Was shocked to hear Terry Bradshaw claim Brett Favre was the best quarterback he’s ever seen. Then again Bradshaw is a hokey old doofus resigned to fried pickle commercials these days and he’s made no effort to hide his QB bias throughout the years.

I know this is a Broncos site, but let me throw this one at you: It’s the fourth quarter, its fourth and ten on your own 20 with two minutes to go. Your offensive line sucks, your running game is mediocre at best and your wide receivers are average to below average.

Who do you pick for your quarterback? Favre, Montana, Marino, Elway?

I sure as hell pick Elway. He could kill you with his mobility, he could throw like a nut and although he had his share of dorts, he wasn’t nearly the dorter Favre was, not in the big games, not in the closing minutes with the game on the line.

Bradshaw never liked Elway, always playing him down, getting in his little snide comments.

Finally we can put to rest the media’s addiction to Brett Favre, the greatest Huckdort to ever play the game. Favre was dorting years before Jay Huckdort Cutler.

In case we ain’t clear, Pro Bowl Jay “Hucks” the ball and “Dort” he gets picked off at the worst possible, team killing moment.

I’ve told you people time and time again Jay Huckdort is a poor man’s Favre.

Favre managed to get to a couple Super Bowls and won one, what was that thirteen years ago? I don’t care how long he’s hung around trying to break records, there is no hiding his tendency to dort badly in the big games; this plagued him throughout his career. Huckdort up there in Chicago’s got them dort tendencies too, like getting picked off at the worst possible time you can imagine.

That’s why Huckdort ain’t even close to being in Favre’s shoes, old Favre managed to win a decent share of games at least.