Straight Shootin' Baby

Straight Shootin' Baby

Update: John Clayton admits he misread the Broncos. There is a shred of honesty and decency at least in that goober. I am still waiting Woody Paige.

This is an emergency edition of P.P.’s Straight Shootin’ for there is a red alert in Denver.

I am a Dark Ninja of the Depths and no arrow can pierce me. My virility is legendary, and my supreme tact will rent gaping holes in walls and floors.

The Broncos recently acquired defensive end Vonnie Holliday tells Sports Illustrated that some asshat, some loser who is probably slithering around with the brain of a sea cucumber, some moron from the local Denver sports media told Mr. Holliday, “‘Basically,’ you’re playing with a bunch of bums.

Now any normal Broncos fan who’s been around since last season, any normal fan such as this who watched the Broncos in preseason with a mind of their own, someone who makes decisions on their own, could easily tell the Broncos front seven was playing much better then in previous years under the ass end of the Shanahan era.

How do you explain such scathing analysis of a defensive front seven that was playing better, even in preseason?

Perhaps they didn’t like the coach.

Maybe they didn’t like the personnel he brought in.

Maybe they didn’t like that Huckdort got kicked to the curb.

Perhaps they were so blind as to think Jay Huckdort Cutler was the entire franchise and the Broncos had no chance of a winning a game without him.

Perhaps they didn’t like that Shanahan was fired, or didn’t like how McDaniels handles the press in comparison.

Might be someone who complained all offseason, someone that bellyached about the Broncos not doing things their way.

Or maybe it was someone jealous of McDaniels, jealous since their critical viewpoints of him and his decisions made their flawed intellect look like a steaming pile of crap with the addition of peanuts falling off.

Whatever it may be, there was and is a severe Broncos bias going on in the Denver sports media and abroad. It is finally being eradicated with supreme tact, illustrious football acuity and most importantly: results. I was a bit pissed that this Dallas game was close, all the pundits claimed this was the first real team the Broncos faced, if they want to think that, then that’s fine with me. We outplayed them, deserved to win, yet we were practically handing those losers the game out there. They were beating themselves with mistakes. I know this team ain’t a 4-12 team even if we did drop that one, but the rest of them were just waiting to pounce on Denver after the game. The long knives were ready since there were a lot of egos and mental acuity at stake for some.

I figured many of these Denver sportswriters chastising McDaniels at every turn were probably bottom feeding off of flawed reports of so called geniuses in high profile positions such as that weasel John Clayton, and maybe that goober Peter King. After all, these guys should have expert analysis? they should know something?

I’m beginning to think it’s the other way around. We likely have a trove of traitors, losers and severely demented individuals in the local Denver sports media that were and are so hell bent on their way being the right way, trying to prove McDaniels wrong at every turn, so adamant that they’re the real geniuses that they’re willing to sabotage this team, even going as far as to cast the woeful specter of doubt upon a newly acquired player.

These Peter King, John Clayton losers probably called up the local Denver media to get opinions from reporters close to the situation. After all, bigwigs like John Clayton and Peter King can’t be bothered with acquiring Broncos information themselves, they got bigger fish to fry like Favre stories, Brady’s knee and how many warts that Romo’s probably contracted by now.

I wonder if this local Denver guy is providing Mark Schlereth with his talking points? Makes you wonder don’t it?

Mark Schlereth, eh? Can’t take away what he did for this team, but that was the past. Doesn’t change the disgraceful green bile he’s been spewing from his mouth all preseason and season long. Must have been pissed at Shanahan’s firing, either that or he simply don’t know who the hell he is any more. Denver’s front seven is “garbage” picking Dallas to win, claiming the Cowboys would run roughshod over our defense, what a joke. What an assclown this guy turned into all of a sudden.

Broncos fans, we’ve got yet another unprecedented loser in our midst.

Someone willing to spew venom into the heart of a newly acquired player. To cast doubt on this man’s decision making skills, the integrity of his team.

Whoever it was, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, you loser.

You egregious pale turdage on the ass end of a circus elephant.

You better come clean. Whoever it was, be a man or woman and come clean. The American people are a forgiving sort, and will forgive you, if you do the right thing and fess up.

Otherwise, if you don’t, or give a bunch of half baked excuses, then we don’t need you, and we never did.

What a joke, what a disgrace, you better learn to love this McDaniels whoever you are, better learn to love our defensive personnel, what the hell are they 1st in the damn league right now?

It’s probably someone who wrote all off season long how the team was sure to fail, all off season long claiming McDaniels don’t know what he’s doing.

Well you’re logic has failed, and your football acuity simply sucks. This team ain’t the best in the league, but they sure as hell are improved and are moving in the right direction. They are certainly not a lowly 4 and 12 “expansion team.”

It’s like in politics folks, the know it all pundits gather round and spew a bunch of crap about how some candidate, some major player better do certain things, better act a certain way. Then when they don’t do it their way, when their prognostications end up sucking big time, they either make a bunch of lame excuses that they were “almost right,” or they cause chaos. Can never admit they were wrong, can never fess up until it’s plainly obvious, or never at all.

Sound familiar eh? That John Clayton picked Dallas last week, said they’d run all over us, and told Denver fans to quiet down because the team wasn’t all that. His 3-13 prediction was still in effect although in weasel like fashion backpedaled a bit claiming 6 and 10, and he absolutely could not wait to put pen to paper on Monday morning claiming genius and that Dallas showed the Broncos were a joke and a fluke.

At least he had some balls to reverse his flawed, decrepit understanding of this team in the post Huckdort pre McDaniels era. But not until the facts bifurcated his false sense of genius.

Jerome Bettis:

— More apologies: To Josh McDaniels. Before the Broncos played even one game the jury was out on that guy: He was cocky, he was brash, he was young, he looked like a high school kid, and he’d made some boneheaded decisions that broke up a good team. Being a head coach was a little bit over this guy’s head.

After Denver defeated Dallas, we have to reassess those decisions: letting Cutler go; the way he handled Brandon Marshall; bringing in Mike Nolan to lead the defense. We have to look at the people he surrounded himself with — those were some solid choices. He took on his biggest challenge yet with Dallas, and it was a defining moment for this coach. He validated all of those choices. We were all wrong.

Apologies, I want that Paige and that Krieger over at the Post to apologize now. Maybe that Kiszla too, but he’s all over the damn place you can’t ever tell where he stands.  Paige backpedaling, going back on his prediction, waffling and whining since he should be right. He should be the genius. Maybe everyone ought to throw up their hands and rip up their season tickets, since Paige claims the Broncos won’t win another game. His 6,7,8 and 8 backpedaling “adjusted” claim is as impotent as a crazy old man fumbling with bottles of horny goat weed.

Whoever this false prophet is, this cancer from within you better come clean now. Apologize to the fans, the players and McDaniels. Come to the right conclusion that you’re a moron and a snake oil seller. A bona fide sea cucumber slithering about the ranks of reporters who is probably jealous of McDaniels.

You people wonder why I use the term sea cucumber. You ever seen one of them things, eh? Not pretty. Slithering about, feeding off the bottom, feeding off a bunch of crap. Turning that crap into more crap. Regurgitatin fecal matter all over the damn place. That guy there who eats donkey balls, duck eyes or whatever, that Survivorman on TV or whoever the hell he is ate one of them things and said it was the worst thing he ever tasted. Like eatin a damn burnt snakehead. So now you know if you didn’t prior and previously.

I want to thank one of my watchdog’s out there who reported this to me via the site Mile High Report. Keep fightin’ the good fight buddy.

See that Paige & Co? Fess up and take your lumps.