Since Tiki’s house is probably dark and silent, and I don’t blame them, and that Panff is off doing whatever, someone needs to chime in. The internet moves at a blistering pace and you got to get with the times. That Huckdort counter hasn’t moved at the time of this posting either.

I am highly disappointed. I could not enjoy the dort as much as I’d like to tonight. For those of you keeping track that one is classified as a “Timely Dort,” thrown in the fourth quarter, the obligatory fourth quarter Jay Huckdort Cutler pick. The very dort that often seals defeat and kills the team.

Talk about killing the team, that fumble by Moreno was just as disastrous as the pick thrown by Simms last week. Just go down, it’s first and goal for crying out loud. Marshall got into him and he deserved it, talk about a killjoy at the worst possible moment.¬† Moreno is coming along but the fumbles, and the spots where he’s fumbled are unacceptable.

This team can’t buy a win, and they can’t buy luck right now either. Nothing is falling their way, they are making mistakes, turning the ball over and getting their asses handed to them in the second half of games. These last four games have actually been close at halftime, the defense has shown up, well, they show up for a half at least. Then the proverbial turd hits the fan, the offense doesn’t move the ball, the defense wears down. It’s a broken record the last four games.

I put blame on the coach. That’s right, a four game slide, are you kidding me? This team is not motivated to play.

It’s obvious no one is motivating these players. This severe lack of motivation I would fully expect from the spoiled ass end of the Shanahan era, not the club we saw fighting and scraping for wins like gangbusters in the first six games. Where is the motivation? Where is the sense of urgency? Was it the likes of Paige and his cronies in the mainstream media saying the Broncos would be garbage that motivated them early on? I remember Shanahan used to say he didn’t need to motivate his players because they are already playing in the NFL and that is motivation enough. Sorry folks, couldn’t disagree more, a leader is a motivator as well. Or should be.

I was not impressed with McDaniels Monday presser last week. He claimed being¬† 6 and 3 coming into this game, along with the Chargers is “just where we want to be.”

Are you kidding me?

Being up two games on the Chargers coming into yesterday, or at least one is where you wanted to be. Unfortunately the lowly Redskins saw fit to beat us with their miraculous Punter.

You people wonder why I was so pissed at that Redskins game.

Like Tom Jackson said, these Broncos have zero margin for error.

Zero margin for error, and we’ve been rife with error the past four games.

The team needs to execute like they did in the first six games. Those games showed us the Broncos can beat good teams, if, IF… they execute and don’t make mistakes. Especially the offense, I’m sick and tired of the time of possession being largely in the other team’s favor.

The mistakes have killed us, penalties and some people need fires lit under their asses, quite a few actually.

I wish I wasn’t a genius. My prediction of 9 and 7 looks closer than I’d hoped. I hoped to make an apology, but it doesn’t look like it.

I feel McDaniels is failing to motivate this team right now. How else can you spin these flat performances? I question the call to start Simms when Orton was at least able. I question that damn onside kick when the score was 13 to 3, too. 20 to 3 in the fourth quarter maybe you pull that, I’m all for being aggressive, but we didn’t need that buffoonery at that moment and it killed us.

I truly feel I know exactly why Woody Paige wanted Chris Simms to start this year and the last couple games: Chris Simms was our best shot at going 4 and 12 and making Paige look like a genius.

Our number two quarterback probably won’t be with this team next year. I hope we realize Orton is this franchise right now, without him we don’t stand a chance out there. Draft a QB in the third or fourth round next year to develop and take Simms spot, fine.

It’s not over, we have a dingleberry’s chance of still claiming the division, and a turd’s chance of squeaking in as a wild card, but it doesn’t look good. The Broncos will prove to us down this last stretch of games whether they deserve to participate in the playoffs, or not.

Still, this team is heading in the right direction. This team isn’t a train wreck, as hard as it may be to fathom after this stretch, they aren’t the 4 and 12 nonsense Paige predicted. He’ll probably come out and say “see I told you they weren’t all that.” Sorry Paige, your 4 and 12 train wreck didn’t come to pass, and I’d wager your failures and highly insufficient opinions are more numerous than even the Broncos brain farts in the last four games. The games have actually been close at the half, they’ve had chances to come back and they simply haven’t gotten the job done. The future is brighter here than a lot of places, Chicago for one.