I gave that Philip Rivers a hard time, after all he is our opponent so it should be expected. But I give him some credit: He saw right through that Huckdort’s thin veneer and he readily admitted these Broncos are for real and will not falter after the game on Monday night. He’s got a keen eye that one.

Meanwhile I see Woody Paige wrote a praise piece in the Post about Mcdaniels and how everything he’s done has been right. I don’t trust Paige. He is playing the foil, I bet he enjoys all these letters from fans labeling him a sea cucumber. He referred to those who doubted and besmirched McDaniels as slugs and called himself a mollusk, so I am sure he has become fully aware of my awe inspiring wrath, mental acuity and power.

The first game lost I bet Paige will come out and say:  See, that Mcdaniels ain’t perfect. Paige will likely label the season a dire failure if we don’t win the Superbowl.

I see you Paige, I am ten steps ahead of your insane game. McDaniels had to do something to tick Paige off, although Woodrow seemed sour since January. He probably asked for an interview, then McDaniels showed up, pointed out there was a foul odor in the air and left much to the dismay of Woodrow.

How about that pick we’ll be getting from Chicago? Looking good so far ain’t it?

McDaniels sent a two pronged message to his team and Chicago on draft day this year: The Broncos will be better than Chicago.

Hopefully it’s in the top ten, so we can draft a devastating force at defensive end who will help make this defense dominant for years to come. Like I said to Walt can you imagine having a lineman in the mold of an Alzado, Neil Smith or Peppers an opposing offense would have to worry about in addition to Dumervil?

You know that Paige said Mike Nolan was the first big mistake of the McDaniels era? Wait one sec, he did say “probably” to cover himself.