Shutting the opposition’s offense down for three  possessions in a row then allowing a conversion on 3rd and 25 is the reason the Broncos can’t beat a good team.

Things never before seen? Never seen a team so woefully inconsistent. Both the Offense and Defense.

Inability to run the football is killing us. Inability to run the football, inability to move the chains. Inability to make plays when it counts.

Our offense is not dynamic enough and this is no way to make the playoffs,  eeking in like a muffled fart.

If that.

This offense is not dynamic enough. We don’t have the playmakers.  Marshall is a good possession receiver. He ain’t no dynamic threat. This offense needs some speed out there. We are absolutely ho-hum.

We need new blood at receiver. Stokley doesn’t do enough, doesn’t matter what happened today, he’s getting up there and just don’t do enough.

We need a center and a guard or two. Our inability to run inside is absolutely killing us.

Running back doesn’t bother me one bit. Moreno is a kid, is leading rookie rushers and should be over a thousand yards were he not splitting carries. A certain Denver sports writer tried to hammer him, but that sports writer claimed we shouldn’t have picked him. Moreno is doing fine, will get better after his first season especially physically in the off season and he should be a player for us for many years. Same for Robert Ayers, he is doing fine and showing signs out there. Had we taken Orakpo, the Chargers get Moreno and we may not have gotten Ayers, we did well. I’d like to see Adrian Peterson try and find a hole running up the middle of our line: It would be the same laugh riot. I suppose it’s all Moreno’s fault when there’s two friggen guys wrapping him up behind the line of scrimmage.

I will say this: wouldn’t bother me one bit if we also got a guy 6′ 1″ 235 who can be a slugger behind Moreno. Doesn’t have to be a world beater either. Two speed guys isn’t cutting it.

Our anemic running game is killing us. Our inability to move the football with consistency on offense hurts our defense, they’re out there too much. Too many three and outs.

9 and 7, wish I weren’t a genius.

I will say that McDaniel’s play calling was much better today. I told you people his job will be made or broken by this off season. I said this because we are in a hell of a position to get some play makers on this team in problem spots. Don’t have to be superstar world beaters, just some damn guys who can make a play when it counts. We can trade or receive compensation for Marshall. We will be picking high in the draft. There are players available in free agency in positions we need. I want a new center, and a new guard, maybe two. We can get some mean, snarling beef up in there, our athletic tackles will allow for this. I want more speed on offense, I want play makers at wide receiver who catch the damn football. Lots of wide receivers in free agency this year who will not break the bank.  I want to see us get a defensive end good for 8 sacks, that isn’t asking too much. Even 7 sacks would be an upgrade.

These holes ain’t gonna be filled by paying Marshall and Dumervil 50 million plus. Dumervil is our only priority there.

You wanna draft a quarterback somewhere in the early rounds? Fine. I don’t see him taking over Orton’s job anytime soon. A good running game helps Kyle Orton immeasurably. Even that Huckdort was night and day when we ran the football.  If we don’t draft one, we better damn well get a veteran presence at backup, somebody who has seen time playing in the regular season. Someone cagey.

I will say that Orton is about as athletic as a two legged goat out there. I think a two legged goat would hold up better in a collapsing pocket and that ain’t no stretch. You see some of them sacks? Donovan McNabb’s sacks were sacks. Orton’s sacks were a sad sack of you know what out there.

Unable to contain a 3rd and 25, you kidding me?

At least they didn’t get blown out.