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Aren’t You Glad You’re Not A Broncos Fan?

Sunday, January 11th, 2015
The usual suspects...

The usual suspects…

I am.

When are you sea cucumbers gonna realize I am reality?

This is a worse upset than the Ravens game two years ago. The Colts will get squashed next week, the NFC will probably win the Super Bowl but at least the Pats should make a game of it.

The Broncos sure as hell wouldn’t of.

Last March I told Broncos GM John Elway I wanted him to do a few things. He did all of them except the most important one: Draft a running back and change the offense to run around twenty times a game.

Once the draft passed by and we didn’t grab a running back in the 2nd to 4th rounds I said the hell with it. I didn’t update the site. I knew the Broncos wouldn’t change from their “Omaha” pass-happy ways and this season would end badly.

I sure as hell wouldn’t be a part of it.

Fail to do what P.P. Dublinski wants and you’ll get whacked. Every time.

Now I do give John Elway some credit for changing the Broncos offense after the disastrous Rams game this year. They finally changed to the type of offense I wanted. He finally listened to P.P.

Too little, too late.

You can’t really do that mid-season, this kind of change requires an entire offseason and preseason.

I told you people I didn’t like this Peyton Manning to the Broncos deal from day one. Day &%&ing one. I said it would not result in a Super Bowl win and it hasn’t. Baltimore embarrassment, Super Bowl embarrassment, now this embarrassing  loss. Isn’t it wonderful?

John Fox: Perennial Playoff Loser

John Fox: Perennial Playoff Loser

John Fox should go and so should Peyton Manning. That old fuddy-duddy Fox doesn’t do jack squat, he’s uninspiring and they should make him the fall guy for these terrible post-season losses.

They should tell Manning to move on, maybe retire, better yet trade him to some desperate team.

None of this will probably happen. Quite honestly I’d rather see Brock Osweiler get the nod at QB.

I said that three years ago. We could have fielded a different team by now. But I digress…

Quite possibly, there is a silver lining to all this.

First, the Broncos defensive acquisitions in 2014 panned out pretty well. Demarcus Ware returned to form, the safety T.J. Ward was good and Talib was decent. All three were good pickups and the fact that the Broncos defense still isn’t that great after acquiring them buttresses my position all along: No, the Broncos defense isn’t great and hasn’t been for years. Sorry. The Broncos need help at the other safety position opposite Ward, middle linebacker and they need someone who can rush the passer from the inside. The “Colts style” bookends of Ware and Miller aren’t enough, people should get that by now, they need someone in the middle, either a linebacker or lineman who can rush the passer.

The Broncos need an offensive tackle opposite Clady and they need a big-time running back. CJ Anderson proved he is a good player this year, he’s not great though. He’s no LeVeon Bell. The Broncos need a Bell type who can take the ball to the house when a hole appears and also catch some. Someone big and fast. CJ Anderson is fine, I’d honestly give up on Montae Ball, never seen any moves or power from him. Keep Hillman for occasional third down duty.

All this could be accomplished in one offseason. The Broncos could actually be formidable next year, but that also hinges on one thing: Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning Forehead

Something ain’t quite right in Denver…

My God, can this guy even function in a run heavy offense?

He may not be able to. I say cue Brock Osweiler if that’s the case.

Manning’s greatness may hinge on the pass heavy offense he’s relied on over the years. The Dan Fouts, Dan Marino pass, pass, pass offense. You know, the kind that doesn’t really win Super Bowls. He may need to constantly pass to get in a rhythm. This could be very bad.

Or he could adapt over an entire offseason, the Broncos could draft a great running back and P.P. may even root for them since I have someone on the offense to watch besides “Omaha.”

Anyone else sick of the commercials?

Somewhere, Peter Tebow is raising a Mojito and laughing.

Karma Elway, Karma…



“Karma Elway, Karma”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I just finished eleven Sierra Nevada Pale Ales and I’m here to tell the truth to some of you people out there. My words are iron and I cannot and will not be stopped.

Feels good to be a Broncos fan right now, don’t it?

I don’t blame that Peter Tebow one bit for razzing Mr. Elway. Imagine your kid brother finally gets his chance to start for a faltering NFL team and then gets ridiculed each week by Big Daddy Elway and his cohorts in the media. After each win you hear a bunch of crap from Broncos alumni Sharpe, Jackson and Schlereth. I don’t want to hear about 8-8, that kid would have brought us to 10-6 last year had he started earlier. He went 7-4, 8-5 counting the playoffs. Seems people want to blame the last three losses solely on him too, that’s fine with me. I’ll blame the eight wins on him if that’s how we’re gonna gauge things.

I heard Brady Quinn completed fifty-eight percent of his passes this year. Isn’t that something? I bet the folks in Kansas City just can’t wait to start him next year. I heard he can make all the throws at the pro level. Amazing.


I don’t know about you, but last year after that I was proud to be a Broncos fan. Under fifty percent passing completions too. I wonder why the sports press don’t hold Blaine Gabbert or Brian Hoyer’s feet to the fire? They ain’t never won nothing, the only coming from behind they’ve ever done is probably on some cheap floozy at a college keg party.

You thought this year’s playoff collapse was bad? How about if they lose in the playoffs next year? Talk about pressure to perform, talk about a curse.

I have a sneaking suspicion that “Mile High Magic” left the building with Tebow. Unfortunately for Tebow it doesn’t work in New York and unfortunately for the Broncos they unceremoniously booted it out of Colorado.

Fast forward to the Broncos acquisition of Manning.

I didn’t like it.

Still don’t.

Didn’t like one bit how it went down.

Let me ask some of you people something, especially you sea cucumbers out there: Do you love being led by a Colt in the twilight of his career? Do you honestly love this?

It don’t sit right with me, never did.

I would have much rather we kept Tebow and drafted Osweiler. Perhaps Tebow would have been benched mid-season or perhaps the Broncos would get to the playoffs, fail once more and then decide to go with Osweiler.

I would have been much, much happier. These players are Broncos, not some Colt we are renting for three seasons or so. Nothing personal Manning, but I don’t like this situation one bit.

On top of that, I wanted a running back, middle linebacker, safety and two defensive tackles. You know, bolstering this not-ready-yet team instead of shelling out millions to a Colts QB in the twilight of his career.

We threw a bunch of money on an aging Colt who may or may not play to his potential in the icy Colorado post season. Much of Manning’s greatness occurred in the cozy confines of a dome and add to that the fact that he is 9-11 in the playoffs–no sure thing the Broncos will get to the big show next year either.

Can’t argue his greatness in the regular season.

But I’d rather get on with the future.

I believe the Broncos could have gotten to the playoffs this year with a Tebow or Osweiler (if Osweiler turns out to be as good as he looked in preseason, I happen to think yes). 10-6 wouldn’t have been out of the question in this raw sewage AFC west. Hell, I firmly believe the Broncos would have won the early Raiders and Chargers games last year had we started the kid.

I was shocked that Manning chose Denver because this team doesn’t have a great defense and still has many needs.

How about that “great Broncos defense?”

Yes they’re great against the septic tank of the AFC west. Yes they’re great against a declining Saints, a horrible Panthers and a lowly Browns. The Broncos defense is great against crap and mediocre teams.

When it comes to some real competition, the Broncos defense gets whacked. They get whacked because not a whole lot has changed.

This “great number2 defense in the league” needs TWO defensive tackles, a middle linebacker and a safety. Rahim Moore shouldn’t be on the team next season. This team sorely needs an enforcer back there who can lay out running backs, instead they have a kid whose only big hits are on defenseless receivers.

Edge rushers alone does not a defense make. How the hell long is it going to take for Denver to realize this? The entire middle of that defense needs an overhaul. I knew it, you should have known it too. That Bob Smith knows it, who the hell is this Bob Smith commenter anyways? I bet he is a damn disciple of P.P.

The Broncos got whomped when they faced a good balanced offense. This defense keys on the pass and they get run over all day. This defense keys on the run and gets torched through the air all day (see last Sunday’s pathetic display.) I knew for a fact this team would get smashed when they played New England. The Patriots have a decent running game this year and Tom Brady doesn’t miss those wide open receivers like Joe Flacco does.

Did any of you people watch the SoundFX replay of last Sunday’s game? I sure as hell did.

“Hey, so a field goal will win it?” a beleaguered Von Miller asked Elvis Dumervil.

“Yeap, yeap,” a sullen Dumervil replied.

I actually do feel a little sorry for Von Miller and Champ Bailey. They are both class act professionals unlike some others but they both had a lousy game.

First I was disgusted. Next I remembered how lucky I was this season to keep my distance from these Broncos and not be emotionally invested in them. I knew they weren’t as good as their record seemed to indicate. The offense performed a little better than I expected. I expected Manning to be good, but oh by the way, when it came to receivers it wasn’t really Thomas or Decker that impressed. It was Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme.

Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme made more huge plays for this offense at critical points in games all season long. Hell, what did our big receiver Thomas do last Sunday? I saw Anquan Boldin out there getting open and making plays. Demaryius Thomas needs to do more, either that or we need another wide receiver. The “QB just couldn’t get the ball to them” is no excuse this year. I believe the Broncos need one more fast, dynamic receiver and kick Decker to the slot. I do not believe the Broncos are as “set” as some people think at receiver. They can get better. They can also upgrade a tight end, our guys played OK but it would be nice to have the second coming of Shannon Sharpe out there.

This offense came together a little better than I expected this year, but overall it wasn’t a big surprise. Our running game is mediocre, it’s good enough against bad teams but fails to produce overall mainly because we don’t have anything special at running back. Like I’ve said this team needs a young Willis McGahee.

Can you imagine if this team kept last year’s read option offense and drafted a running back like Doug Martin? He put up 1400 yards on a lousy team, just imagine what he could have done instead of the aging, oft injured knees of you know who.

You know that ungrateful guy who spouted off during the offseason with a bunch of anonymous players?

I heard he was gonna put up much more than 1,200 yards this year. Last I counted it was 730, sorry there Willis.

When people started to say “look out for Knowshon Moreno” in the ass end of this season I laughed my balls off. I wasn’t fooled.

Are kidding me? A sea slug could have sensed it was just a matter of time for Knownshon to get injured once again. The kid can’t carry the load running between the tackles, if you were smart you’d only use him on certain plays such as screens and catching out of the backfield. That was moronic. I’m not too impressed by Hillman although he’s OK he’s just not the answer.

Some people have the audacity to say this Broncos team might be like the one that lost to Jacksonville sixteen years ago in the playoffs. You’re s&^tting me right? You mean the one that had Terrell Davis? You better hope we can draft a Terrell Davis this year. If the Broncos were smart, they’d realize they can’t ride Manning’s arm all the way to the big show. They need to run a little more, especially in the cold. They need a strong runner like McGahee who has moves like Moreno. The Broncos will be picking late in the first round and that’s exactly where they might be able to land a decent running back this year.

Speaking of John Fox and smarts — yes that was a pathetic decision to take a knee with thirty second on the clock. I guarantee it was a pathetic decision no matter what is said about it because it will never happen again.

Elway wouldn’t have taken a knee there, why the hell should Manning have?

No matter, the Patriots would have sh-lacked the Broncos this weekend.

Team’s not ready yet, sorry.

Tim Tebow to the Jets

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The Jets just traded a sixth and a fourth round pick to the Broncos for Tim Tebow and a seventh round pick.

You know, I’ve been a Broncos fan for over 35 years and this is one season where I may actually change the channel.

As you may know, I’m not enthused with the Manning signing. I didn’t think he was a good fit from the start. I don’t believe the Broncos are capable of a Super Bowl in the short time we’ll have him. We’ll have to be very lucky acquiring players. I don’t believe our running game will be as good with him and our defense needs about six starters before it can be labeled Super Bowl ready.

Can this offense adjust to becoming a pass first attack all of a sudden? Lots of questions there, I see a lot of people celebrating like the Broncos are on the verge of a Super Bowl now. I believe we’re on the verge alright, but I think the verge will be as far as we get. Will renting this guy for three years be worth it?

Maybe, but maybe not. We’ll see. I’m thinking we’ll need to look towards the next QB, the guy the Broncos draft this year… or will they even do that?

Last I heard, the Broncos are interested in the name “Caleb Hanie.”

Are you $&*%ting me?

I’ll tell you, if this Tebow kid goes off and does well for the Jets and the Broncos turn into mediocre Colt-wanna-bes it’s gonna strain my relationship with the Broncos. That is, until the current regime is run right out of dodge.

If that scenario occurs, the damnation of the Sharpes, the Hoges, the Legwolds, the Stinks, the McGahees and the general blogosphere who championed this move… the severe damnation will be surreal.

It will be surreal and unending until the current Broncos brass are run right the hell out of dodge.

I see that McGahee popping off once again, along with all the usual “Tebow-haters.” Not surprising since he mocked the very offense that allowed him 1,000 yards and started belly aching when things didn’t go right towards the end of the season.

Tell you something there McGahee, enjoy the 1,000 yards you had this year.

You sure as hell ain’t getting that this year.


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Prediction: Manning to Cardinals

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Manning leaves Bowlen, Elway and Fox holding the bag.

Bowlen: "I want a Super Bowl NOW... grumble grumble... fart."

Then what?

Trade our much maligned Tebow to the Jags and reach on Weeden or Tannehill?

Wouldn’t that be great? Especially if either failed to perform?

Or keep Tebow and expect fans to buy up tickets in droves since Tebow’s on the cover of the season preview?

What a joke. What a mistake this is.

Nice how we reward our young quarterback who showed flashes. More flashes than many other young quarterbacks in the league. Nice how we reward our young quarterback who led us to multiple come from behind victories, saved the season and won a playoff game. I bet Colt McCoy or Blaine Gabbert would have loved to pull out some wins in the fourth quarter. That’s not an easy thing to do you know.

This kid deserved a full offseason with little drama and the backing of our brass. He deserved a full offseason and deserved to start this year.

It’s the smart thing to do with a young QB who shows promise.

It’s the smart thing to focus on plugging holes in this recently 4-12 team, acquire a veteran backup and draft a mid to late round QB to push the kid and maybe even overtake the starting job if he fails.

Then if the kid fails this year it’s the smart thing to then draft a quarterback in 2013 when we’d have a much higher first round pick.

John Elway said he was going to work with Tebow in the offseason.

Source: John Elway prepares to help Tebow in the offseason by consulting Peyton Manning.

Some joke that is. I don’t think I’d listen to a word old horse teeth said after this debacle. Let’s be glad Tebow doesn’t have the spirit of P.P.

So much blind praise of this front office. How about a more objective look at it thus far?

Drafted Miller: Fine, Dareus or Peterson weren’t misses either. Drafted Moore: Not good. Drafted Irving: Didn’t see anything, we’ll see though. Botched the trade of Kyle Orton: Terrible. Should have traded him while his value was high, when it didn’t go down this FO believed we’d get to the playoffs with Orton. Goobers yelled “Career Year and Pro Bowl” while P.P. laughed and put up his impeccable Reality Meter. Traded a very good receiver in Jabar Gaffney for nothing. Threw a bunch of money at an injury prone Ty Warren who misses the season: Bad. Signed McGahee : Good. Signed Bunkley: Good. Gave the reins to the kid and try to turn him into Kyle Orton: Bad.

Finally, they come around to letting the kid do his thing and lo and behold we start winning.  While winning we endure week after week of snide comments leaking from the VP, which was unprofessional and unprecedented.

Overall it’s not all roses in Denver, it’s a mixed bag.

Now they want to sign a fourteen year veteran and kick the kid to the curb. For some reason the FO thinks we’re Super Bowl ready.

Maybe Tebowmania just got to Kyle Orton. Yeah, that’s why the pocket passer performed so poorly.

Actually our defense is top ten isn’t it? The way people are talking they’re really something. Well, they must be top fifteen right?

Actually no, they’re 20th.

They looked like 30th against the Patriots.

By the way, that defense needs about 5-6 starters.

I heard that Peyton Manning has video to prove he can throw fifty plus yards.

Did you hear that one?

I wonder if he has a video where he gets blindsided by a 300 pound lineman?

You know, like what happened to Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow behind our line?

More so the immobile Manning-like Orton. Funny how Tebow’s biggest hits came from inside the pocket when he tried to do an impression of Kyle Orton — like his coaches undoubtedly wanted.

Elway and Fox better get on their knees and pray. Pray that Peyton Manning chooses the Cardinals.

This is a mistake. This is a disgrace.

It’s not going to work.

The Denver Broncos will not win a Super Bowl this way.

I believe Manning realizes this. I believe he knows we’re further off from contending than Elway and Co. like to believe.

I believe Manning realizes there is a lot of pressure in Denver. Pressure to perform. If the Broncos fail to impress with Manning the backlash would be huge.


In Arizona?

Not so much.

John Elway and John Fox better pray that Manning chooses the Cardinals.

Or I, P.P. Dublinski will be there at every misstep. Every failure and every loss along the way I will be laughing and destroying these two and reminding them of their incredulity. I will ride atop a tsunami of devastation.

Jobs will be lost in such a wake.

I helped run Shanahan, Jay Huckdort Cutler, Scheffler and Brandon Marshall out of town.

And oh, when I turned on Orton, it wasn’t pretty. In fact it was even more devastating than I imagined.

I’ll do the same to John Elway and John Fox if this goes down. We ain’t winning a Super Bowl with Manning. It’s not a good fit. Smacks of pure bone headed “pocket passer” delusion and desperation. I suppose Elway has to have a pocket passer at all costs. He’s stuck on stupid with this crap. Manning in his eighth year? Fine. In his fifteenth? You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Better get in line with this FO.”

“Elway knows.”

“It’s John- freaking – Elway.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about John Elway the VP. I don’t give a rat’s ass quite honestly. Elway the player did us a great service — one of the greatest ever. Elway the VP can take a hike any time as far as I’m concerned.

Especially after this asinine move.

When Peyton says no, you damn well better sign Mario Williams.

That’s a smart move. Young, in his prime. Helps our defense.

Get Brandon Carr and Williams. Throw the money at them.

And oh yeah, it might be nice if this FO did the smart thing like keeping their mouths shut about our quarterback until his performance in the games dictates otherwise.


Tebow Haters Ship of Fools has Sailed

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

tebow haters

Look at them sea cukes.

He can’t play, he can’t throw.

Cue Brady Quinn…

Tebow is the starter in 2012, should have been anyways based on the overall body of work.

Last week you got that Stink still spewing a bunch of turd: “Tebow won’t be playing in the league next year.”

Stink, Stank, Stunk… See ya buddy.

And you know something?

I won’t touch the tackles from back then, but a guard? The Super Bowl Broncos would have been just fine with David Diaz-Infante in there buddy. And that’s the truth.

We don’t need ya, and we never did Stink.

Your failing tact is a black spot on the Broncos organization, and your rooting against the Broncos to prove some inane point of yours is a disgrace.

Dan Marino before the game: The Broncos won’t score a touchdown.

Tom Jackson last week: How can you continue with a QB who can’t throw the ball.

Absolutely inane comments being drummed up last week about Brady Quinn too. Some joke that was. Who are you gonna believe? The Denver Post Dummies, Ed Werder and Jay Glazer? The extreme tact of P.P.? The eyewitness report from Phil Simms? Or these sea cucumbers out there spouting a bunch of crap.

And shame, shame on Woody Paige.

“Put in Quinn on some passing plays…”

Outrageous. Way to have some faith there Woodrow.

You’ll notice Peter King up there too. Oh yeah, he says good things about the Broncos — when they’re winning. Old Petey King predicted the week 11 Jets game would be Tebow’s last and John Fox would go into next year realizing ” at least he has a Wildcat QB on the roster. ”

You hear the latest from the haters, eh? Even in the face of this big playoff win they’re crying about Tebow completing less than fifty percent of his passes. Talk about grasping at dingleberries.

Want a QB who completes over fifty percent? I hear Kyle Orton is a free agent. We can bring him back in to lose twelve games, make our offense completely ordinary and yet we can all smile about his over fifty percent completion rating.

Maybe he’ll even break a record and throw the ball to Thomas twenty four times in a game.

These people don’t deserve to be heard any more. The ship of fools has sailed. See ya. I’m done with you Stink, Alfred, Legwold, Carter and their erroneous miscreant-laden ilk. Good for Klis to start telling it like it is (finally) and Elway to start acting intelligent about the whole deal.

It was a good performance from Tebow and Demaryius Thomas last Sunday. Thomas became a man, I saw potential in him the first time he took to the field and I’m glad he’s coming around to playing like a first rounder.

Who the hell was that Bush player anyways? Didn’t do too badly. You see, I ain’t ever gonna jump up and down to draft a corner in the first round. No, the way I see it the Broncos should move up in the first round to get either a middle linebacker or running back.

If the next Al Wilson is sitting there at 15, let’s go get him. Sorry, Joe Mays is over matched. People talk up our defense, but I’ll tell you we can get much better with a middle linebacker and another defensive tackle. Quinton Carter had a good game, good interception and made some good tackles.

I don’t want to hear any more snide comments from Willis McGahee or other Broncos players. Good for Skip Bayless for telling it like it is on that one. Don’t want to hear it, especially not after that performance McGahee. The kid even bailed you out, didn’t he now? Unbelievable these people who just don’t understand Tebow’s big effect on the running game, regardless of his passing. No way does McGahee have all that yardage with Orton or Quinn starting over center and that’s a fact.

People talk about us running the football, first in the league. Well we can get better there too. I’m not hip to Willis McGahee being “the guy” he’s good and I respect him but he needs to be our number two. I want a big-time running back. I want a younger more explosive Willis McGahee starting. Holy hell the kid could go over 1,500 yards and break some of them runs for touchdowns. We can be much better running the football.

I don’t want to hear about drafting a QB in the second round either. This team needs to build on what we have going right now, we need new bodies starting day one and I want to see the first and second round picks helping this team do what it did yesterday: Run the ball, play defense and make big plays throwing down the field.

I don’t care if the Broncos go up there to New England and get blown out. Doesn’t really matter. They’ve done enough. This season has already been validated, the quarterback position has also been validated for 2012. How could we expect this after 4 and 12, 1 and 4?

I give the Broncos a 20 percent chance next week. That’s a lot more than most would give I’m sure. The Patriots came into Denver jacked, they played that game like a playoff game and without those three brain fart turnovers the Broncos may have had a lead a the half.

If it’s tied or we’re leading at halftime, we have a shot. I don’t trust our defense against the Patriots offense. I don’t trust the Patriots defense against the Broncos offense either.


Tebow is the Starter in 2012

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Adam Schefter knows what John Elway, John Fox, Mark Schlereth, Shannon Sharpe and Alfred Williams will not admit: Timmy Teebs is the Broncos starting quarterback in 2012.

The writing is on the wall and the dissenting voices must be stamped out.

We will draft to surround this kid with complimentary talent and go forward with this winning game plan.

I dare John Elway and his cronies to try and do otherwise.

What I say is the truth, my words are iron and will not be transmogrified by the Broncos PR department.

However, I demand an apology from John Elway. I demand a public apology to the fans and to Tim Tebow for the horrible mis-management of the quarterback situation early this season.

John Elway and John Fox squandered this season on a quarterback that is now playing for the (*(*(^ing Chiefs…

Woody Paige is correct. They squandered the season, they gave Orton all the first team reps and ridiculed the kid left and right. Opened up a can of worms for his slimy detractors to feed on — no way to breed loyalty.

The season was squandered early on, it was mishandled and before we go forward I demand an apology to the fans and Father Timmy from John Elway.

This team could have the division all but wrapped up right now. Our defense didn’t play that badly against the Raiders or the Titans early on. You telling me that Timmy Teebs wouldn’t have won those two games? Perhaps even the Chargers game? You’d have to at least give him one… most reasonable people would give him two wins there. Hell we could be playing for a bye.

But oh no, we had to weather a bunch of BS all preseason and through the first five games. Bunch of BS from the front office, a certain player and the majority of the Denver Post goobers. I know there were others, but these people are managing and covering the Broncos and they should have known better. Win more than we’ll lose with the prototypical pocket passer, the practice players are the real gamers… what a load.

I address this and more in my two-part earth shattering video where I, P.P. Dublinski say what must be said. I don’t forget and my truths will not be bifurcated and or dismissed.

In other news the Patriots are ripe, ripe for a loss this weekend. I would be confident of a win if this team had more pieces of the puzzle in place. It’s getting clearer what this team needs: a young McGahee to compliment McGahee, a fast wide receiver who can do a decent impression of Percy Harvin and one more good offensive lineman. I believe acquiring a big RT and kicking Orlando Franklin in to G might be a recipe for a dominant right side of the offensive line. As it stands this team does not impose its will on 3rd and short running the football out of the I formation. We get stuffed against a good defense, this better change.

On defense, we certainly need a middle linebacker and one more defensive lineman who can play the run and sack the quarterback on occasion, one more horse up front people have to worry about. Those are a few pieces of the puzzle this team is lacking. Still, I think we’ll have a god shot against New England, their defense doesn’t impress. I believe we’ll either run for a boatload of yards or we’ll pass for a whole bunch. Maybe even both. It will be up to our defense to show up and play big. Our defense hasn’t played exceptional lately — they’ve been very opportunistic — I didn’t like the way that Gerhart or Barber ran on us and I didn’t like how that Hainey threw on us either. The Broncos dropped big passes last week, but so did the Bears and some of those fellas were wide open when they dropped them.


Broncos 13 Bears 10 God Loves Tim Tebow and So Do I

Sunday, December 11th, 2011



I don’t believe it. I don’t even believe it.

Kudos to Matt Prater and the Denver defense.

Marion Barber is a lonely man right now.

Sorry Charles Barkley.


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Broncos 35 Vikings 32 Let’s Trade or Replace Tebow

Sunday, December 4th, 2011
Tim Tebow

The Comeback Kid

If I hear another so-called analyst say Tim Tebow cannot throw the football it may get personal.

I don’t want to hear it any more.

Boomer Esiason looked like he just bit into a live frog.

“Kid Can’t Play, Can’t Throw,” genius words “Boomer.”

Maybe we ought to change his name to Boofer.

Don’t want to hear anymore garbage from Tom  Jackson… still just “fun to watch” for now Tommy?

Looking forward to the draft Tommy? Instead of celebrating a big win on the road… yet again?

Last week Mark Schlereth and others had the audacity to claim Timmy Teebs won’t be playing for the Broncos next year or any team.

Good luck with that dude, sounds like wishful thinking.

I don’t want to hear any more about John Elway’s phantom franchise quarterback. Be smart, draft a second or third rounder and groom him if Tebow eventually fails. Don’t break the bank trying to move up for an unproven commodity that ” might look the part.”

Earth to John Fox: Your quarterback CAN throw.

If anyone on the Denver Broncos deserves ridicule, it is the coach and every member of the front office who were responsible for starting Kyle Orton.

I don’t want to hear another word of criticism out of Elway’s mouth: Tim Tebow is bailing your ass out Mr. Elway.

Tim Tebow is bailing you out from your horrible 1 and 4 decision. Instead of tied for the AFC West, we should be up at least two games.

P.S. Us running out of the I formation sucks 80% of the time.

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