shoring up the defensive line, drafting a great young running back and finding some type of speedy threat at wide receiver. Older knee injury-ridden Willis McGahee was rejuvenated in our offense, can you imagine what a Doug Brown would have done? Offensive line help would not have been bad either. Perhaps we’d draft or acquire a middle linebacker on top of all this.

If we did all this, we could have done what we did last year but do it even better this year. Instead, Big Daddy Elway did what he was planning to do all along: Jettison the kid at all costs. Pocket passing at all costs. Instead of building a template to counter a New England or New Orleans or Green Bay with great defense and an unheard of rushing attack, this team with many needs we will try to become them.

Chickens Come Home to Roost: Tebow Named Broncos Starter

You wonder why Mark Schlereth, Tom Jackson and Shannon Sharpe were all so smug when they said “Tebow won’t even be playing in the league next year.” I guess they were all present for Elway’s conference call early in the season when he said the kid was a joke.

How pathetic. Seriously, even a Stephen A. Smith understands the kid’s football ability even if he doesn’t think he can throw the football. This talk of “not even playing in the league” is BS in its purest form. It’s personal with these guys, as the wins piled up they started to look silly.

Tom Jackson recently stated how elated the Broncos organization is since they got rid of the kid and landed Manning. Jackson couldn’t believe the tweets Big Daddy Elway was getting in response to his criticism of the young QB last season. I think Big Daddy Elway deserved every one of those tweets for acting unprofessional in the extreme. What VP criticizes their starting quarterback week in and week out? If he was smart he would have simply shut up and traded the kid in the offseason. Instead, he blurted a bunch of crap weekly and probably told all his cronies in the media to do the same. Remember Shannon Sharpe’s interview with Tebow on CBS late last year? It was like an inquisition. I’ll never forget the look on Tom Jackson’s face on Prime Time each time the Broncos won with the kid at the helm. Tommy looked as if he just ate a sour fart.

Say what you want, but that kid did some pretty good things last year despite the pressure of an unbelieving coach, an unbelieving VP and some jealous ungrateful players.

I am not impressed with the signing of Peyton Manning. Nothing personal. I know he cannot help that he is an “Aw shucks” yokel with a strangely shaped head, but really nothing personal there. I just don’t think its going to work. Renting another team’s Hall of Fame QB in the twilight of their years never has. I am also sick of the Broncos jettisoning young talent to try and become some other team. We tried to be the Browns defense, we tried to be the Green Bay defense, we tried to be the Patriots west and now we’re trying to be the Colts west: Manning led offense and edge rushers and corners on defense.

What I really found funny was some of these fans though: “You’re not a real fan if you’re not on board now.”


Newsflash sea cucumbers: Peyton Manning is a Colt.

Always has been, always will be. We are renting Peyton Manning for maybe three years.

At least we, you know, drafted the other guy.

I realize why we signed corners and pass rushers and pretty much disregarded the middle of our defense. This organization believes they will be up by 14 by the first quarter of games and the defense will just have to defend against the pass. I don’t think so. I don’t think this team is ready. Maybe that will be the case in year three of the Manning experiment. That’s if we’re lucky.

This team is not Superbowl ready. I don’t care what Peter King or the odds makers at Las Vegas thinks. What a bunch of crap. This is a wild card team. The Broncos will have to be lucky in the offseason next year to be a Super Bowl contender. They should be a contender by year three if Manning keeps playing.

That said, I don’t expect anything but one AFC championship showing by the Manning led Broncos. Probably in year three and then he will retire. I’m not that interested in Peyton Manning. I’m not that interested in this Broncos team this year. Renting someone else’s Hall of Fame QB rarely works. I’m more interested in Brock Osweiler quite honestly. He’ll likely take over when this team is ready to contend. To be fair he doesn’t look bad. Normally a QB who is that tall usually lumbers around like a lanky stork dork but this kid has some athleticism.

I don’t care, this year I want punishment.

That’s right. Punishment.

I want this team punished. I want the VP punished. I want the coach punished. I want some of these jealous and ungrateful players punished. Number 23, I’m looking at you.

Good luck with your thousand yards this year, pal.

If any Bronco player wants to run down the highway divider in Greeley bolicky bareass with a bunch of hoes on each side — this is the year to do it. I don’t care this season. If you get pissed off go grab a Gatorade jug or the ball boy and throw them out into the field. Get ejected. Make things interesting if you want.

This season I want punishment. For one whole season. I want this team humbled.

The Curse of P.P. Dublinski starts today, Sunday September 9, 2012. Oh yeah.

You know that goober Pat something on the 700 club? If you’ve never seen it I can fill you in. I saw it once. It’s about 50 minutes of conservative Christian news and the last ten minutes this old doofus trots out some old broad and they become a conduit to God to start healing — I mean they start preying on old and sick people acting as if they are a channel to God’s healing. Well, I’m here to say that old doofus did get something right this year when he said “God will punish the Denver Broncos.

Oh yeah. The 700 club curse alright. My curse will be just as potent.

I believe the Broncos are an 8-8 team this season. They may not even make the playoffs and yet you have these goobers claiming the Broncos will have a better record than the Elway/Davis years? Some joke that is.

You seen our offensive line? Nothing has changed there besides Kuper being injured. Our defensive line is one injury away from abysmal. You seen all the big name players up the middle of our defense? Didn’t think so. Thomas and Decker are still unproven commodities with potential. They haven’t even made it through a season together without significant injury, nor have the duo of Miller and Dumervil.

The Broncos have a bear of a schedule and many teams they face will run right up the middle of the Denver defense no problem.

This team is a couple injuries away from a 7-9 disaster quite frankly. I’d say they could go 9-7 at best. At best.

But no matter. I want this team to feel the pain this year. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the Broncos become Super Bowl bound simply with Big Daddy Elway renting a new quarterback.



Broncos Release Caleb Hanie

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Caleb Hanie

The Man, the Myth, The Legend

Alright, now it’s back to business…

Seems that Tiki Horvil is awol. I had my reasons. I hacked into his Facebook just to have a look but nothing except a bunch of bums and links to stupid sites. “” Seriously?


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Peyton Manning in Denver: Disaster in the Making

Friday, March 9th, 2012

What a disgrace.

This proves to everyone that (like him or hate him) Skip Bayless was and is correct in stating the Denver Broncos brass have zero faith in Tim Tebow.

It’s more apparent than ever.

Count P.P. Dublinski as one of the voices of dissent in this issue of Manning joining the Broncos.

I am not excited by this at all.

1. Manning likely will not choose the Broncos. It’s not a good fit for him.

2. If we don’t land Manning, we’ll have driven a proverbial stake in the heart of our starting QB. (Is there any wonder why Jay Huckdort Cutler wanted out of Denver?)

3. If, for some odd reason, if the Broncos did manage to land Manning:

a. He is immobile and he will be duck soup behind our offensive line. Much like Kyle Orton was.

b. Our running game will suffer. Forget the 600+ yards Tebow tacked on, our running game won’t be as good without the misdirection of the option. Lance ball was running free in that option offense.

c. With 36 year old immobile Manning there’s a great chance the Broncos regress or stay the same for the next couple seasons.

Was it worth it?

There’s a potential disaster in the making here folks and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these tired clowns:

Manning is the answer... we're Super Bowl bound.

“It’s Peyton freaking Manning.”

“This would make the Broncos an instant contender.”


Has anyone chewed on the thought of the Broncos going 7-9 this year with Manning?

Entirely possible.

Peyton Manning would be Duck Soup behind our line. Duck Soup throwing to our stellar receivers (maybe add an aged Reggie Wayne into the mix ‘golf clap’) and duck soup with a very average running game.

Mark Kizsla at the Denver Post made a genius remark that Peyton Manning would have been amazing to have in that AFC playoff game against the Patriots.

I’d wager Manning would have lasted the first half. How badly did our quarterback get smashed in that game? He wasn’t trying to run much in that game either folks. Most of those hits came in the pocket.

And they came quickly.

Kyle Orton was duck soup out there behind our line. All of a sudden that offensive line became one of the “best in the league” — some joke that is. Oh I don’t know, maybe having a mobile quarterback is just what the Broncos needed to get from 6-10 to 8-8?

If Manning had mobility, I wouldn’t be upset at this move.

He doesn’t. He won’t have the system and weapons here that he’s used to. The fans would go insane if we started losing games. It’s a bad fit.

He’s better off in Arizona throwing to Fitzgerald.

Even then, I don’t see any of these teams on his short list going to the Super Bowl any time soon with Manning.

This is a potential disaster in the making.

"We'd like a pocket passer at all costs," said John Elway "Even if it means less money to spend on our crappy defense." - John Leyba, Denver Post photo

“It’s Peyton freaking Manning”

Oh, I’m gonna remember that one.



Manning to Broncos: Idiocy Abounds

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I’m starting to see just how many individuals have a skewed sense of the current Denver Broncos team. They seem to think we’re a Super Bowl contender with a great defense and a great running game. They fail to see the significant contributions of our quarterback and they fail to realize this is a team with many holes and a poor fit for Manning.

For the last time:

1. Manning isn’t coming here.

2. He would get smashed, he would be duck soup behind our line (just like Kyle Orton).

3. It’s time for the Broncos to look ahead to the future. Time to sign YOUNG players. Not to pay sky high rent on a dinged up 36 year old QB in the twilight of his career.

Want to throw money at somebody? Throw it at Mario Williams. That’s a player in his prime that the Broncos could possibly lock up for the remainder of his career.

Shame on that Adam Schefter. He’s been hit by the snake-oil sensationalist bug.

Kudos to Mike Klis and Woody Paige of the Denver Compost for their even-keeled reporting during this inane fiasco. They are reporting the truth.

Can you imagine this scenario? It’s not out of the question. Hell I’d say its reality: The Broncos acquire Manning, $&^tcan Tebow and the Broncos end up 7-9?

How bout them apples?



And some of you people who think you know, better get over it.


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