Demented sea cucumbers are coming out of the woodwork, praising Huckdort and lamenting his dismissal from the Denver Broncos.

But Hucky and Co. are a fluke; the product of a soft schedule and incredible luck.

16 picks. It should have been many more. I know because I watch Chicago for entertainment value.

Unbelievable, some of the dorts hit defenders in the hands so perfectly they couldn’t even believe it was happening. My grandmother could have caught the sure picks Hucky threw this season.

Some clown at the Denver Post wanted us to shell out 50 million plus for Huckdort and Brandon Marshall. What a joke. Make no mistake, Hucky’s true nature will be revealed. Hucky is not going to the Super Bowl, he will fold and he will dort in the big game.

I anxiously await the “Season Ending Dort.”

The season ending dort is upon us folks. It could happen today, and if it doesn’t then I know for a fact it will happen next week. How lucky to get the weakest wild card team at home. The Bears are a fluke, they are lucky and Huckdort will crash and burn with the game on the line.

How dare some of these people lament the loss of Hucky D’s.
Once, in his rookie year in Denver, 45 minutes before a game, surefire Hall of Fame safety John Lynch was trying to explain something to Cutler about NFL pass coverage. Except Cutler wasn’t looking at Lynch. He was texting.

“Man, I’m trying to talk to you!” Lynch protested.

Didn’t help. Cutler was all thumbs, head down. Finally, Lynch slapped the phone out of Cutler’s hands, smashing it to the floor.

The three of them sat down at a Denver steak joint. Elway, polite as ever, tried to impart some wisdom. Except Cutler wasn’t looking at Elway. He wasn’t looking at Shanahan, either. He was looking at the TV. The whole time. With his baseball cap on backward. All the way through dessert. Elway did not leave impressed.

Oh yes, don’t you just wish that over confident gooned out pick throwing loser was still in Denver? What a laugh.

The poor man’s Farve will crash and burn, Huck will be dorting and I can’t get enough of it.