We’ve got a guy over there at the New York Times lecturing us on the Broncos, probably some suit who won’t even be watching the team come September. Mr. Andy Benoit does a halfway decent piece about last year’s Broncos team and this year’s offseason acquisitions. When it comes time for his opinion on the Tebow situation though, the proverbial train runs off the track. First, let’s be clear about who McDaniels is.

So, what to make of McDaniels? The answer doesn’t seem difficult, but when you open your mouth to say it, nothing comes out. He’s either a hero or a villain – you just can’t yet tell which. All you know is that it’s one extreme or the other. It has to be – everything McDaniels has done thus far has been extreme.

McDaniels is a genius and is the reincarnation of the great Sun Tzu. The only people who think he’s a villain, the only people who don’t think he’ll be successful starts with last year’s version of Numby at the Denver Post and a bunch of ex-Broncos who hitched their train to Chicago to follow that Huckdort. By the way those ex-Broncos fans got juked, shagged and rooked following the “next John Elway.” McDaniels cleaned house on the spoiled me-first prima donna players that soiled the ass-end of the Shanahan era. One by one, the dingleberries were rightfully purged and sent packing, thus ushering in a new Broncos era we can be proud of.

With the Tebow selection, McDaniels was betting his future and legacy…

This is completely incorrect. For some reason this is the “prevailing wisdom” out there, set off by a certain set of buffoons who think the entire future of the team and the career of our coach rests solely on the shoulders of Tim Tebow. It’s a sure mark of a sea cucumber going with the flow, the wrong flow. Listen, we drafted Demaryius Thomas with our first round pick and we really didn’t give up all that much to move up for Tebow. We turned a second into a first for Tebow and we added a third, the rest was house money from moving back from our 11th spot. There was a ton of hype, it was a big surprise on draft day, but when all is said and done Tebow could bust out at quarterback and that won’t matter one bit– that won’t matter in regards to the coach’s career.

Tim Tebow as a traditional pocket passer is a hope, it’s a dream, it’s only a possibility. Tim Tebow playing out of the Wild Horses formation, maybe even shotgun at times or special packages with Kyle Orton will soon be reality.

The latest from Lindsay Jones Twitter: 6/12 We just saw a designed run play for Tim Tebow for the first time in minicamp. Lots of “atta boy” reax from coaches when it worked.
6/13 Tebow came in for one snap, a designed run. Quinn 1-for-3 in his reps, w/ 2 deep incompletions.

People say, “Oh me oh my, we won’t run Tebow into NFL linebackers, oh goodness no! We can’t injure our future QB! That’s stupid!”

To which I say: get ready for a shock degenerate sea cucumbers one and all.

Sorry, but you have to be a bit degenerated to come up with that one, and so I’m trying to help you people here.

Shock and awe baby. Tim Tebow broke Herschel Walker’s SEC record for rushing touchdowns, he’s an athletic freak, a physical specimen and a gritty runner who has a knack for converting on short yardage downs when it counts–just the element we were missing last year.

Tebow didn’t go up against a bunch of slouches in his college career, how about freshman Tebow making the senior LaRon Landry (Redskins) look like a fool?

Spending a first-round pick on a player who most likely won’t see the field for a year or two shows extreme confidence. Or….is it arrogance?

Incorrect assumption. Tebow will be playing this year. Whoever is out there with a modicum of tact saying we’ll be using Tebow for 10-15 plays a game is a genius in that regard, myself included.

In January I put up my want list, which was covered nicely by McDaniels in all but one category. I wanted a backup for Orton with “some” NFL experience, I wanted two new receivers, I wanted two new offensive linemen, I wanted new blood on the defensive line–at least one big free agency D-Line signing (Williams/Bannan). Finally, I wanted a big running back. Our offense absolutely sucked last year getting hard yardage when it counted, it sucked when the game was on the line on short yardage downs.

We didn’t draft a big running back in the mid-rounds, but we drafted one in the first. He’s a guy who will absolutely help us converting those third and fourth downs and he will also threaten teams with the pass. In fact, if he doesn’t do this, if Tebow actually isn’t out there helping us win this year in special packages then there is cause for concern. I have no doubts we will utilize this player and his talents in Wild Horses and in third and fourth down packages.

McDaniels career will be judged by winning, not Tebow. If Tebow helps us convert on these crucial downs–an area where we need help, if teams have to game plan for him–then Tebow was a very good pick, period. Teams often pick utility in the late first round.

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Wild Horses

Tim Tebow: Wild Horses

They asked me to do certain things, and I did them.” – Tebow, on visiting the Broncos before the draft.

If this Broncos team ends up getting into the playoffs year after year, do you honestly think we’re going to get rid of McDaniels because Tebow didn’t pan out as a traditional pocket passing quarterback? What a laugh, we could even get another quarterback next offseason, via free agency or trade–that’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

You can’t win a Super Bowl with Kyle Orton, but you can maybe win a wild-card game.

There’s a lot of disrespect heaped on Orton, yet he is the one player we were absolutely dead in the water without last year. We were dead in the water and ready to get helplessly picked off by teams each week without Orton. I reckon we would go 4 and 12 last year without Orton, maybe 3 and 13.

Orton played two bad games last year, two. In these games he got Jay “Huckdort” Cutler picked off, you know Jay hucks the ball then dort he gets picked off? Two games Orton threw horrible picks that were run back for touchdowns and these mistakes killed us.

Numby at the Post thinks the team will just be mediocre with Orton at the helm, but if we throw the unproven rookie Tebow in there, oh dear God then we have a shot at the division!

Remember that trade Orton now chant at the Denver Post? Yeah, lets trade away our only proven commodity at quarterback. We have two guys who are complete question marks on whether they can tow the load at quarterback (three at the time), but oh no we’ll trade away Orton now because they’re obviously better. I credit this NY Times guy for at least saying there’s not much competition right now at startingquarterback, but to think Tebow is the future QB or it’s the coaches ass is too much. I don’t care what McDaniels says–yes Tebow is a quarterback–but he is a quarterback in the Wild Horses or any special packages they come up with. Don’t be surprised if we list Tebow at H-Back if Quinn has a firm grasp of the backup slot on the roster.

But why so bleak with Orton at the helm? Should we blame “ham-sandwich” Orton for a terrible interior offensive line? An aging interior line that couldn’t get us mere inches time and time again? A line that got blown up through its middle time and time again, where even defensive tackles were hitting our running backs in the back field, running down our quarterback?

Blame Orton for third and 25 against Donovan McNabb? Third and 25 defense make-a-friggen-play on McNabb? How about 4th and 10 on Jamarcus “the Hutt” Russell. What an absolute disgrace that was, Jamarcus “the Hutt” stretches the damn field on the Broncos for the victory.

Kyle Orton Winner

Blame Orton for dropped passes on third and short? How many times did that happen? Quite enough. Maybe we should blame Orton for the running game too, have you heard that one? Because obviously when you have a quarterback with a cannon arm the running game will open up for you in spades. Just see Jay “Huckdort” Cutler and the running attack up in Chicago last year to completely debunk that one.

Who was our deep threat receiver that Orton just couldn’t get the ball to? You know, one of those guys that goes out there and blazes up the field, gets separation and gets open deep? I wonder who that player was? We didn’t have any deep threats.

Orton Broncos Winner

Given that he was fresh off a trade and learning a new system that takes “three years” to get a full grasp on, Kyle Orton played well for us, very well. The word out of Dove Valley is that Orton and the offense feel like its a “night and day” difference out there practicing this year compared to last year.

Orton throws well, he’s accurate, but his physical ability sucks and that’s exactly where Tim Tebow comes in with his superior agility and running ability. Tim Tebow can make Kyle Orton a better player, a better quarterback. Tebow can and will make this team better by converting those difficult short yardage downs. I heard people worrying about defensive players “shadowing” Tebow on those critical downs. Are you serious? That’s exactly what we want. Teams will need to game plan for Tebow, let them get thrown off their usual game.

I heard Dwight Freeney “can’t wait to hit Tim Tebow.”

Freeney may get his wish, but the great and awe inspiring run-stopper Freeney may get run over. Don’t expect Tebow to be a sitting duck pocket passer anytime soon.

So no, maybe you can’t win a Super Bowl with Kyle Orton–without a star studded cast surrounding him.

But you can win one with Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, and that’s not out of the question in a couple years.