Brandon Marshall is as good as gone gone. Benched for this Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

I knew he’d be a problem with a new coach once things went south. We’re not making the playoffs so why should Marshall care anymore right?

It’s time for Marshall and company to get in their digs at the new coach now that there’s a bit of tribulation in Bronco land over the end of season collapse.

It ain’t gonna work.

Now it looks like this Scheffler character is gone too for “accountability” issues. Good riddance cause Scheffler ain’t all that great anyways. He don’t do enough.

McDaniels got stones, that’s for sure. He is putting his foot down on these spoiled, unaccountable Shanahan era rejects and we will be better off for it.

Who the hell are these pundits coming out of the woodwork claiming “Sign Marshall! Don’t let him get away?”

Are you kidding me?

Brandon Marshall probably started to play Mr. nice guy because the Broncos looked successful early on and he knew he could help himself. It also probably dawned on him that hisĀ  chances of being picked up by another team after season’s end would be better if he played nice for a while.

I suppose the pundits pushing for us to sign Marshall were dazzled by the 21 catch effort against the Colts.

Not me.

We lost the game, I don’t care if he broke 5 records.

With his history, with his punting balls in practice, you really think he finally, all of a sudden, out of nowhere had a change of heart?

If so, I got some Zhu Zhu pets I want to sell you. I buy these cheap, plastic pieces of crap for eight bucks and sell them for thirty.

Let some other team pay or trade out the ass for him. Just like the Cutler trade, I hope some loser in some team office looks at “ten minutes of film” and gets wide eyed over Marshall’s twenty one catch performance. He’s not dynamic enough. He gets open, and has moves after the catch, but he ain’t no dynamic game breaker like Larry Fitzgerald. He don’t deserve that kind of money. Plus, with all his mishaps, he’s probably one misstep away from being suspended for multiple games. Nah, we ain’t paying Brandon marshall no 50 plus million.

Even Shanahan was trying to get rid of Marshall I give credit where it’s due. He was going to outright cut him if he couldn’t find a trade. Marshall was about to go to his first Pro Bowl at the time. That should tell you something.

21 catches in a game don’t erase years of attitude problems and unprofessional conduct.

Can you imagine if the Broncos organization actually went ahead with some of the nonsensical ideas put forth by some of these so called sports news outlets? Unbelievable. First, we surely must throw multi millions at Huckdort because we love when he throws the ball really far. It makes us think he might be John Elway. Don’t matter at all that he won’t return Bowlen’s calls and he’s staying put down in Nashville sucking on a wooden whistle.

Oh, and add in the fact he gets picked off left and right.

I heard Jay Cutler’s going to the Super Bowl this year with that Bears team. Won’t you be jealous? How could you let him get away? By the way, I think I’m going to nearly cry like Steve Young and Chris Collinsworth when I talk about this.

He is not a Manning, he is not a Brady, he is not a Hall of Fame quarterback. Maybe he gets to the Pro Bowl again a couple times during his career. If that’s their definition of a Pro Bowl quarterback, fine.

He’s a poor man’s Favre.

Oh and for our running woes, we should blame the coach for picking the leading rookie rusher and not handing the ball off to Peyton Hillis. Let’s just disregard the fact the interior of our offensive line is getting eaten alive by opposing team’s tackles and has absolutely wore down on us two years in a row. Although it could be the fact that Kyle Orton can’t throw the deep ball. You know how throwing the deep ball means you can certainly have a great running game? Yeah I figured you knew that one, everyone knows that.

Brandon Marshall, oh golly gee, did you see that Colts game? Wow, gotta sign this guy long term. Got to make him one of the highest paid receivers in football right away!

Trouble is he don’t do quite enough to deserve that kind of money. He gets shut down, disappears in games, drops the ball a lot, isn’t very speedy and he ain’t no dynamic game breaker. Plus, his attitude sucks, his off the field history and antics suck. Yeah let’s bankrupt the team for Marshall.

While we’re at it, we better start Chris Simms. He is the better quarterback. I mean, this is plainly obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense.

Do these people take their jobs seriously? Do they really take their jobs seriously?