Hope all my wonderful and adoring fans out there, for which there are many, have a happy and safe fourth of July.

Since I’ve taken over this site, it’s reached the first page of Google and the unique visitors per month have doubled. I want to take this opportunity to thank all you people out there for your patronage, I’m sure you’re aware of my insight and track record concerning Broncos information. You come here, you won’t get a bunch of bar-room mind turds like that Numby at the Post squeezes out on a whim. That Kiszla, that Numby, that Krieger, they’re weak. They break and they bend with the winds, they float out a bunch of crap hoping to get people talking. Not me, I am a rock. When you build your house on P.P.’s wisdom, you build it on a rock.

Now don’t end up like that Simms, stay home if you smoke one of them coners full of Humbolt Fog.

Me, I will be cruising down in Summerville tonight, and there ain’t a damn thing anybody can do about it.

If the stop sign or yield sign near your house ends up bent clean in half–maybe it was me, maybe not. If there’s donut tracks a half foot deep in your front yard, don’t bother with the search. If you wake up to a crazy noise and come out of your house to a thick wall of smoke from a hellatious brake stand, just go back inside. I cannot be stopped, I will not be stopped and I will leave those who try and stop me, I will leave those who try and truncate me and my talents, I will leave them in the proverbial dust.

To you poor saps in Summerville, better brace yourselves cause Hurricane P.P. is a comin’