Brandon Marshall will not be a Bronco after this year.

Just when I think Paige sees the light, the pen of Woody Paige takes two steps backwards.

Paige thought we should’ve thrown multi millions at Cutler.

Paige now thinks we ought to sign Dumervil and Marshall now for 50 million a piece. Are you kidding me? Bankrupt the damn team? I don’t care if it doesn’t hurt our cap this season, it will in the long run and that’s for damn sure. First, I don’t think Dumervil will be asking an astronomic amount. Yes he’s the sack leader this year but he’s also a team guy and I see us giving him a bit more than a D.J. Williams type salary. I don’t think he’s going to try and break our bank.

Marshall wants to break the bank.

You don’t bankrupt the team for a wide receiver. A premium pass rusher trumps a wide receiver. Especially a wide receiver with a prima donna attitude.

We’re not making Marshall the highest paid receiver in football when there will be so many available options next year. We might even have a top ten pick.

When I look at the list of free agent wide receivers, one name sticks out: Deon Branch. Yes he’s practically disappeared in Seattle, but he was gold in the Patriots system, their #1 receiver. We could get him for much less than “the highest paid receiver in the league” and he’d be back in his old system and not the wreck he’s being forced to play in Seattle. You know he has potential, we could give him a shot and possibly draft a receiver in the process. Hell Eddy Royal could end up our #3 WR next year.

One of many options, including our high draft pick thanks to Chicago. To those who say don’t pay guaranteed millions for unproven draft talent: Marshall wants far more than any 8th or 10th pick will require.

Our priority is Dumervil, and of course Orton. To those who say let Orton go because Brandstater is the future you are out of your minds. Out of your minds and flailing about like that gooned out Woody Paige. Brandstater is a question mark at best. Totally unproven asset.

Marshall is gone after this season. Too many options out there in free agency and in our draft.

Marshall is playing nice with the Broncos because he wants the big dollars. Will his hunger continue after the payday? Will his ridiculous antics cease? Will he stay out of trouble off the field? Too risky, too many if’s. We won’t make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

This team needs to run the football. We need to work on getting better at running the football next year. Running the football helps Kyle Orton, it helps this team win. Throwing the ball 21 times to Marshall in the Colts game was fun and all, but we lost. If we had the ability to run the football down their throats, we would have won. That’s the key ingredient to beating teams like Indy and New Orleans. We are below average at running the football against good teams, we are woeful at running the ball on short yardage downs, period.

The Broncos need to get bigger and better in the middle of the offensive line and we need another more talented defensive end good for at least 8 sacks. We don’t need to bankrupt the team for a primadonna wide receiver.

Can you fathom Marshall taking a pay cut from his ginormous account to help with cap space in the future? Didn’t think so.

We can and will get by without Brandon Marshall. Lots of free agent WR’s out there, perhaps even our high draft pick or both options could help us at receiver after his exit. It will cost less, and it will be far better for the team now and in the long run.

By the way, I predict 4 dorts for Huckdort today against the Ravens.