I’m sitting here, having a hell of a time. The new year has invigorated me. I was jaded about this collapse in the ass end of the season, but whatever. The Broncos probably weren’t going to do much in the playoffs as inconsistent as they’ve been.

No matter, my first prediction for 2010 will come true.

I’m sitting here watching these reports come in to ESPN, oh bloody hell they’re all up in arms over the “drama” surrounding Brandon Marshall.

There’s something happening here that is great: The Denver Broncos are continuing to weed out their spoiled, unaccountable players.

I love it.

Benching Marshall and Scheffler is a great move.

Josh McDaniels is a young coach, the youngest head coach in the NFL. A couple of our players sure do know it and they’re likely trying to make him look bad now that the worm has turned and the Broncos playoff picture looks bleak.

People are starting to criticize McDaniels again since the Broncos collapsed and lost a bunch of games in the ass end of the season.

Sure, McDaniels had something to do with it. He called some plays wrong, made a few poor decisions here and there. Not going for the touchdown on fourth down in the Raiders game for example. Shoddy third and short calls.

But let’s face it: These players just didn’t make plays when it counted.

They were in every position to do so. It wasn’t just the poor run blocking that killed us towards the end. Third and twenty five? Make the damn play. Fourth and ten, just make a stop on Jamarcus Russell?

Who expected this team to make the playoffs this year? Not many. Most predicted horror and woe likened to Cleveland. I predicted we would be a mediocre team heading in the right direction: 9 and 7.

We are heading in the right direction. McDaniels just put his foot down on the few imbeciles remaining on the Broncos team.

Do you see Knowshon Moreno mouthing off to the coach anytime soon?

Robert Ayers… Ryan Clady… Brian Dawkins…DJ Williams? Bailey?

Who will be left that’s a problem child on this team? Hillis possibly?

Don’t know what happened with Hillis but something tells me it’s personal. Guess what, like Marshall and Scheffler he’s gone too. Now that I think about it that Scheffler always seems to be bellyaching about something and can’t seem to stay on the field, even last year.

Try and name a problem player after we get rid of these bozos.

We are injecting this team with humble, hard working team first players.

I don’t care what anyone says. Knowshon Moreno is a talent, he catches the ball, he makes moves, he shows all the flashes and he would have over a thousand yards in his rookie season were he not splitting carries. He is a rookie, he will be even better next year. Robert Ayers looks good and has improved. He may even be the guy that I want to get 7-9 sacks for us. I’ve seen flashes from him down the stretch. Our rookie class of 2009 was very good overall. We’ve got rookie defensive players out there, actually playing in games learning and contributing. Hell of a lot better than what we’ve been used to. I expect this year will be no different and we will draft well.

We are making the right moves, last year it was the defense that needed quite an overhaul. This year it is the offense.

People are going to come out of the woodwork saying McDaniels broke the Broncos, he ruined the offense. Was our offense really that great when it was led by a pick throwing Huckdort? I don’t care one bit about stats and records, I care about wins. We didn’t win with the Huckdort and Marshall connection. We didn’t win with the interior of this offensive line getting beat up and out toughed the past couple years.

Benching these two buffoons is great. Sit them the hell down, this coach will not take it. He will not be made the fool.

That ESPN is talking like there is a crisis in Denver. Oh woe the coach is probably ruining the relationship with Marshall.

I love it, get rid of him. And get rid of Scheffler.

McDaniels will get slammed if we lose the Chiefs game but I don’t even care.

We’re not doing much as is even if we got into the playoffs.

Imagine if we get in the playoffs with Marshall on the bench? You know what?

Keep him there.

Going forward, this team doesn’t need Brandon Marshall. Or Tony Scheffler. You need a certain type of offense for Scheffler, an offense where a tight end doesn’t block for squat.

Play the kid. He did good in special teams. That Quinn. Play him, screw Scheffler.

I love it, we will be done with these spoiled players of questionable tact and sub par mental acuity.

I’m more interested in the Detroit game Sunday. I want the highest pick possible. But regardless we are drafting higher than we ever thought this year baby.

The beginning of free agency will be interesting as hell. We will be getting something real good for Marshall. I just know there are some dolts out there willing to take him in. Maybe Baltimore, maybe Ray Lewis will claim he can keep Marshall settled down. Maybe  San Francisco will go after him. Hopefully we can get something for Scheffler too, maybe some weak finesse team will want him.

But some team out there will get Marshall, and we will be the better for it. Much better.

I love it.

Do us a favor ESPN: Keep making McDaniels out to be the loser in this, help spread the word about just how wonderful a player Brandon Marshall is and how badly the Broncos need him. Let Marshall sit there with the mic and spout off about how horrible McDaniels is once the season ends too.

Marshall, Jeff Fisher be damned. Sound football players will join and will want to join the Denver Broncos. The words of a Dawkins, even the words of an Orton carry more weight than a Marshall.

In last year’s draft, McDaniels sent the message to his team: The Broncos will finish with a better record than the Bears.

At the end of this season his message is clear: Rejects may apply elsewhere.

We are watching the transformation of the Denver Broncos before our very eyes. McDaniels and Co. have transformed the defense into something respectable after years of pitiful mediocrity. Hell mediocre was a compliment for our defense in years past. We are now a defense that is only a few players away from being downright dominant.

The offense comes next. Gone is the wild, pick throwing Huckdort and his merry me-first prima donna men Marshall and Scheffler. Gone will be the broken down and out-toughed interior of our offensive line. Some will claim Orton isn’t the answer. To them I say, we got a guy with some limitations, but he protects the damn football and we can win with Orton if we run the damn football with some damn consistency.

Things are looking up. Don’t let the flailing, boneheaded analysis of the mainstream pundits sway you otherwise.

Then again, not everybody’s a genius.