Counting down the wins to Paige's demise

Counting down the wins to Paige's demise

The title says it all.

Hell, I wasn’t even going to post anything this week, my inaugural radio show predictions stand.

I stated the Broncos would field a defense that didn’t quit, field a defense that tackled and promulgate defensive devastation hitherto unseen before.

This man, who McDaniels convinced to play for us, is putting on a defensive clinic out there.

This man, who McDaniels convinced to play for us, is putting on a defensive clinic out there.

You see that defense, eh? The way they’re going we’re one or two players away from a top tier bunch. They are tackling, stopping teams on third down, hell that was the best defensive effort the Denver Broncos put up in years. This is a garbage line? The defense is the weakness of the team? These are guys that are just figuring out the nuances of a three four defense? Sure don’t look like it, does it? Not only that, but they are indeed led by a man who will make sure they do not quit.

We would create offensive devastation hitherto never seen before; this was tarnished by 9 dropped passes and this Orton who’s frozen in the pocket and can’t see our go-to guy Stokley wide open on third down running to daylight. If you want hitherto unseen before, however, just look at the last damn play.

Like I said in my inaugural radio speech, it ain’t over til the final gun, and not a minute before.

That was the greatest throw since Elway to Smith in the 99 Super Bowl vs. Atlanta.

Say what you want, Huckdort couldn’t have made that throw. He’s too busy trying to force the ball down field as hard as he can. Right into the hands of defenders.

Kyle Orton was chided for throwing a “catchable ball.”

Jay Cutler throws a catchable ball alright, too bad it’s the opposing team’s defense doing all the catching.

To those goobers claiming Orton could’ve gotten picked a couple times, ol’ Huckdort should’ve been picked seven times. Don’t matter though, four picks, four terrible picks mind you, speak for themselves.

Like I said, I know that Huckdort Cutler.

Jay hucks the ball then dort, he gets picked off. Left and right, single-handedly killing the team with his overconfident bluster.

Some people don’t learn, they never learn. Huckdort’s probably one of them, McDaniels knew his correct coaching would go in one of Huck’s ears and right out the other when it came to the heat of battle where Huck takes it upon himself to save the day.

Huck, huck, dort, dort

Huck, huck, dort, dort

I know that Huckdort. Something ain’t right there. Credit to that one single solitary radio voice on New Yorks WFAN Mike Francessa who announced you don’t trade a quarterback of Huckdort’s age and caliber, unless… unless somethin’ aint right there, he believed it’s buyer beware.

Mr. Francessa was laughed at by the almighty know-it-alls at ESPN. ESPN owned by ABC who run a ponzi scheme with their lazy journalism which Paige and his cronies in the press pick up on as gospel.

I know that Huckdort, a poor man’s Favre (after his Super Bowl years), Pro Bowl only by default, that helped us in the trade.

I don’t know about some of you people, but I was laughin my balls off Sunday night.

It ain’t all gratuitous neither. There’s a top pick in the draft at stake.

Enough about Huckdort. I fully expect to dismantle this Browns team this week.  It is time for this offense to become run first, which will open up the pass and control the clock. This defense will render Quinn as a deer in the headlights and we will run roughshod over them at home like home teams should. Home teams worth a damn that is. There has been an unfortunate turn of events in recent Broncos history, and that is losing at home. Besides the malnourishment, practicing without pads, uninspiring Shanahan at the helm, this Invesco Field crap is a joke.

What did it get us? I’ll tell you what it got us: less noise advantage and more peddling of overpriced crap. More wine and cheese degenerates filling glass bubbles who probably don’t give two turds in a paper bag about whats actually happening on the field. Not to mention they cannot be heard, but that’s probably a good thing. They’re probably the ones filling the Denver Post forums with uneducated doom and gloom predictions. They probably believe Paige when he claims we gave the franchise away when Shanahan and Cutler got the boot. They should be made to sit out in the bleachers and freeze their asses off with the real fans.

Hopefully we can get past all this nonsense and get back to some real smashmouth football at home. I am sick and tired of seeing this team bullied and quitting in the recent and so called glorious past Woody Paige and his ilk incessantly refer to.