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“Karma Elway, Karma”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I just finished eleven Sierra Nevada Pale Ales and I’m here to tell the truth to some of you people out there. My words are iron and I cannot and will not be stopped.

Feels good to be a Broncos fan right now, don’t it?

I don’t blame that Peter Tebow one bit for razzing Mr. Elway. Imagine your kid brother finally gets his chance to start for a faltering NFL team and then gets ridiculed each week by Big Daddy Elway and his cohorts in the media. After each win you hear a bunch of crap from Broncos alumni Sharpe, Jackson and Schlereth. I don’t want to hear about 8-8, that kid would have brought us to 10-6 last year had he started earlier. He went 7-4, 8-5 counting the playoffs. Seems people want to blame the last three losses solely on him too, that’s fine with me. I’ll blame the eight wins on him if that’s how we’re gonna gauge things.

I heard Brady Quinn completed fifty-eight percent of his passes this year. Isn’t that something? I bet the folks in Kansas City just can’t wait to start him next year. I heard he can make all the throws at the pro level. Amazing.


I don’t know about you, but last year after that I was proud to be a Broncos fan. Under fifty percent passing completions too. I wonder why the sports press don’t hold Blaine Gabbert or Brian Hoyer’s feet to the fire? They ain’t never won nothing, the only coming from behind they’ve ever done is probably on some cheap floozy at a college keg party.

You thought this year’s playoff collapse was bad? How about if they lose in the playoffs next year? Talk about pressure to perform, talk about a curse.

I have a sneaking suspicion that “Mile High Magic” left the building with Tebow. Unfortunately for Tebow it doesn’t work in New York and unfortunately for the Broncos they unceremoniously booted it out of Colorado.

Fast forward to the Broncos acquisition of Manning.

I didn’t like it.

Still don’t.

Didn’t like one bit how it went down.

Let me ask some of you people something, especially you sea cucumbers out there: Do you love being led by a Colt in the twilight of his career? Do you honestly love this?

It don’t sit right with me, never did.

I would have much rather we kept Tebow and drafted Osweiler. Perhaps Tebow would have been benched mid-season or perhaps the Broncos would get to the playoffs, fail once more and then decide to go with Osweiler.

I would have been much, much happier. These players are Broncos, not some Colt we are renting for three seasons or so. Nothing personal Manning, but I don’t like this situation one bit.

On top of that, I wanted a running back, middle linebacker, safety and two defensive tackles. You know, bolstering this not-ready-yet team instead of shelling out millions to a Colts QB in the twilight of his career.

We threw a bunch of money on an aging Colt who may or may not play to his potential in the icy Colorado post season. Much of Manning’s greatness occurred in the cozy confines of a dome and add to that the fact that he is 9-11 in the playoffs–no sure thing the Broncos will get to the big show next year either.

Can’t argue his greatness in the regular season.

But I’d rather get on with the future.

I believe the Broncos could have gotten to the playoffs this year with a Tebow or Osweiler (if Osweiler turns out to be as good as he looked in preseason, I happen to think yes). 10-6 wouldn’t have been out of the question in this raw sewage AFC west. Hell, I firmly believe the Broncos would have won the early Raiders and Chargers games last year had we started the kid.

I was shocked that Manning chose Denver because this team doesn’t have a great defense and still has many needs.

How about that “great Broncos defense?”

Yes they’re great against the septic tank of the AFC west. Yes they’re great against a declining Saints, a horrible Panthers and a lowly Browns. The Broncos defense is great against crap and mediocre teams.

When it comes to some real competition, the Broncos defense gets whacked. They get whacked because not a whole lot has changed.

This “great number2 defense in the league” needs TWO defensive tackles, a middle linebacker and a safety. Rahim Moore shouldn’t be on the team next season. This team sorely needs an enforcer back there who can lay out running backs, instead they have a kid whose only big hits are on defenseless receivers.

Edge rushers alone does not a defense make. How the hell long is it going to take for Denver to realize this? The entire middle of that defense needs an overhaul. I knew it, you should have known it too. That Bob Smith knows it, who the hell is this Bob Smith commenter anyways? I bet he is a damn disciple of P.P.

The Broncos got whomped when they faced a good balanced offense. This defense keys on the pass and they get run over all day. This defense keys on the run and gets torched through the air all day (see last Sunday’s pathetic display.) I knew for a fact this team would get smashed when they played New England. The Patriots have a decent running game this year and Tom Brady doesn’t miss those wide open receivers like Joe Flacco does.

Did any of you people watch the SoundFX replay of last Sunday’s game? I sure as hell did.

“Hey, so a field goal will win it?” a beleaguered Von Miller asked Elvis Dumervil.

“Yeap, yeap,” a sullen Dumervil replied.

I actually do feel a little sorry for Von Miller and Champ Bailey. They are both class act professionals unlike some others but they both had a lousy game.

First I was disgusted. Next I remembered how lucky I was this season to keep my distance from these Broncos and not be emotionally invested in them. I knew they weren’t as good as their record seemed to indicate. The offense performed a little better than I expected. I expected Manning to be good, but oh by the way, when it came to receivers it wasn’t really Thomas or Decker that impressed. It was Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme.

Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme made more huge plays for this offense at critical points in games all season long. Hell, what did our big receiver Thomas do last Sunday? I saw Anquan Boldin out there getting open and making plays. Demaryius Thomas needs to do more, either that or we need another wide receiver. The “QB just couldn’t get the ball to them” is no excuse this year. I believe the Broncos need one more fast, dynamic receiver and kick Decker to the slot. I do not believe the Broncos are as “set” as some people think at receiver. They can get better. They can also upgrade a tight end, our guys played OK but it would be nice to have the second coming of Shannon Sharpe out there.

This offense came together a little better than I expected this year, but overall it wasn’t a big surprise. Our running game is mediocre, it’s good enough against bad teams but fails to produce overall mainly because we don’t have anything special at running back. Like I’ve said this team needs a young Willis McGahee.

Can you imagine if this team kept last year’s read option offense and drafted a running back like Doug Martin? He put up 1400 yards on a lousy team, just imagine what he could have done instead of the aging, oft injured knees of you know who.

You know that ungrateful guy who spouted off during the offseason with a bunch of anonymous players?

I heard he was gonna put up much more than 1,200 yards this year. Last I counted it was 730, sorry there Willis.

When people started to say “look out for Knowshon Moreno” in the ass end of this season I laughed my balls off. I wasn’t fooled.

Are kidding me? A sea slug could have sensed it was just a matter of time for Knownshon to get injured once again. The kid can’t carry the load running between the tackles, if you were smart you’d only use him on certain plays such as screens and catching out of the backfield. That was moronic. I’m not too impressed by Hillman although he’s OK he’s just not the answer.

Some people have the audacity to say this Broncos team might be like the one that lost to Jacksonville sixteen years ago in the playoffs. You’re s&^tting me right? You mean the one that had Terrell Davis? You better hope we can draft a Terrell Davis this year. If the Broncos were smart, they’d realize they can’t ride Manning’s arm all the way to the big show. They need to run a little more, especially in the cold. They need a strong runner like McGahee who has moves like Moreno. The Broncos will be picking late in the first round and that’s exactly where they might be able to land a decent running back this year.

Speaking of John Fox and smarts — yes that was a pathetic decision to take a knee with thirty second on the clock. I guarantee it was a pathetic decision no matter what is said about it because it will never happen again.

Elway wouldn’t have taken a knee there, why the hell should Manning have?

No matter, the Patriots would have sh-lacked the Broncos this weekend.

Team’s not ready yet, sorry.

Chiefs Claim Kyle Orton off Waivers

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Same old, same old

Well the dirty Chiefs snagged Kyle Orton before he could make off to Huckdort land.

Week 17 just got far more interesting, that is unless the Duck of Denver has his way and the great Brady Quinn is starting.

We just made a division rival a little better, smart move?

No matter, if our defense can’t get to Kyle Orton, we don’t deserve to win anything.

Five games in, the chickens have already come home to roost.

Tebow Named Broncos Starter

I will demand apologies from the front office. I will send a written form and I want it signed and returned to me either sent by mail or faxed. Apologies for poor decision making and terrible management of the quarterback situation. Furthermore we’ve been screwed out of our entertainment for the past four games.

“EFX” better get their act together. Horrible management of the quarterback situation, botching the trade then marginalizing the kid while propping up the lame duck veteran. Everyone should have known this was and is a rebuilding year. All we heard was unbridled optimism and Denver Post goobers like that Klis, Krieger and Legwold predicting more wins than losses with Kyle Orton. Next, the team throws money at injury prone Ty Warren–and we all know how that worked out. Finally they trade a starting caliber wide receiver for nothing in return.

It took only four and a half games for the switch at quarterback. Four and a half games to realize there’s no point in fielding a free agent lame duck journeyman on a team that isn’t very good.

Now we get to hear a bunch of crap from analysts and pundits who either hate Tim Tebow personally or hate his fans.

That’s the deal with some of these deranged analysts. You know, Blaine Gabbert isn’t ready but he’s starting. Gabbert isn’t playing well and he killed the team the other day with a fumble. He’s a rookie though and the Jaguars will just have to suffer the growing pains to see whether he’s a player or not.

Wouldn’t it be something if the same patience was afforded to Tebow? Not so. No, this kid can’t play and he can’t throw. He’s also going to get killed running the ball.

The people who are so down on Tebow before he even gets a chance to show what he has, these people probably fall into two categories:

1. They don’t like him personally, they don’t like how outspoken he is about his religion.

2. Whenever one of these pundits says something stupid or off base about him, Tebow’s legions of fans fill their emails and tie up their phone lines refuting the criticism. The fans are probably nasty at times. The analysts double down on their expert opinion and guess who they take it out on? That’s right, Timmy Teebs.

I’ve heard enough about this “gameplanning” crap. Sea cucumbers keep spouting that Teebs won’t be successful at all when teams gameplan for him, gameplan for a running quarterback. The Texans had a week to prepare, so did the Chargers. I didn’t see Tebow get stuffed behind the line of scrimmage on every play, did you? In fact, he put up 24 and 28 points in those last two games. He also threw bombs to Brandon Lloyd, but oh no this kid can’t throw a pass to save his life.

If they stack the freakin box, fine. Send Lloyd deep and do a jump ball–he has a knack for getting them and Teebs throws a good deep pass. People said Orton is our best chance to win–I never believed that. Not on this team. Those runs for a first down are huge. They are huge for this team that isn’t very good. The kids ability to buy time when the protection breaks down (and oh it does break down) is also a big boost. If anything, we need dynamic play at the quarterback position, not an immobile game manager. I said all along this team isn’t good enough to carry Kyle Orton.

Now the quarterback chickens come home to roost, ain’t they?

I am shelving the Reality Meter. It will not be updated further. I proved my point and it only took five games in to do it. The incredible Reality Meter will sit atop the page all season long as a reminder of my incredible acuity. I am a visionary and an oracle. All those talking heads on the right side of the meter could not bifurcate the truths that I proclaim.

Chargers 29 Broncos 24 The Tebow Era Begins

Sunday, October 9th, 2011
Elway Fox Xanders Orton

Five games in and it blew up in their faces...

The most exciting half of Denver Broncos football all year. It’s about time. I am adding Alfred Williams and Mark Schlereth to the Reality Meter. Look at them, look at them. All those minds together does not equal one P.P. Dublinski.

Reality is Here

“The kid can’t play and the kid can’t throw.”

I don’t care what anybody says, this offense moves forward with Tim Tebow at the helm. I don’t care how he does it. I don’t care about completion percentage or any stats whatsoever. Move the chains and score touchdowns, get the offense from point A to point B however you can. Ditka knows, Ditka knows.

Tebow’s screen passes are money. The kid throws a beautiful screen. I’m telling you this kid could revive Knowshon Moreno’s career. Screens and draws–nothing else for Moreno. Leave the heavy lifting on first and second downs to Willis McGahee. Tebow also throws the ball down field well, it’s these intermediate passes to the right and left sideline where he needs work–a lot of it. But hey, he came in cold, it’s not like he’s getting the first team reps or anything… we squandered those up until now, we gave them all to some doofus.

This should be the end of the Kyle Orton era in Denver.

This should also be the end of the Kyle Orton offense in Denver.

Seriously, if Tebow has trouble under center then don’t play him under center. Or at least limit that. What’s wrong with the shotgun? What’s wrong with running out of the shotgun? You see how this kid poses problems for a defense? They need to be ready for his run at all times, it puts pressure on a defense.

The commentary by Rich Gannon on Brandon Lloyd’s dropped two point conversion was stupid. All this “if Tebow were under center” crap. No, if Lloyd catches that ball–the ball placed right in his hands– if he catches it then all Gannon could say is “great throw.”

I was surprised John Fox pulled the plug on Kyle Orton at the half. Pleasantly surprised. Then again, how can you justify 34 yards passing, a pick and terrible throws that should have been picked? I said to myself the kid couldn’t do any worse.

Glad the coach agrees.

We should have been playing this kid with the starters from day one of training camp. We squandered the season up to this point–we weren’t moving forward on offense that’s for sure. We could have won games with this kid, he puts pressure on a defense with his abilities. Abilities Kyle Orton could never dream of.

AP Photo - Timmy Teebs = Mobility

Tebow should have been throwing to Lloyd, Royal and Decker all season long. That’s how you develop timing. Instead, we marginalized him and relegated him to the B and C team while we gave amazing Kyle all the first team reps. That looks smart now doesn’t it? Doesn’t it Alfred Williams? Doesn’t it Mark Schlereth?

The kid didn’t do too badly coming in cold. The excuses and criticism  are flying, I see that Trent Dilfer and our very own Tom Jackson criticizing the move already. How they’ll have to dumb down the offense, how “Tebow is limited.”

Earth to Tom Jackson–you’ve got to be kidding me.

You want to talk about a limited quarterback?

Look no further pal.

eh cuckoo? eh cuckoo?

Now the Broncos have hope and now moving forward they may win some games they should lose.

“Kyle Orton is our best chance to win.”

“Kyle Orton gives the Broncos credibility.”

“The practice players Orton and Quinn are the real gamers.”

Take your best chance to win, take your Orton credibility, take your practice players and flush them right down the toilet. Crash and burn baby, oh yeah.

So much for Brady Quinn being “the real number two in Denver.” I’m glad they’re smarter than that.

The Kyle Orton era is down the river on a $h&^house door baby, down the river on a $*^house door.

The Timmy Tebow era is here.

If you don’t like it, you better learn to love it.

I will still demand apologies for squandering the season up until now, apologies for poor mental acuity and woefully sub par decision making.

PS–Kudos to Robert Ayers. He’s making more big plays out there lately than Dumervil right now and that’s the truth.

Looks like that Horvil Tiki is so downtrodden he didn’t even bother to do a pre game post about a Broncos blood rivalry. That Tiki is probably on suicide watch right about now. Fans leaving left and right, all those who don’t think the fans have any power are about to find out otherwise if this nonsense keeps up.

I wonder how many fans are left that love this offense with Kyle Orton at the helm, eh? Four or five of you?

Orton ought to thank his lucky stars that the Chargers defensive backs can’t catch.

The front office has been using Kyle Orton’s experience and mastery of the offense as an excuse to beat down the multitude of common sense fans who wish to play the kid in an obvious losing season.

Those excuses are disintegrating by the minute.



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Quoted for Truth

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

John Fox Says Kyle Orton Needs the Experience

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Now now everyone, don’t you worry, the Denver Broncos are in good hands. John Fox, John Elway and Xanders? They know best, they are professionals of the highest order. Now don’t you go criticizing them for creating a quarterback controversy early in camp, or trading away Jabar Gaffney for nothing, now the coach says this:

Fox said coaches did not consider playing backup Tim Tebow in the fourth quarter, when the Packers led by at least 25 points. The team played several backups on defense late in the game, but none on offense.

“We need our starting quarterback to get experience for us to improve. That’s the idea behind that. You know he needs to get better in our system,” Fox said. “I know he gets judged on the past couple of years, but we’re trying to get him better in our system and use that experience to get better.”

Can you believe this one? Kyle Orton, a seven year veteran, Kyle Orton needs more experience for the Broncos to be successful. He needs more experience in John Fox’s amazing offense. That’s expert thinkery right there for you. Good luck waiting around for the amazing improvement, you’ll need two drafts to build what he needs to improve. I wonder what’s next, Brady Quinn needs the experience? This is getting more ridiculous by the hour and it’s playing out baby, it’s playing out.

I have now added John Fox, John Elway and Brian Xanders to the Reality Meter.

Even these buffoons can't tip the scales

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