Got punked by a damn Cable guy.

I am glad Mcdaniels listened to me, that we should do the quarterback sneak more in short yardage situations.

But 4 yards to go is not a short yardage situation.

Nor is it prudent to do three quarterback sneaks in a game, do a pitch play, for God sake’s something creative on third and inches.

We needed to go for it on fourth and 2 in the fourth quarter. The playoffs rested on this.

Right there is where you go for it, because a touchdown ices it, and if not, Jamarcus Russell has 98 yards to go.




McD, the supposedly ballsy, firey, risk taking coach gets neutered all of a sudden and kicks a field goal on 4th and 2 with the playoffs on the line.

We’re looking at just what I predicted: 9 and 7.

I wish I weren’t a genius.

Worst loss of the McDaniels era, back to the future, it feels like the ass end of the Shanahan era.

The interior of our offensive line is disgraceful, most of their pressures came from Gerard Warren for crying out loud, and the great Brandon Marshall gets shut down. He is no Larry Fitzgerald. He ain’t that dynamic deep threat home-run hitting x factor. He is a big target, he does get open a lot and runs well after the catch. Certainly not worthy of being the highest paid WR in the game, let somebody else with less tact pay that. We need to upgrade the interior of our offensive line. At times in this game we couldn’t get a damn inch running the ball. Peyton Hillis is also gone after this year, I don’t care what excuse the coach makes he doesn’t play, period. Moreno needs to get stronger in the off season and we need a bigger change of pace back. We need another defensive end worth 8 sacks. We need a competent backup quarterback.

We need a lot more than Brandon Marshall.

Unfortunately, it looks like my genius will prevail.